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Hi Scrappy! Any news on when the updated rules page will be here? It seems to have been in the works for quite a while now. Also can you please clarify if telling a friend you will help them trade for a pet or a item is against the rules? Thanks! ~ xthatpoppy
Hiya friend!! Yes, that is on the finishing touches and will probably be up next week!

Hi, Scrappy. I treated all eight of my pets to dinner at the Golden Dubloon yesterday, and it suddenly occurred to me that maybe that's not okay. Is it okay to take the pets on my side account to the Golden Dubloon? All the dubloons came from my main account, of course, and I don't sell the leftovers. I feed them to my pets. If this isn't okay, please don't freeze me because I honestly had no idea, and I promise I won't do it again. ~melody5697
All eight of them?! Wow, owner of the week right here!! Why, of course it's okay! Spending neopoints on your pets is literally ALWAYS okay! Spoil them rotten! Earning neopoints on a side is not okay butttt as I like to say...treat yo pets!

Hey Scrappy! *throws a rattle at you* How's it going? Anyways, enough of my rambling, what's going on with Key Quest? I haven't heard anything about it at all, but I know you guys are working on it once the site is entirely fixed and ready to go (no one wants Key Quest to run on a glitchy site, right?)! Thanks a bunch for being awesome! ~deathnote5
Key Quest? Key Quest isn't working?! What?! For how long! Oh my *yells to other TNTers* WHY DIDN'T ANYONE SAY KEY QUEST WASN'T WORKING?! *frenzy in the office arises as everyone finds out this horrifying news* SOMEONE DO SOMETHINGGGGG!!!!!!!

Who comes up with all the plot ideas? I've always loved them growing up. Have any of them come from ideas from the users?~daenielle_roxz
Well, that is a long, dark question. I guess to start we would have to go back to the beginning. What happened in their youth to make them want to take over Neopia? Why do they want to be rid of an entire species? Why can't we all just live in peace and harmony? Sadly, I fear we will never know the answer to these questions. All we can do is fight and keep protecting the land we love!

Yo' Scrappy, sup?! Question: You would tell us if there were not going to be any more charity corners, right?~ meeshell362
I would...I would? Eh, I probably would....maybe...depends on my mood. Although, I can say Granny has still got some pep in her step...

Scrappy. *tosses five cupcakes* WHEN will there be new Wonderclaw machines? I have every item from each current Wonderclaw. I'm a claw machine addict, even of the virtual variety, and I neeeeeed new Wonderclaw choices! Please?? ~mihkla
You neeeeed them?! Absolutely neeeeeed them?! Well, than who am I to say no?

Yo dawgs! *pokes incessently* So, I like to follow people on various websites and needlessly like and/or share their things. Where are you Scrappy!? I want to love you like past citizens. Let me love you! (The real question is do you staff bros have social media. If so, can please share?)~motor_chick_20
Scrappy is private. Scrappy likes to keep her lurking on the DL. YOU'LL NEVER FIND MEEEEEE!!!!!

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