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Hi everyone! I really hope you all enjoyed the Winter Starlight Celebration. It's personally one of my favourite times of the year. Now we are in the month of Sleeping. I'm truly envious of whoever named this month, because so far there has been a lack there of... Anyways enough of my personal ramblings. Just a quick announcement today..This just in...we are receiving an urgent breaking news story...The Neopies are coming back! This year we are reviving this age old tradition to reminisce and recognize the best events, wearables, site themes and more from last year! That's right you heard it here first folks from your friendly neighborhood editorial! So put on your fancy pants , gowns and and cufflinks; this will be an elegant event to jive up your new year, you won't wanna miss! Keep your eyes on the prize (aka the New Features page) for future updates!

Going into the new year like...

Will we ever get closure on Magon's portal experiment in Brightvale? The event ended, and I haven't heard it since.~~timothy1692
Why of course...when have we ever left you hanging on a story...actually don't answer that. But in all seriousness yes, let's just say Magon had A LOT of loose ends to tie up around town before he could go blabbing about what really happened. We keep trying to contact him for final word but he has so many Do not Disturb signs plastered all over his door and no one has heard from him in several months. So we shall just have to wait to see what is really happening...

*passes fresh, frothy lattes and cookies to staff* Thank you for a wonderful Starlight Celebration. It was great!!! I know everyone is aye busy with conversions, the Plot and the upcoming mobile app, but the Crossword is very missed. So if someone has a moment?? Thank you for all you do.~~cloonshannagh
Yummy thanks for the coffee and tea, anything to stay warm is a great reason to eat yummy treats. So glad you enjoyed it! Why I do have a moment. I have stocked up all the January crosswords for you. I will have someone on that stat. Thanks for the heads up.

gives a basket of chocolate chip cookies I was wondering, is neopets going to be completely mobile (no desktop website) with the release of the app/mobile site in the summer, or will the desktop site still exist? I'm asking for clarification cuz i remember seeing an article that said neo was going completely mobile with the release of the app, and i just don't know if that's true or not.
Man all these cookies are a lot you guys..I mean I'll never say no but maybe you can start sending some asparagus or like energy potions you know something I can put to good use! But sorry back to the question. Here's a quote from Scrappy "NO way Chomby! Okay that rhymed more in my head...But no. That was one crazy rumor going around...while we are going to mobile, the site won't be going anywhere! The app will just be a way for users to play wherever they are :)"

Was wondering if the NP item 'Maraqua Background' was actually active? Was released in 2007 but can't seem to find any actual trade/pricing history. I'd love to put it on my mara Hissi!~~hisstante
Hmmm I looked this item up myself, and yes, it is indeed still active. It is in the Mystical Surroundings shop so I suppose you just have to keep going on your quest to find this prized rare item!

Hi Neopets! :) Could you possibly make a pair of brown-eyed contacts? I LOVE brown eyes and there are no brown contacts for pets. (A super happy bonus if there could be a pair of black-iris contacts, too!!!)~~a_life_of_love
What?! We don't have brown contacts? I'm amazed! Surely as a fellow brown eyed girl I'd love to! And the black one wow so creepy yet I'm into it!

Can the Snowager wake up from Hibernation? Thanks!~~silly_mistake
Oh yeah totally let me just go over right now and try....okay he's not really waking up like I've tried tapping him a few times, flailed some food in front of his nose, I even splashed a little water on him. Sorry I don't what to tell you XD

HEY GUYS! you awesomely epic! ok so how long does it take to eat a whole bunch of asparagus???~~Coldblanket
Oh wow, what a complex question. Well I think you have to take in account cooking time because that's truly what takes the longest right? So for me personally I LOVE asparagus it's one of my favourite veggies next to Zucchini. So first cover your pan in olive oil then you can pan fry some garlic to season the pan then remove or leave in the garlic depending on your preference. Add in your asparagus I'd say like 7 stocks that are pre one likes the ends anyways. Then add salt, pepper, more garlic powder, some of this some of that and bam. Fry your asparagus to desired texture I personally like them soft so I charr them up a bit. Then serve it up! I'd say it takes me 7 mins to eat all my asparagus without sides! Does that answer your question?

Hello! I was wondering whether the Mysterious Present item will ever get activated again? I have one sitting in my storage shed and I'm unable to do anything with it at the moment because it has been deactivated for a while now. That's a bit too mysterious for me :p thank you!~~halo_hopie
Oh man the ghost glitch is back at it again (facepalm) I really think there are some Meepits out there are meticulously unplugging wires somewhere in an obscure basement at hq that even we don't know about!!! Anywhozzles I gotchu! This item is officially fixed thanks to our dear pal Donny!

Hello and Happy Holidays, Firstly, thank you for the quality in this year's Stocking Stuff. Aside from the candy beard everything has been really well thought out. Love the Sugar Icing Holiday Cookies Garland dws as well. Question:L I just wanted to ask if A Haunting Path Background could be rezoned as a background? It's a lovely background but we can't use it with twinkling windows, or gates, as is and it's a little difficult to work with. Thank you for the consideration!~~timesamyth
Ahhh makes my cold dead heart truly warm knowing you liked all the SS stuff!!! <3 And Dyeworks gosh stop, it's going to my head. Okay being humble being humble. Yes I put in a request to fix it! This is one of my favourite items I got to design from Halloween as well. Voila! Done & Done! ;)

Hi. Last week, someone pointed out that some wearables were restocking in the wrong shops. Following up on that, wouldn't it make more sense for Roo Bottle Opener to restock at Roo Island Souvenirs? It currently stocks at the Toy Shop, but a bottle opener is not a toy.~~_brainchild_
You got it dude! Roo Bottle Opener is now at the Roo Merchandising Station!

    Donny's Corner featuring Donny himself: Fixed a few things, don't make a big deal out of it just doing my job alright. So, what do we got here hmph....oh finally, yup that's a good one..okay sorry hermph. Me and my minions, sorry workers yeah workers, fixed Festive Fireworks, A Haunting Path ohh visiting that place was not fun.. You guys realize every time I go on one of these fix it missions I have to visit that place reframe it and give it back to Garrett at Mystical Surroundings and then he has to republish it. It ain't an easy task that's all I'm saying. And these places they send me...they ain't always the friendliest if you know what I mean. Anyways where was I... Oh yes we got the Mysterious Present wrapped up right, and the Roo Bottle Opener was taken out and shipped to the right shop. Sometimes things go to the wrong place you know it happens, we got what 116 shops I think..somewhere around there. But yeah that's all I got for now, don't think this is a regular thing okay Jade told me to come on here to show face's my face. Ya happy? I mean you guys were using my face without asking me before so I don't know what the big deal difference is all of a sudden but whatever..hmph

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