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Hi guys, you guessed it, it's me again..your friendly neighbourghood Jade? Sounded cooler in my head XD. Anyways here are some of your questions from Neopia this week ;)

Some of the new items seem to have been shipped to the wrong shops and thus categorized incorrectly! For example, the Gypsy Lutari Wig is a candy and stocks in chocolate, while Orange Patterned Scarab and Red Striped Scarab are both stamps. (While we're at it, shouldn't their names have "Collectable" in the name?) I'm sure the lutari wig doesn't taste that great, so for the sake of chocolate lovers everywhere, please fix this!~~ dragonscales19
Thanks for letting us know, I've gone ahead and fixed these JUST for you :D one item at a time we will get to the bottom of this I promise XD

Dear Jade, Some users are saying that the plot is just over. This is it and there will be no epilogue or anything. There is still a pet in the infirmary and the Darkest Faerie is still about. So is it really over? There are so many unanswered questions left.
It is indeed coming to a close, but don't worry we are concocting a beautiful lil synapsis of the whole event, we are just making it shiny and refining at this point....any day now :P

Everyone's super bummed that no cybunnies were released, are there going to be any or did they just not get released because of the weekend & everybody is out of luck?~~snikkeler_doodle
You are in luck! We have made an extra sweet day today so go make a cybunny right now to your hearts content!

Hi Jade! I just wanted to say I think you've been doing a great job of handling the editorial and the whole NT while Scrappy is away. I hope we hear more from you in the future.~~ mistyqee
Yay for positivity!!!!**Beams with light of joy***Thanks gurl you're so sweet :D **hands 10 million cookies** = error (the limit does not exist) well lots of virtual hugs!

Oh wise and powerful TNT *chanting in the distance* I know you all have a ton on your plate but I know my guild would love to have a guild logo again. Is there any chance that fixing the guild logo feature will be on the radar? Thanks for all you do!~~kellyclarksonfan234
Hi thurrr, I love your username btw!! SINCE YOU BEEN GONE, I CAN'T BREATH...cough cough I mean, great suggestion I will let my people know!

Uh, guys? Has anyone else noticed the Beauty Contest suddenly has NO KOI CATEGORY, or is there some koi cover-up conspiracy going on around here??~~sleepingpegasus
You guys all have the best usernames! But anyways no no conspiracy here, we love Kois! It just means that there were no Koi winners last week, probably none entered. If you just change the date first and if that week had Koi winners you will be able to see them. For some crazy reason, Koi is not a popular category so that can happen from time to time. Hope this helps #KoiLove

Hi there TNT! I know that you all have a strict policy about discussion of religion, politics, and current events. My question is whether it is okay to references ancient civilizations and mythology?~~banishiee
I'm diggin these curveballs this week, well how we monitor is the mention of societies would be fine but we wouldn't allow petnames or usernames using gods or goddess names. So references to ancient society and culture would be alright but nothing in depth religious, we want everyone to feel like this is a safe place. Mythology might be trickier though since it's all about gods and goddesses, but again if you can avoid names and any religious aspects it could be fine. So just proceed with caution!

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