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Could we please get a list of all the current, correct rules in one place (or at least guild rules)? I'm trying to do things but I know rules have been changed, but even with all the extra time at home, I don't want to read the entire editorial! So...are contests allowed?~~wormie
Hi, Yes, contests are allowed in guilds and you can also now join guilds on your side accounts (but don't join any contests on side accounts in those guilds if they are giving out prizes (neopoints or items).

Here is a link to some common questions that come about with regards to guilds: //www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&issue=844

Hi TNT! I haven't been on to this site in a while and I'm glad to see that you all are doing great! I went to the theneopetsteam account and your page has a link to the Neocam? What's that all about?? I'm surprised that ya'll haven’t updated that since I was on the site years ago!! Thank yall for your hard work :)~~ catlover499
Well, we as the Neopets team would probably love to do this (once we got back to our new office of course) But unfortunately we have an office full of other brands as well. So we would need consent from everyone in the office before ever doing this. Also seeing as we are all working from home probably for the next few months, this idea probably couldn't take off for several months. Plus sometimes in the office we are planning top secret stuff for your guys that is meant to be a surprise, so not too sure if we could bring it back :/ We have guests that could visit that we don't have consent from either so, this might not ever come back the more i think about it :(

Now that the Negg Festival has started, I wanted to recustomise my pet to fit the theme. What's happened to the Squeegee Painted Negg Hat? It is in my Closet but doesn't show up when I try to customise my pet. I also cannot remove it from my closet either (gives me an error and says the item cannot be moved to my inventory)? Can someone fix this please? :)~~ stargirl089
Ghost glitch strikes again smh. Donny's gone ahead and fixed this!

Hi. 2 things about some of the Negg Festival prizes: 1. When I got my Charming Spring Background, it was categorized as "Gift." If I'm not mistaken, it should be categorized as "Mystical Surroundings." 2. According to Jellyneo, the Floral Nature Charm is categorized as "Special." I'm guessing that this means it can't be put in an album. Is it supposed to be an album item? If so, it should be called "Floral Nature Collectable Charm" for consistency and be categorized as "Toy" like the other collectable charms. It should also have a spot on the Charms II page, since the first Charms page is full.~~ _brainchild_
Ah you're totally right! Donny has gone ahead and moved it to the correct shop! As for the charm, it is a toy not a collectable charm so it is as it's supposed to be.

Hi, thank you for the new stamp from the festival of neggs. However it won’t let me put it in my album, can you please fix this? Thanks!~~ she_chose_love
Yes, looks like stamp wasn't properly released into the world. But should be all good now :)

Is there any room in the schedule to get the submit for the NT thumbnails working again? I and a lot of other creators would love to use our custom art to go along with our comics/stories! Thanks :-)~~ donovna
Probably not a change we would make to our system since we are prioritizing mobile atm, but you can always put your image link that you want us to use in the comment section and if it is a valid image link that works we will totally work. If you see that your entry does not have the image you wanted it likely means the link you provided did not work.

TNT, guys, my dudes, bros, I must know: are there any current plans to put out actual plushies and/or other Neopets merch again? All I want in life is a giant Kyrii plush to cuddle. Maybe also a snazzy shirt.~~ 4zure
Yes! Of course, when though, that is the real question…

Hello TNT *gives homemade Italian mini pizzas* Well, I know it is not high on your priority list... but NeoCam has not worked for years! Would you ever consider getting a new NeoCam for your office? Or perhaps doing some live streams where TNT members answer our questions? I think many neopians would adore that and it would also help the site to get more visibility!!~~ annikkiadepp_
As I answered above, not quite sure about the neocam thing. But we definitely want to interact with you all more on updates and all things neo, that may be coming soon, but nothing concrete yet so stay tuned…

Hello! I was wondering if it is ok to use images in a NT article that are hosted offsite but are screenshots of my neopets? I'm not sure how I would get around this to make my article if the images have to be hosted on the neopets website.I just don't want to break the rules so I'd appreciate some clarification :) Thank you!~~ _clows_cool_pets
Yes! Just as long as it is a valid link and it relates to Neopets! If your links do not work and it's been accepted already we will likely not want to delete your whole story so it will be published without images. So just make sure they work.

P.S. Goodnight Mr. Coconut


Last week's April Fools edition of the Neopian Times was wonderful, thanks to each of the editors and contributors who made it happen, along with a big thank you for putting this whole thing together most weeks! – davymuncher

Dear Neopets Team, Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for keeping Neopets up and running during the current crisis! As long as we can laugh, we are not truly doomed, and whenever I log onto Neopets I find something that makes me giggle, whether it's funny items or item descriptions, amusingly phrased announcements in the news, or looking through the caption contest archives. Thank you for providing us with the happy place that is Neopia! Sincerely, mystie06

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