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Dear TNT,
*slings slushies* It seems to me that, in years past, you have given us fair warning that the Altador Cup Prize Shop would be closing before the start of the new one. Today, though, when I went to the prize shop to spend my points, I was shocked to find that it was closed! I don't remember reading that the shop was closing. Are you no longer telling us in advance of it closing?~roshchodesh

Whoops! We got a little overly-excited about the upcoming AC and got a bit ahead of ourselves. We've brought it up again, and it should now be available until sign-ups begin. Check Monday's news for a more accurate idea of when it will close.

I just realised something about Neocash. I was looking at the "Get NC" tab and it said something about "Nick Cash." Now that Neopets is under JumpStart, do the Nickelodeon cash cards still work to get NC? They seem to be the only ones I can find in my area. Please clear this up for me! ~k_lover_so_much
Nickelodeon cash cards can still be redeemed for Neopets NC. We'll let you guys know ahead of time when that changes.

Hi, TNT! So, why aren't there orange speckles on the post-conversion purple 'pets? My 'pet Roxalia doesn't look as much like her real Neopian counterpart without them. :p ~kittens464
The spots were related to a plot idea we had that never took off. When we redid the art for the conversion we used the opportunity to remove the spots.

So, I'm still confused about what counts as a correct answer for the Mystery Pic competition. Let's say the pic is of the Limited Edition Silver Lupe Key Quest Token -- would I have to put in the full exact name, or would "silver Lupe Key Quest token" be okay? What if I accidentally put "keyquest" as one word, and so on? How exact do our guesses have to be to count? ~lil_jen_aside
As long as it's reasonably clear that you've properly identified it, then it should be accepted as a correct answer. :) Spelling counts, though, so an error like that could disqualify you.

TNT, I love the prizes from this year's Negg hunt, but there's a small problem: the Brilliant Negg Crown is considered a sea shells collectable item. However, the shell album is completed. So, was this meant to be an album item or a wearable? ~ivoryrosefrost
The Brilliant Negg Crown is part of the "Treasures of the Deep" collection, which restocks in the Collectable Sea Shells shop. That's why it's classified as a "sea shell" type of item and states so when placed into your album.

Please tell me you guys are releasing a water or wraith Moehog next week. Please? Pretty please?

The Biggest Moehog Fan Ever :k ~polijan

You and DJ Skellington are going to have to fight over the title of "Biggest Moehog Fan." As for your question, we're happy to tell you that-- *response is drowned out by the sound of the brawl between Moehog fans*

So, I was finally successful at winning a skirmish for the battle of the obelisk. In looking at the different boons, I saw one that said "Doctor who?" and I seriously did a little spaz over it. Then, as I hovered my mouse over it, I noticed that it said, "Sometimes, everyone gets to be healthy" and did an even bigger spaz. I recently got into Doctor Who and, as I am going through some of the items in my inventory (and through the site in general), I'm finding that there is so much referentiality to the show. I just wanted to commend you for how awesome it is. :) Also, in light of my noticing the referentiality, could you end this week's Editorial with another Doctor Who reference? It would make me spaz to an unhealthily awesome degree. ~groovyjenny
Us? Make references to our beloved fandoms and Internet culture? Nah, not us.

We would never do that!

Dear TNT,
Is there any way to withdraw a question from the Editorial? I think I may have asked a very stupid question. ~username removed

Nope, but you can make a later comment like this and tell us to please ignore it. ;) We can't promise not to giggle at the original question, though. Teehee.

Helleu, I entered this piece into the Art Gallery [description of artwork] and it wasn't chosen, aww. I was wondering why there's no Neomail for getting picked or not, along with maybe a reason why something isn't accepted? You know, just so we know if we should enter it again, or if you guys just didn't like the design or whatnot. Please remove my username. :) ~username removed
The Art Gallery works a bit differently from other site competitions. All submissions to our Art Gallery that are acceptable for the site are saved. The only images we don't save are ones that are traced, not a player's own work, inappropriate, not Neopets-themed, and the absolute worst that MS Paint has to offer. Even if a piece of art isn't exemplary, if you obviously put genuine effort into it, then we keep it. :) So, even if your work isn't selected one week, that doesn't mean it won't pop up the next. As time passes, however, it gets pushed further back as new entries come in, so you're more than welcome to resubmit the piece. Since the Art Gallery only displays 12 entries on standard days, it is far more likely that the judges simply didn't have the space to display your entry, rather than any issue with the design. :)

Hey, TNT! It seems like, lately, new ideas are springing up everywhere! The most popular area of submission seems to be the Editorial -- like the recent JumpStart survey, could there be a nifty place where we can submit our ideas? Some of us are more introverted than others! Keep up the good work! *hearts* ~username removed
You guys have always been welcome to submit your ideas to us. :) Just open a ticket through the Help Centre with the issue type "Comments and Feedback" and let us know what's on your mind! The Support Department then compiles the ideas and feedback sent to them and forwards a report to the rest of us.

