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Happy 900th Edition!

It was my honour to put together this issue of the Neopian Times. There were hundreds of spectacular entries submitted specifically for the 900th, and my only regret is that I couldn't accept them all. This website is full of very talented people, and even if you didn't get in I'm proud of every Neopian who submitted an entry :)

P.S. Due to the high volume of entries we accepted, please be patient and wait until Monday for your prizes. Thanks!


Back in October 2009, the item "Tarla Plushie" was announced in the news, but it looks like it's glitched, seeing how it was never properly released even after all these years. Do you guys think you could activate it? I'd love to add it to my gallery :)~~leo_flores
a "Pretty Bouquet" if they are sick. ~1jediboy
Hi there, so it was actually released but it's a Tarla Shop exclusive, so you just have to try to obtain it from there. Wishing you luck!

Hi, can you let us know what the next site event will be? Will it be Charity Corner or Daily Dare - or have those been postponed/cancelled? Will it be the Altador Cup? I just want time to plan so I can maximize my time on the great job you've all been doing!
The next site event will be...Altador Cup. We really wanted to daily dare next but with half the staff being on mobile it's pretty tricky trying to plan too many events at once. Hope you can understand. But we are super excited for the tournament! Which team will you be on?

Hello! I bought Shenanigifts invites for the first time ever (very fun, I highly recommend). I got two of the items I was really wanting, Witchs Wardrobe and Ultimate Book of Magic. I was super sad to see that these items can't be worn at the same time :( is it possible that this is just a zoning glitch? Thank you for any info!~~ohsnapitsleeanne
Sure, my apologies on this i would have made it fg lower but i know you guys like using that zone for other things, so i have changed to thought bubble, hope this works!

Hi. I believe the plushie from Coltzan's Shrine, currently named "Sutek Plushie," should be spelled "Sutekh Plushie." The plushie resembles the Sutekh, a desert Petpet. Sutek (with no "h") is the name of a specific character, who is a Geb.~~ _brainchild_
You are correct, I've reported and Donny has fixed!

Just wanted to say I loved this Negg Festival. The items were supercute, and getting the actual neggs as final prizes was amazing!! Thanks so much TnT, much love -no tags here-3
Yay so glad you liked them :) A little positivity is nice :)

Hello! I was looking to submit art to the Neopian Art Gallery, and I noticed that I wasn't able to find Lutari in the drop-down menu. Is this an intentional bias towards Lutaris?! Thank you! ~~veinglory
Oh no that's horrible the little Lutaris are missing from there. We'll ask around and see if they can be added but for now you are welcome to submit them under other, kikocat (the_contest_judge) will see them that way also when she's accepting images. This applies for all entries if they are not listed in the drop down menu. Good luck with your entry.

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