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What are the names of the red Grarrl and disco Ixi who do the commentary before and after the Yooyuball games? ~daemonschile
We checked with our sources, and it sounds like there will be an upcoming reveal-all Neopedia article about them! *gasp*

I want to enter the Site Spotlight. My Neopets' pages are all about them and their individual characters. What elements are liked in these sorts of pages and what is frowned upon? Can I show art that other users have given me? Are Pet Pages with complete stories shown preference over works in progress? Can you give us some insight? ~mistyqee
Credited art that has been given to you is fine, though we do always like to see your own work! Also, complete pages are given extremely high preference over pages that are still in progress. Primarily, the most important thing is to try to make your page as visually attractive as possible and avoid inappropriate scenes in stories. If it wouldn't get into The Neopian Times, then it probably won't get spotlighted, either. Additionally, please make sure your character is a Neopet and that the story takes place in Neopia. We see lots of cute pages that we can't spotlight because, even if the imagery is of a Draik-like dragon, if he lives on the planet of Tra-la-la then we don't consider it Neopets-themed. That said, you can make up your own subzones (like, say, "Draik Hollow" in the Haunted Woods).

Hey, TNT! So, I understand why the boards and Neomails have filters, but why are they monitored? After all, it's legally the parents' responsibility to supervise their kids' Internet usage, and it makes me a little uncomfortable that someone else out there will read the Neomail that I sent to my friend in which I admitted that I spilled sloppy joe sauce all over myself at lunch time in front of that boy I like who sits across from me in 3rd period, to quote your Random Contest note. :( (please remove my username) ~username removed
Neomail is monitored by our system and will alert us to investigate if inappropriate things are happening there. (Please note that investigations are done by real people; the automated system only notifies us of possible issues.) We will also look at Neomails to investigate scamming or other reports. If neither of these are the case, then your Neomails are not being read by anyone except the people to whom you sent them.

Allow me to be "frank." I have found that the hot dog collection on this site is a bit lacking. There is a large variety of frankfurters available for purchase, but none of them, unfortunately, are tuna themed... and I would hate to live in a world that lacks a tuna-themed hot dog. Perhaps something along the line of a quadruple hot dog plus tuna? I'd really be interested in the creation of new items, period. What I've listed is just an example, but would you consider making such an item? Thank you for your time. ~ilikewarriors
Did you really think that, just because you started off with a clever little pun, we'd put your question in the Editorial?

How well you know us!

We have sent your request to our Content Department.

Hi, TNT! What are the rules about art commissions of Neopets? (please remove my username) ~username removed
Commissions are not allowed, as you can't make money (real or virtual) in exchange for services on Neopets. Art trades are fine, but are unsupported if one side ends up not delivering.

"Here you go. Don't tell anyone
that I draw Kanrik fan art, okay?"

Hey! :D So, I just traded for my beloved unconverted coconut JubJub and he's the cutest thing in the world. I've been here for a bazillion years, and I remember all the old poses that the 'pets had pre-conversion for moods, fighting, etc. This made me wonder if there would EVER be the possibility that UC owners might be able to switch between the old poses (or maybe to the "happy" ones) as a sort of customization opportunity? The UC coconut's smiling face is just too awesome to not use. :O Thanks in advance for your answer! ~sidewalkbum
*presses playback button* Unconverted Neopets are only available "as is" and are not supported in current or future site development. *end recording*

TNT, could you please clear something up, something that drives me insane? A lot of people on the Pound Chat seem to think that, if enough people report someone who's trading or adopting out an unconverted Neopet or whatever, then they'll be instantly frozen -- even if there's nothing suspicious going on. This makes zero sense to me because I feel that, if that was the case, then all UCs would be frozen by now. Some people even claim that this is because you hate UCs and want to eliminate all of them. Seriously, can you clear this up? Also, if this gets in, please leave my username out! Thanks. :3 ~username removed
If an account or Neopet is reported, then we will investigate based on the evidence on the account, not hearsay. If nothing strikes us as suspicious, then nothing with happen to the account or Neopet. We feel odd that we even need to state this, but we do not target UCs. Players target them, and if they are up to shenanigans such as buying or selling the Neopets, then that is what results in the UCs being frozen.

I fed my 'pet the Potion of Strategic Maneuvers, and it said that they felt a bit faster and stronger. However, when I checked my stats, nothing had actually changed! Is the potion supposed to be like that, or is not working properly? ~unfreeze_divicool72
We've looked into it, and the Potion of Strategic Maneuvers should now be working correctly.

I find 'pet trading deplorable, and I think one of the reasons is that it was against the rules at one point. Wasn't trading Neopets against the rules, or am I insane? If it was, then what happened to change that?!? ~general_grievious__
Neopet trading was originally against the rules. Years ago there was a policy change made to allow it in response to player request.

I've seen a lot of, "If my gender's set to male, then I'm silenced." on the User Lookups of players who are female. Is this against the rules? ~megali2378
Not at all! Well, as long as there's nothing shady going on. We can't imagine how it would be used in such a fashion, but you guys never cease to surprise us.

Hi, TNT. I was wondering why you are still using the bracket system in the Altador Cup. Winning and losing doesn't matter and the points seem to carry over between rounds, which doesn't leave much room for improvement unless you get a lucky bracket. Everyone I talk to wants the Round Robins back as well, so why use the bracket system? ~chipperjones10810
We understand that the bracket system is the in thing to hate on, but we got just as many complains about the Round Robin system, which is why it was changed in the first place. We plan to revisit AC when the time comes next year and either redo the format if we can find a good format that addresses your concerns (Round Robin doesn't solve some of the bigger issues we've heard from you guys, either) or say goodbye and do something else.

Are you allowed to advertise your Customization contest entry if you happen to find a way to? ~username removed
Absolutely not. The player name isn't listed for a reason.

Howdy! A long time ago (about ten years back, in 2004) when you guys did the "Quiguki Armageddon" April Fool's prank, you also created a Neopedia entry titled "The Story Of Xanstalon." It was taken down and no one saved a copy! Can we get it posted on the site somewhere? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :3 ~goldenchaos
Ahh, yes... that was quite the fun entry. We still have it in our system and are seeing if our translators are available so we can re-release it for your reading pleasure. :)

Such great literature must not be lost to the ages!


I'm writing on my 13th Neo-versary to tell you how wonderful it is to finally get the chance to say thanks for lots of fun over the years. I think the best thing is the community of players, who work together to solve puzzles, make plots more accessible for everybody, encourage each other to go above and beyond what they think they can do, and are a lot of laughs. Thank you for making all of that possible! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next! (Incidentally, if this makes it into the Editorial, it'll be the very first time for me!) ~stararan

Hey, TNT. I would say something cliché about my 8+ years on Neopets, how it changed my life and the enjoyment I have received playing the games here. I would also insert my utmost thanks to your staff for the hard work they've put in to keep the site so enjoyable. I would also give you a Meowclops Plushie, except all of the would be cliché. So, I simply say to you... Slushie. Thank you. ~hereicomenow

Hey, TNT! So, last month was seven years since the day I made my first ever Neopets account. I've made so many good friends these past seven years and been motivated to improve my digital art, writing, cooking, and coding skills thanks to your marvellous site. Thank you so much! :* P.S.: Can you end this Editorial with a picture of the evil mr.coconut? ~joeythesmurfy
Yes. Yes, we can. :)


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