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Question a lot of people are asking about the Neocash portion of this Festival of Neggs. I know it ends tomorrow, and I know the FAQ specifically says we can't participate on side accounts, but I assume that's because of the Neopoints portion. What if we trade a negg and a negg kit to a side account? Are we able to participate in JUST the neocash portion on our sides in that case? Thank you!
Yes, so sorry to get back to you so late. But we decided to extend the tinker kit sales so you can do that until the 30th. After that, the event will still be open if you need more time to tinker. You are allowed to participate in the nc portion of this event only on your side accounts but not the main event! You do not need the neggs to participate all you need is the tinker kits.

Hey TNT! Thanks again for the amazing Maraquan Lutari just released! But, as of right now they can't be customized with any maraquan items. Are you guys planning on fixing that, so they can be customized as well?~~geendayrocks523
Unfortunately we do not retroactively fit all maraquan clothes onto them. But going forward all Maraquan clothing will fit on them. We will try to make a new one soon for you all!

Hi, TNT! So my birthday just passed recently, and when I logged on my eyes were met with the Official Birthday Theme. But I have sensitive eyes, and I'm wondering if there could be a way to turn it off. I appreciate wanting to celebrate my birthday, but...it hurts...~~viper_command
Happy late birthday! All you have to do is go into my account >preferences > then at the bottom of the page you will see "theme" and from there you can change it to a different one.

Hi, TNT! I haven’t written in for a while since I usually do the same things on Neopets and am knowledgeable about those few things ^___^ However, I do want to branch out and enter my pets in the Beauty Contest. But alas... I’m shocked at the low effort on some of the artists’ parts. I actually can’t tell if it is low effort or cheating. I see some winners who have had their winning submissions resubmitted. Again and again and AGAIN. How is this allowed?!? Some pets have 15 Beauty Contest trophies from the SAME submission that has been entered week after week. There is no Beauty Contest FAQ and I usually don’t participate so I am not familiar with the rules. So please answer this, TNT. Why do you allow this??! Users are submitting the same art week after week repeatedly to garner more trophies for their pet without actually working hard or improving their work. I feel like this is unfair and almost cheating the system to get MANY trophies with minimum effort. Please remove my username.
Hi, yes you can reuse the same art as many times as you like as long as it's always for the same pet, until you win gold in either species or overall. Once a piece wins gold, you would need to create a new image for them and retire the gold-winning entry.

Could we please get a full and complete list of site rules posted somewhere? I feel like it's inviting trouble and confusion to point people at the editorial for references to rules. If all the rules were on one page that was kept up to date, perhaps even sorted by category, that would be extremely helpful. With a lot of people rejoining, it would be nice to have ONE complete page where we could point newbies who have questions about what's allowed. PLEASE.
Great question! We are currently working on a more detailed and straight forward set of site rules for you all. It will take time but know that it is in the works.

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