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Hi guys just a quick note, just a reminder when submitting stories to NT, if you have images in your story we can only code images from Neopets.com. If you submit something with say a jellyneo image it will not publish or show up because they have their own image server that we do not have access to. So if you want your images to appear they have to be from neopets.com or a public image server site, otherwise it just won't show up :( Also giving you all a heads up there will be no Neopian Times next week as I and another staff member are attending LAComicon and we will be passing out some comic con codes so stay tuned on social if you want to find us. But for that reason I won't be able to publish NT with a short week, i'm so sorry. I wish I did not have to cancel NT so much but I run this on my own so if I'm out there is no one to take my place. I wish I could clone myself. Anyways hope you all have a great weekend and we will be back in two weeks.

Good evening! hands a Bogie Berry in a cute little Halloween gift box It's freshly picked! ;D My question is in regard to the new Spooky Food items on the news. It would seem the Poison Apples and Rotting Veggies Salad have not been activated. Is there any chance they'll be activated soon? There are also other much older Spooky Food items that still haven't been activated yet, such as the Deadly Apple Pie, Elderly Apple, Forgotten Apple, Ghost Meepmallows, Refreshing Barrel Water, Spectral Cinnamon Rolls, and Sponge Apple. What gives? Do you hate us Spooky Food lovers? ;-;~~the_mausoleum
Boo, you're right about all of those items! Spooky Food lovers can now rejoice as all of the items here have now been made active.

Would you guys consider removing the account age restrictions on adoptions? It's really frustrating to wait 4 months to move some pets around. If the answer is no, can you add some perspective on why these restrictions were put into place?~~silly_mistake
We cannot remove the account age restrictions on adoptions, as they were put in place to prevent scamming. I'm not going to go into details about this one, because I don't want to give unscrupulous minds any new ideas they may not have had until now!

Recently you've released new colors for the Jowlard, Nupie, and Mundo. However, the unpainted versions of these petpets have not been assigned a base color, so they cannot even be painted at the Petpet Puddle! Can you please fix it so these previously unpaintable pets can at least be colored to the newly released colors? :3~~howdareyoufreezeme1
Oh dear! Yes, a colleague will look into this next week.

So I see that someone figured out how to code a userlookup so that it looks like your pets are ucs (or whatever you want them to look like) and they change the name that shows up. They are sharing it with everyone on the pound chat and saying it's not against the rules. But I feel like it is or at least it should be. Cause if you can just use CSS to make your pet how you want then what's the point of the rest of us working hard to achieve that goal the regular way? What if the person who owns the pet Tina is so proud of their pet and now they see other people falsely owning 'Tina' and they are upset cause their pet is unique and now lots of people own Tina? I feel like it gives and unfair advantage and full of lies
Well, we didn't have a rule about this before, but we just made one for it now - Coding a user lookup to make your pets look different from what they actually are, or to change their names, is against the rules. Doing so can get you in trouble.

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