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Hey Neopians, hope you've all been well! We had a lot of questions regarding the Caption Contest this week. So just a reminder that Caption Contest advertising can only be done in your Neosigs. When using your advertising Neosig please make sure that you are actively engaging in the conversations (no spam). Also, one update to this rule, please keep all your advertising on so that we can keep it fair to everyone who joins. And lastly be sure to sign up and choose your team for Altador Cup, the games officially begin on June 4th and sign ups close the 6th!

Hey Scrappy love, I recently got an official warning because I used the trading post to move my items I bought in my main to my side for my future gallery. The warning states: "The Trading Post is for trades only. It is not for guild ads, shop ads, showing off presents, or for a gallery." Editorial Issue 697, question 6, Country Queen replied, "Hi there! "Yes it is! As long as all the Neopoints for funding your gallery come from your main account..." I'm guessing the warnings need to be updated? :x My questions are: Is there any future plan to update old warnings? Am I able to appeal the warning? Can I still use the trading post to transfer my beauties? ~beautyparlor
So, first off there is DEFINITELY plans to update the old warnings (yes, that was part of your issue). We looked into yours specifically, there were some small things that triggered the warning but in general the warnings just need to get updated. What you did was allowed for sure and we are working to update those ASAP!!

hi! we haven't had any new stamp album avatars in quite a while - will we see a new one any time soon? or could we have any hints if you guys have a certain page in mind? 0:-)~~neon3002
Great question, you should actually see a new one flying into Neopia today. Can you find it?

Hello! I have a question about Ghoul Catchers. Many of us players like to earn our 50k a day from this app, but if we're being honest, it can get a bit tedious. I often find myself multitasking by playing Ghoul Catchers with one hand and browsing Neo with the other. Is this allowed? Would it be against the rules to be playing Pyramids, for example, while earning points from GC? ~bouncyhanyou
Nope this is definitely allowed since they are two separate games on different platforms. We know fending off those ghouls can get exhausting, so it's okay to roam about Neopia from time to time while doing it!

Donny’s Corner
With so many broken features around the site, we have decided to take up the services of an expert and get things back in working order. Introducing *drumroll* Donny! Well, most of you already know him, but for those who don’t – Donny has many years of experience fixing broken toys up on Terror Mountain. He has a pretty good success rate, and for those times when he accidentally turns your toy into a pile of rubble (oops!), he usually gives you something else to make up for it. Yay! We’re very confident that he can do a wonderful job getting those broken areas repaired, and we’ll be back every week to give you updates on the progress he’s making. In fact, Donny started work a couple of weeks ago and he already has a list of items he’s repaired:

Name changes:

New Year Cake duplicate - now Explosive New Year Cake
Cloud Kiko Plushie duplicate – now Tattered Cloud Kiko Plushie
Tea Infuser duplicate – now Steeped Tea
Snowmuncher Snowglobe duplicate – now Snowmuncher Snowglobe Trinket
Meerca Balloon duplicate – now Yellow Meerca Balloon
Hubrid Nox Plushie duplicate – now Levitating Hubrid Nox Plushie

Inactive/non-functional BD items:

Fixed Lightning in a Jar, Spellseeker Vial of Power, Curling Blade, Thunderbolt

Activated at the Petpet Puddle:

Christmas Avabot, Christmas Donkasaur, Christmas Bubblebee, Christmas Zumagorn


You can now see the correct Type for items that restock in Ugga Shinies, Springy Things, Refreshments and Collectable Coins.

Other Item Issues:

Fixed items with missing price, wrong description, wrong rarity, items restocking in the wrong shop, and items with apostrophes, accented characters or non-breaking spaces in their names.

Wearables with Issues:

Fixed 97 wearables with zoning/restriction – related issues

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