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Hello! Thank you for all the hard work y’all put into listening to feedback and fixing things when issues arise. :) On that note, I wanted to ask, what’s the best way to submit if we notice a customization glitch on a particular Neopet? I see people typically send them to the editorial... is that the preferred mode of alerting y’all to a problem? I have a Darigan Usul who’s something of a dandy and he’d love to wear his black lace gloves, but a strange green line appears on the screen whenever he tries to put them on! I wasn’t sure where the best place to go was to ask about fixing it. Thanks!~~karmachameleons
Hi there, so you can either submit a ticket and they will ensure it gets to the right person or yes you can submit them here. Donny's gone ahead and fixed those gloves for you as well! And may I just say those gloves are perfect for your Darigan Usul! I had to envision it for myself and then I got a little carried away so I thought I would share some goth inspo for your pet, hope you have a great weekend!

Many have noticed that the new host of this year's Charity Corner, Atsumi, bares a startling resemblence to Mirsha Grelinek, the Captain of the Shenkuu Yooyuball team. Given they are both from Shenkuu, and look nearly identical, are they related?~~herdygerdy
I'm just going to leave this here and let the speculation brew. :)

Salutations. It's been mentioned that Avatar Goldmine gives a 30% increased chance of getting several avatars including the Snowager-Rawr! Is this increase to 30%, where there would be a decent chance of getting it, or increased by 30%, where at its something like 1 in 10000 chance of getting it, the increase wouldn't even be noticeable? Thank you.~~daemonschile
If you check out the updated FAQs, you'll see it now says that the exact increase in probability is yet to be revealed. While we were going for a 30% increase in probability, we are yet to finalize it, and we will provide greater clarity in the FAQs once the exact numbers are finalized.

Hello TNT, I would like to ask you to reconsider the points conversion rate for players whom had leftover points from last year’s charity corner, many through no fault of their own! It was mentioned in a previous editorial that players’ points wouldn’t be deleted but only being able to redeem 1% of their points is just as good as deleting! I beg you to reconsider this ASAP before the end of this year’s charity corner. Thank you so much for reading.~~amymunro13
We acknowledge our mistake from Charity Corner 2018, in not communicating the spending costs and caps earlier - as a result, some of you (0.6% of the players that participated, to be precise) set incredibly generous goals for yourselves! Your points were so much higher than the player average, that we could not possibly offer similarly priced perks for you to be able to use up your points. (There is no way we could offer 25+ weeks of daily positive random events - that’s 6 months! - or 25+ years of increased bank interest.) Thus we were not left with an equitable way to reward those who went over and beyond in 2018 and for that we apologize. This year, we have set some caps in an attempt to be clearer what you can spend. But as the theme of the event is de-clutter, we generally welcome clearing out of items you don’t need.

So this is the whole reason we wanted to do at least some carry over of points - we considered various alternative solutions and finally, we felt it best to allow you to spend a token portion of points in this year's shop. This reduction had to happen in one form or another irrespective of the solution we chose. We agree that the portion you carry over is intentionally small. But it is still enough for some free perks.

We took definite steps towards avoiding a similar situation this year, and therefore offered a preview of the perk shop so that none of our players are left feeling shortchanged this time.

We would also like to add that the carry-over of points was a one-time exception - we do not intend to allow points to carry over from one event to another ever again.

Is the Ice Hissi morphing potion released in the news a mistake or are lab only colors now fair game for morphing potions? It would be nice to keep lab ray exclusives lab ray exclusive... Rare pets are good to have. Before draiks and krawks were deflated through dailies giving out their morphing potions they were extremely sought after. Ice hissi's aren't as desirable as krawks and draiks once were but the principle of exclusivity is important so players have more to strive towards. Pets and colors are way to easy to achieve nowadays.~~sixlets1
We agree with that sentiment. The Ice Hissi Morphing Potion was a rare exception, and if you ever see one you will also see that it is very rare AND very expensive.

I love the new NC items and prizes from games like Patapult, Wonderclaw, and events like the Negg Festival, and just the goodies that appear in the mall like pencil fence! I have a request--I would love, love, love a necklace that had a little rainbow on it, or a rainbow and little clouds...something of that nature. P.S. I think many of us would love a charm bracelet for a pet! (There could be different bracelets, like a cute one with a little cloud, rainbow, sun, and a goth one, magic one, etc.) Thanks for all you do! *hugs*~~a_life_of_love
Wow of all the things I've received here I don't think I've ever gotten a hug :'( that's so sweet. But I'm so glad you're enjoying those. I try my darndest to come up with good ideas for you guys. Ohhh what a cute idea! Sounds perfect for Summer!

No matter the exterior, everyone has a soft side :)

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