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This editorial was brought to you in collab with hardtotame :)

Hi TNT, hope you're all doing well. I was about to buy Cropped Auburn Locks from the NC Mall this weekend, when I noticed it was gone. I never saw an expiry date on it. Any reason for why it was removed all of a sudden?~~specioid
Oh that is so strange. I went ahead and put this back in the mall for you.

Hi! The steampunk blumaroos seem to be having some issues with their emotions... the mouth just won't stop changing expressions! Can this be fixed? Thanks! :)~~knightwriter2010
Thanks for bringing this to our notice, we’ll let the right people know.

Hi TNT! hands out Halloween candy So I've noticed that a lot of the new pet colors (like Oil Paint and Steampunk) have come out in pets that are not as popular as say Shoyrus and Kacheeks which are supposed to be the most popular of ALL pets. As a Shoyru and Uni fan, I'm wondering why popular pets are not some of the first among your new releases. Is there a reason for the order in which you release the new pet colors?~~noblenat20
Nope, none at all! Once we get the results from the poll, we usually release a few pets in the newly added colours soon after (whichever ones have their pet days next). After that, it’s just a matter of picking two colours from all of the colours that are remaining for each pet. In some cases, the choice may be constrained by all the other art work the team has left to finish. However, when that isn’t the case, there’s no other criteria used to select the colours. Oh, except for requests to the editorial! :)

Hello, I'm wondering if there has been any updates or progress with getting the That's Not Rubbish avatar working again? It seems it's still not being awarded to users. ~~xcrimsondemonbloodx
Sorry, none at all! No updates expected in the near future either. On the other hand, there has been progress with the Grumpy Old King, with new probability values decided for all the prizes that haven’t come out through that daily yet. The next step is to actually implement the new values, and we’ll let you know when that happens.

Hello!!! Due to it being a bit of a grey area, I wanted to clarify if it is okay to seek pets for trade that have specific Petpet Lab exclusive petpets attached? They’re zapped & so they cannot be removed to sell for a profit. There’s also no guarantee that you can ever zap a specific petpet yourself, since there are thousands of possibilities when you zap your petpet so the odds are not in your favor. I would love to have a Picnic or Jelly colored petpet myself. I asked around, and no one is quite sure your stance on the matter. Please clear this up for us!~~fleurare
Go ahead! But use caution. Remember: if you remove a zapped petpet, it will revert back to its original colour and/or species*

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