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Hello everyone! Sooo, I know this NT is very late and we are really sorry about that! TNT Headquarters is picking up and moving on down the road to a more central location in Neopia Central! However, (as most of you may remember from last time) it causes a few delays and mishaps! Which we are veryyy sorry for but will try to make this transition as painless as possible for everyone!

Also, with Caption Contest going out today I wanted to make sure everyone is clear on the schedule!
Dec 4 - Submissions begin!
Dec 11 - Submissions close, Judging begins!
Dec 18th - Captions are posted for voting!
Dec 27th - Winners are posted (we give an extra couple days due to the holidays)

Okay that's all from me!


Hey, Scrappy, how's it going? As for me, my Neopets are all in the Christmas spirit. However, they're pretty bummed out by the lack of their own cute Santa hat to wear. The Oversized Baby Santa Hat exists for Baby Neopets, but they want to wear one as older, capable Neopets. Mind sending that to the developer of wearable items to see what they can do? They're looking forward to it!
I'll see what I can do for you! Sadly, it's a little late in the season for a new request but there's always next year!

Psst, here's an idea - do you think (of course, this is a completely hypothetical situation) that there's the possibility of revealing a new world anytime soon? Like, a world made entirely out of jelly? Ya know, it's something that doesn't exist, so it'd probably be a fun addition to the site if it were to become a thing. Maybe add a new daily like the Giant Omelette, but it's a Giant Jelly instead, and stuff like that. Just a suggestion. ~girlzroq
Hm. What an interesting idea for a world! Of course, it's not like a world such as that actually exists....that would be crazy....

Hey, Scrappy! I have been an active user on the Spanish version of the site for 8 years. A few weeks ago, a group of loyal users and I started a project to bring all the Spanish community to the English site. I submitted a ticket asking if it was okay to create a topic in Spanish on the English boards, and you guys replied saying it was okay. As you know, the site is not getting updated in other languages, and if we switch the site to other language, a lot of things are glitchy. We need to stick to the English version to play properly, and it's very frustrating to switch languages as EVEN ITEMS DISAPPEAR. I have seen that the Portuguese community created a topic too, and I couldn't be happier to see all of us together! Recently, I have seen some confusion about this, so could you please clarify the situation? Are we allowed to chat in our native languages on the English boards? It's literally our only way to stay here! Thanks a lot :) ~jett_antonio
YES!! You may chat in your native languages on the boards!! Our community is open to everyone from all backgrounds! Of course, you must abide to the rules of the Boards but if you are then there shouldn't be an issue :)

Hi Scrappy! I hope you had a nice & restful thanksgiving holiday ^^ I was just wondering if there are any plans for another charity corner? I've been really enjoying all of the recent updates to games and was just curious if this is another NC event we can expect to see revived. I have lots accumulating that I'd love to donate :D
Yes! you can definitely expect another Charity Corner in the near future!! We love them as well, donating and giving back is so important :)

Heya Scrappy! *sends holiday pizza!* Is it possible to have the option of another media format for the Advent Calendar vids and other ones like the plot video? My web browser doesn't like MP4 type media, but flash and other certain types will play.
We actually usually release videos as MP4 so I'm not sure what I can do for you! We want to stay away from Flash as it is not compatible on any mobile devices!

Hello! I have to say that the background music you used for the chest plot step, especially the part where the pitch goes higher is SO good! Do you make the music in-house? Congratulation to whoever came up with it! ~water_park1993
Ah yes we put our best minions, uh sorry, I mean workers, on it. We listen to it on a daily basis here at TNT Headquarters! So catchy!!

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