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Hi Country Queen! The new game is fun and quite a challenge too. But why is there an ad on the game screen before it loads? My favorite thing about premium is the No Ads. Will this be fixed or is this a new trend? Thanks for answering. (gives slice of cake as reward) - Neohomeninja.
Hi! Thanks for bringing that to our attention! Since you were nice enough to bring the cake, I'll have those darn meepits take another look and get that fixed as soon as possible for you guys!

Hello CQ! After the new game: AAA's Revenge, are the staff working in a plot/event for 2016? Please, say yes!!! Give us a hope :( ~ caraesperto
Hi! Yes, with AAA's Revenge out for you all to enjoy (on mobile as well!), we've turned our focus to a new event. Stay tuuuuuuned!

Hi guys! Due to the massive amount of items we get from dailies, random events, and just simply being a Neopian, my inventory is always incredibly cluttered. I've heard of something called "Quick Stock" which is apparently some sort of option to move your items around to useful locations such our shops and safety deposit boxes in quick and easy manner. It's even been mentioned in The Neopian Times a couple times!( and, I haven' been able to find it anywhere. What is "Quick Stock"? Where is it? How do we use it? Thanks for your attention; please keep my username anonymous. ~ username removed
You can find Quick Stock here - You can also get there by going to your inventory and looking at the Tools links.

Hey I was wondering if you could explain how the mystery pic trophies are handed out. ~ hungrylemon
On Thursdays before we set up the next contest, we run a script that judges all of the entries for the previous contest! We don't individually award trophies for this one.

Hey there oh answerer of questions, hope we're not frustrating you too much... or too little *LOL*. I'm planing on writing a few articles for the times and just so it's Crystal Negg clear... do the rules for mentioning fan sites apply the same to The Neopian Times (specifically for articles, I know they've been mentioned in the editorials) or would you prefer they be neopets only? ~ tallykat
Hello there asker of questions! Rules for fan sites in the Neopian Times are the same as the rest of the site! You can mention the recommended/certified fan sites in an article, but only those sites!

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