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Hi! I was wondering if you could let us know when the Premium sale is ending?
Yes, the premium sale will be going on through the end of September, and will end October 1st at noon. So be sure to renew or sign up today!

Hey TNT How come a pet won 1st place customization spotlight two weeks in a row ?? I thought you're automatically disallowed to enter for 1 or 2 months once you win a Trophy !! I know because I won a few of those myself and I couldn't enter my pet in the next round.
This was a glitch not purposeful. The rule still stands. So sorry about the confusion.

When will the Random Contest be judged?
The committee is grinding away looking through all the entries we had over 250 submissions so they want to make sure they look through them all to finalize the winners. And may i just say as someone who has seen the entries, the caliber of work submitted was truly grand! So once winners are chosen we will then post the winners on the random contest. From there it will go into production, we will write everything up for our artists and it will take a few weeks working/improving the designs along with placing them on all 55 pets.

Any chance we can get some in the NC mall and maybe a sale on them? I am running super low and they really help me get gallery items I need. Please and thank you.
The question was about gbmcs and yes of course they come every month silly. They should be on sale sometime very soon either next week or the one after.

For those of us who are less talented in art but would like to contribute to the Art Gallery, could we possibly have one competition where we deliberately submit bad art and the worst of the worst gets chosen?
I relate to this so much. I am also not an artist either so I understand. And after discussing with kikocat who runs art gallery she is totally down and excited for this. So please submit entries up to 48 hrs before october 1st and the images chosen will be featured in the October 1st edition of the Art Gallery.

Uni Breadsticks is classified as type "none" instead of "Food" like it should be, so it doesn't show up in my SDB when I search for Food. Please fix! Thanks! ^^
You got it! These breadsticks are now stocking at the Bakery.

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