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Hey Scrappy! I was thinking about writing about one of my pets and submitting her story to multiple Neopian competitions. I was thinking of doing a brief intro piece for the Pet Spotlight, and a longer plot-and-dialogue story for the Times. They're not the same stories, but they would both heavily feature the same character. Is this allowed? ~piratepaintrox5
Of course! Maybe using the exact same story wouldn't be allowed but just using the same pet is perfectly fine!! I love hearing alllll about your pet's so feel free to submit as many stories about your pet as you want :)

Hey TNT! Recently I read that we cannot play two games at the altador cup at the same time, which got me worrying. Am I allowed to browse the neoboards while I play? Slushie slinger takes so long, and I don't want to look like a suspicious user! ~cecilinas
Hiyaaa buddy!! So I've gotten a lot of these "what if" scenarios lately so I'll just say this. You are not allowed to play two games in different tabs/windows/etc. at once. This includes other games besides Altador Cup, I would steer clear of any of that! There's really no dire need to have an AC game and regular one at the same time. So, to be safe, always just keep one game open at a time. However, browsing the site is allowed! So you are free to check out some Neoboards just be sure to only have one game open at a time!

Thank you for answering my question about "Collab Issues", Scrappy - here's a Spring Salad in appreciation. Follow up questions, please? Where are the themes picked, and how do we know which issues they will be? ~velvet_paw
Ohhh yummyyy!! I've been on a strict diet as part of my Altador Cup Staff Tournament training so this is perfect!! Anywhooo, so the Collab Issues are superrr open-ended. Really whenever an idea is brought to me that I like and it's around a time that doesn't conflict with anything then it's eligible to become a Collab. However, I suggest you check out the NT Writers Boards to work with other users on ideas. Everyone has such great ideas but unfortunately there's a limit to how many of them we can use so it's best if you guys coordinate your best idea and then bring it to me!

The Staff Tournament is a fun aspect of the Altador Cup, so thanks for bringing it back, TNT! That said, do the TNT staffers who participate, participate during office hours? Do they essentially get paid for playing Yooyuball during the 9 to 5 workday? Thanks for publishing this question…we're all a little curious! ~indulgences
Oh my, what?! Of course not! That would be, like, totally unprofessional and not allowed! Well, I don't know, maybe, I guess, during a quick break if we sneak in a game real quick....rarely, though...hardly ever...we're all totally serious all the time and never play games.

Hey Scrappy! Great name! That's my dogs name. In no way am I insinuating that your a dog though. *throws bone* In the last editorial someone asked if the exploding yooyuball hurt our neopets. So my question is this: It's getting hot in the world out there! Is someone keeping all the jelly in jelly world cold? I'll donate a bag of ice to the effort! ~snudycaisu
Honestly, I'm okay with having similarities to dogs, they're literally awesome! So, if Jelly World existed, which you know it absolutely does not, then I would imagine they some type of system to keep all the Jelly cool. I would also imagine it has taken them years and years to perfect this system and they would be very proud of how successful it has been. You know, this is if Jelly World existed, which it doesn't.

Hi, Scrappy! I added you on my Staff Tournament team because you always sound so enthusiastic! And when the result came out for round 1, you really did awesome! Thank you! So keep playing YYB, no slacking off! Keep earning points (for me)! ~semmy_genius
YYYEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I love hearing about my fans! Lets be real, I'm great and everyone should put me on their team :) And don't you worry one thing I have been training very hard and will continue to push to be the best for all you guys!

The News said later today but no one started a new BTY on the 7th. What happened? ~cinders_lair
Well, I'm not going to point fingers. However, our challenger for that week, a certain pirate ship, didn't manage to escape Warf Wharf which meant there was no treasure for all of you to collect. The Black Pawkeet caught them before they even left the island!!! I assure you we are replacing them with real pirates, straight out of the academy so this does not occur again!

I don't wanna get frozen, so I'm asking this: Is it OK to have multiple dailies open in different tabs, but to do each daily one at a time? That's how I do my dailies, but I just wanna be extra sure that I'm not breaking the rules. ~dawgcpa
Great question!! So it is definitely okay to have different tabs open for dailies around the site! The main concern is that you are not doing them on different accounts. However, within the same account in different tabs should be all good!

Hi there TNT, is there a place on this site that definitely states everything that is and isn't allowed on side accounts? I'm nervous that I'm accidentally going to violate a rule and not realize it. Thank you! ~threeblueribbons
Hello there Neopian! So, we are working diligently on creating an absolute clear cut set of rules that we can release to you guys to clear up any and all confusions. However, you can visit our help page (//www.neopets.com/help.phtml) to find answers about side accounts! Any other questions you may have you are more than welcome to neomail me directly at: nt_editor

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