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Hi CQ! So last month I was getting my AC X prizes and I asked around on the neoboards about the Altador Cup X Collectible Gold Coin. The consensus seemed to be that it was a gift and could not be albumed. For this reason, I decided to go ahead and spend all my points on other things. Now, just a little over a week before AC XI is about to begin (and after TNT reminded us to spend our points before the prize shop closes) you are telling us that the coin can be placed in the album. Seeing as there are many people who collect coins and such for their albums, I can't help but feel like this is kind of unfair. I realize you can't give everyone back the points they've already spent but I was wondering if you might consider including this coin in the prize shop for AC XI so that people who missed out on this item because of a misunderstanding might be able to obtain it? Please remove my username. ~ username removed
Hi, sorry for the confusion, and the late notice on getting it into the album! We'll definitely consider putting it into the prize shop this year for people who missed it.

Hi CQ! *tosses your favorite kind of cookies* We all appreciate what TNT is doing to make this website safer to browse, but the reCAPTCHA system makes it pretty inconvenient to check out (and even interact with) my fellow Neopians and their pets. Since that's one of my favorite aspects of the site, I was wondering if this is a permanent feature, or just something that's being used while important security issues are being worked on. Thanks! ~ horsefaith6725
Ideally, no this isn't a permanent feature. Once we feel we can remove the reCaptcha's without the same problems recurring, we definitely will, that just takes a little time!

Hey! I recently purchased a pirate petpet paintbrush in hopes to paint my Surzard and found that, upon going to the petpet puddle, I was not given the option to paint him. Is that particular color no longer available for Surzards? Thanks in advance! ~ ravenslove
Hm, they definitely can be painted from the Petpet Puddle. Make sure your Surzard is attached to one of your pets and you have the correct brush. If so, try visiting your petpet from the Quick Ref page and giving them a little update, and see if that helps get them to show up. Good luck!

TNT, I love the Altador Cup and always will, but the new rank requirements and estimated daily maxes are honestly offensive. Allstar is supposed to be hard to achieve. The caps shouldn't be lowered to appease people who want all the glory without actually putting in the effort. Allstar players used to represent the dedicated elite, and now, reaching allstar won't feel like an achievement at all. ~ joeythesmurfy
So, we're really sorry you feel that way! But it's not being lowered so people can earn All Star without putting in the effort - it still takes playing the maximum amount of one game for at least 20 days (25 if you're only playing Shootout Showdown or Make Some Noise). Reaching All Star by playing only Yooyuball will take about 42 hours... We feel like that's a pretty serious time commitment and effort to put in. And it is definitely still the dedicated elite. With the new levels, it changes the amount of people who reach All Star by a VERY small amount (about 1% looking at performance for the past 3 Altador Cups). We looked at how the ranks were being reached and decided it wasn't really the distribution we wanted, so we moved it around a bit. It has a minimal change on the level of people who reach All Star, but spreads users out between the lower ranks. Again, we're sorry you're upset, but we hope you change your mind as the Cup goes on.

Is there a reason why I did not even get a "participant" medal for this year's Daily Dare? Didn't get one last year either. So, if you are only giving top trophies, there is really no reason for me to attempt the games. I did all of them this year except for 3. Two of them would not work on my computer. Yes, I'm disappointed. ~ whiteowl7
HDaily Dare trophies were awarded upon returning to the page after the event ended, so if you haven't already, head back to the Daily Dare hub page to claim your medal and prizes! If you're still not getting it, go ahead and submit a ticket!

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