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Hey guys how you doin'! Hope you're doing amazing ;) AC is around the corner and I'm so psyched, Daily Dare is still goin on strong!!! A lot of you have also been asking about BD fixes, and we have heard you loud and clear and we have begun work we will keep you filled in as each fix is perfected!! :) Have a great weekend everyone Happy almost Tyrannian Victory Day Ugga uggg ugga Ug!!

Dear EVERYONE on the TNT team... oops, one second, the timer is going off for the fresh chocolate chip cookies in the oven... ... ok, I am back! I just wanted to give you all a shout out to all the cool things I am seeing being added to the site as well as progression of fixing things. I am really excited for the future of Neopets. I felt you guys deserve more praise! Now, have a cookie or two, but be careful, they are still hot! #NeopetsLove #LongLiveNeopets #Neopian4Life~~braden_alexander
YASS I'm living for the positivity it honestly makes my whole day! Thank you we all appreciate it! There is such a bright future for Neopets ahead we are constantly planning new things to excite you guys and keep things propelling forward with quality assurance checks along the way, so we are glad you are here for this crazy ride! :)

Will my Neopet die if I don't feed it? I'm really worried about my little guys!~~flampe
Ugh the purity of this question makes my heart melt. No your lil guy has eternal life but i'm sure he'd be muuuuuchh happier if you kept him fed. I mean how do you feel when you haven't eaten in a cool minute....not good right, they are the same, so keep him nice and plump and happy :)

Jade, in Issue 826's Editorial you sang a line of Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone as "since you've been gone, I CAN'T breathe...", but the lyric is actually "since you've been gone, I CAN breathe...". I just want to make sure you are aware of the correct song lyric! Also, are you ready for the Altador Cup or what?~~grasshoppe100
(stares blankly into the wall for hours...)my whole life is a lie, I have been belting those lyrics at the top of my lungs for years now! Noted...forever XD But yes!! I'm so pumped for this year's AC it's my first games so i'll be a lil bit of a noob but i'm still excited to be apart of this Neopian wide phenomenon!!!

Hey Jade and/or Scrappy! I just wanted to say, the water Lupe looks AMAZING!!! Some of us were curious though, why only one color for Lupes? Can we expect to see another Lupe color, or will we have to wait for next year? It's not fair to our poor Lupes to get one when all the other pets get two colors. SuusMeaVita was really hoping she could be painted stealthy soon. *bribes you with cookies and pizza* Also, the new NC fortune cookie has some great items, keep up the awesome work!~~giveitupalready
Cmon give it up already XD, I die. Yeah not gonna lie I was bummed too but the Rainbow Pool is a beautiful thing that gives only the most special things, so if these aren't ready it doesn't settle for less so unfortunately no second pb for now, maybe when things settle down I can bribe someone else to do it...Buuuut I'm so glad you liked the FC I worked really hard on creating some unique new items for you guys so i'm really pleased you like them ;)

Hi Jade, or Scrappy, or whoever happens to answer this!! *throws their favorite snacks* I was just wondering if random-themed news days would ever be a thing again? Like a random petpet (such as the Plumpy), or Neopian character (the good ole baddie, the Monoceraptor), or maybe just anything in general super random like Maractite themed or tea themed, where the news features spiffy new stuff like new items around that theme (and maybe a new petpet colour or two for some of the super old ones with like 2 colours), and maybe a *GASP* new random avatar or site theme? I know in the way back when, TNT used to do these a lot! But they haven't been done since ages ago.. like when Faerieland still floated in the sky and stuff! *Meepits glare suspiciously and a Moach chirps in the background* :P~~notearslefttocry
Ohhhhh ahhh oh la la!! I love that idea I will definitely pitch it to the Weewoos and staff and see what they think (pondering face)

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