Hey, TNT! I'm not very sure about this: do we have to do coding for Neomails or submitting articles, poems, or stories? You know, to separate them into paragraphs and so on? ~jeslin__62
Nope! The Neomails code themselves automatically, and we provide the coding for poems and stories. However, you are more than welcome to insert such things yourself into your submissions to make sure everything is set up to your liking, which saves us a bit of time. :)

Out of curiosity, I looked at the CSS tags for the site, and whoever coded / helped code Neopets is / was single-handedly the sassiest programmer I've ever seen. The selector tag naming is pure gold. ~hippohugs

So, in my Personal Finance class we're learning about the stock market. This made me remember that I've invested in the Neopian Stock Market, so I decided to check mine. Lo and behold, my LUPE stocks had gone up a whopping 3,800% and I got a profit of 700k! I showed my Personal Finance teacher and she sees the Neopian Stock Market as a great teaching opportunity. This site DOES have a real world use, no matter what ANYBODY says! ~horsey0luver
We agree! We seriously doubt anyone who grew up playing Neopets is going to fall for Internet scams! ;) We've also gotten countless thank-yous from players who have grown up to be artists, writers, and programmers, thanks to their start in Neopia!

When in doubt, should a user report suspicious activity or not? There's a lot of debate about whether it gets people unfairly frozen, along with how leaving it could possibly allow users to carry on cheating or harming others, as well as about players policing other players. Please remove my username. ~username removed
If a player is frozen, it's because we've looked at the evidence and have made a decision based off of that. Reporting someone doesn't get them frozen, their own actions do. If you see something that makes you suspicious or uncomfortable, then, by all means, please report it to us so we can look into it.

Will Neopets ever support the hosting of user-made Flash files, similar to how it allows the hosting of images? ~jeslica666
No, user Flash files are considered to be too big of a security risk to allow.

In the last Editorial, there was mention of the oldest and youngest staff members. This made me wonder: how did the current staff members hear about Neopets? Did they play before? Did they hear when they were looking for a job? Are there any interesting stories anyone is willing to share? ~brynchilla
Dragona - I was working as a janitor at Disneyland as a summer job between college semesters when my roommate noted that Neopets was hiring writers. I thought it was kinda silly to apply for a writing position when I was studying animation, but I figured it'd be a good way to get my foot in the door and applied! Since I had been playing the site obsessively for nine months already, I understood the lore and "tone" of the site and managed to beat out quite a number of professional writers for the job! Booyah!

El Pickelsaur - A college buddy of mine moved to California to take a job with Neopets as a programmer, then called me a few months later to tell me that they were hiring. I'd graduated about six months earlier and was still looking for a "real job" while working a customer support job answering phones. After a couple of phone interviews I was offered a position on a trial basis, so I moved out of my apartment, put my stuff in my parents' storage unit, and flew out to give it a shot. A few weeks later, I officially became a member of the team. The rest, as they say, is history...

snarkie - Mine's not interesting because I saw the ad and applied. (BORING GOSH.) Though, my second interview was on October 31, 2002 and I just thought everyone at Neopets was weird and dressed funny. I mean, that's true, but on that day in particular Halloween was a good excuse.

Huh, we can't imagine why
snarkie thought we dressed funny...


I just wanted to say a big thanks to TNT! You've encouraged most of us to learn and develop our HTML and CSS skills. Prior to Neopets, I had no idea what HTML was, much less how to actually write it. I'm pretty darn good at it after 10 years now, and my brother is even a professional web designer thanks to you! Kudos. :-) ~hopewithinmymind

Hey, TNT. I just wanted to give a thank you for all the hard work you do. I recently sent in a ticket about something and received a quick, fair response. I'm so often pleasantly surprised by you. Keep up the awesomeness, you guys! *shares my fresh-baked gluten-free cookies with you all* ~niightwind

Hi, TNT. ^_^ I recently discovered the Spring Shop on Roo Island, and at first I thought it was a shop for, you know, spring, the season... so I visited it, and when I found out it was even better than a seasonal spring shop, and that it was actually EXACTLY what it promised (a shop for Springy Things) it absolutely, 100% made my day. :) I wanted to thank you guys for that, and all the other times you've completely made my day with the little places and things in Neopia that just make me smile. Neopets has been making me smile for the past eleven years. Keep doing what you do, guys! You're the best. :) ~mindy_moo22

Hey there, TNT! *throws some sword-shaped cookies* I read the Editorial (like I do every Friday) and found a couple of Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire references. They prompted me to tell you how much I love all the references to geek culture that you guys and gals make. They make me smile every single time. Thanks for being awesome, geeky, and you! :D ~pearlypoppins

Well, TNT, the 10th of this month marks my account's 14th birthday. That means it's also LookyNuk's 14th birthday! (Teenagers, amirite?) It's been a long, interesting trip, and you've changed quite a lot since we first met, but here's to hoping we get 14 more years together! :D ~shorte2002
*toasts* Er... it's a glass of apple juice, we swear.


Hey you! TNT!!! Listen up!!! I know what Neopia needs!!! I have foreseen it!!!!!! Okay?!? Are you ready for this??? Please bring us a Dramatic Banjo!!! It's really important!!! Got that?!? All right!!! You may go! ~username removed


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