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Can we look forward to Game Master Challenge this year? ~ pteri_siren_1503
You can indeed! Head over to the game room and get practicing for this year's epic showdown!

Hey CQ! What's up? So, I am a NT Writer, but I get reallllly confused at coding. For italics in the NT, do we use and , without the spaces? Thanks, and please remove my username! ~ username removed
Hi! *sips peppermint coffee* so, I'm the NT editor, and I can help you out! For italics, use [i] to begin and [/i] to end the italic section!

Hey CQ! With Neopets birthday coming up next week, can we expect 4 new birthday petpets? ~ jmo7692
According to my inside sources, some celebratory themed petpets could be in the cards, but you'll have to wait a few more days to see what for sure!

I know you guys are busy and I don't mind seeing the items/art late etc, but I wonder if there's a way you can make the news more consistent with pet day announcements so that the preprogrammed features like training have enough reminder time, like change it to extend the training time for the new date. Or maybe you can do a start of the month notice of the pets who have days coming up that month so that any who get a litte late might still remember to do the training. It gets a little confusing for those who see pet days late with an official date stamp and not even marked AS late, like pteri day was this month. ~ ropable
Hi! I'll pass the note along, although sometimes with weekends and other themed days and such that's unavoidable. To always make sure you know exactly when your pets' free training days are (or for any other Neo holiday you're looking forward to!), be sure to check the calendar - http://www.neopets.com/calendar.phtml

Hi CQ. I've sent in a ticket on this subject but thought it might be an idea to put it here too for community reference. I wish to give some neopoints to neofriends but don't know how to go about it or if it's allowed. I want to give a significant amount to one or two of my neofriends but need guidance please. Could you please provide me with some advice? Please remove my username (don't want to get a sack load of begging letters). Thank you. ~ username removed
Hi! We appreciate your generosity, but this is not allowed. Neopets is a game, and therefore we ask that all users achieve things - like earning Neopoints - on their own.

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