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Since we had SO many happy thoughts this week we thought we'd feature them!!!


Scrappy *hands pizza donut* I just wanted to say how happy I am about MME22, I'm excited to have some awesome male pet NC wearables (Which we seem to lack in!) Keep up the awesome job! ~ silly_mistake

Thank you, TNT, for adding a fifth pet slot!! I squealed when I saw it on the news. That's probably the thing I've always wanted to happen since I joined the site 9 years ago! Thanks! I hope you'll keep adding great features like this in the future! :D ~ nick_and_nickette

Thank you guys SO MUCH for adding a 5th pet slot! I've been dying to add so many more pets for such a long time and now I finally have the chance to save up for more paint brushes and customization options! Thanks TNT!!! ~yoshisislandbandit

Hey TNT! Thank you SO MUCH for all the cool new stuff this week - I can't BELIEVE that we can now have five/six pets now!! And a new Wonderclaw machine? AND a Premium gift bag? AND Haunted Hijinks? You peeps are AWESOME and I want to give you all the kudos that I possibly can!:D ~ catz1

Dear TNT, I just wanted to say, as a longtime mutant fanatic, thank you so SO much for the new Mutant Carnival-Goer Jacket and Top. It's very cool looking, but most of all it's just so refreshing to have a mutant wearable that looks like casual clothes. Please give whoever decided on making it a big hug from my pets! ~ hamster_wolf

SCRAPPYYYYYYYYYYY. *tackleglomphug* Pizza is on me the entire year! I'm the one who asked a few editorials ago about NEEEEEEDING a new Wonderclaw machine, and Neo did NOT disappoint! Thank you so, so much for all of the efforts and listening to users. I see so many petty complaints on Facebook, but I'm personally so. grateful. To the staff at Neopets/JS. I've loved this site since I was 11 years old, and am happy to still be playing (and now, creating more pets! *hearteyes*) at 26! Thank you, thank you! ~ mihkla

TNT, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for making this the best October on Neopets for me. The sixth pet slot for premium members is amazing and the Haunted Hijinks, Premium Collectible, and Premium Goodie Bag are incredible. I can't wait to see what else comes this month. Thanks again! :) ~ the_darkest_sage

Hey Scrappy and TNT! I'm xPixiexo the Faerie Xwee, and I'm sending this letter with a basket of cookies through my mom as a thanks for unfreezing me and my siblings. Mom also sends her thanks for the new pet slot, whatever she means by that. Too bad with the Faerie Festival, but Arion is excited for the possibility to battle. So in general, we all sends happy thoughts and thank you's your way. Being a Neopian has never been better. Keep up the good work! Best regards from Pixie, Ally, Arion, Quinn, MrsWickham and Serita84! ~serita84

Except one question was brought to my attention that is absolutely vital....

Hello Scrappy! -doughnuts are falling from the sky- Thank you very much for considering to bring the random contest back! As a result, we, Neopians, put a petpage together with a lot of people who wanted to get the random contest back! You can find it here: www.neopets.com/~Calienna Board: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic [HB]=158993435 Please let us know if you're like the result and will bring the RC back? ~ stephsie

WOOOOOOOOOO!!! Super proud of you guys, that was so fast!!! I guess there's only one thing left to do now...we will get working ASAP on bringing that Random Contest back!

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