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Is Dieter the Polarchuck pronounced like the word "Diet" with "er" at the end, or "Deeter"? I ask because I've totally been saying "Deeter."~kryzsto
You've got it right, just the inflection is a bit off. In the office, we pronounce it "DEET-er."

Do we need to change our passwords due to this Heartbleed exploit that has affected a lot of web sites? ~klaute
There's no specific need to change your password on Neopets due to Heartbleed, but it's always a good idea to regularly change your password in any event. Also, be sure to use different passwords for different sites!

Why did Lawyerbot leave? I thought he loved working with you guys. Is it because of JumpStart? ~taystar07
Lawyerbot is technically a Nickelodeon employee and JumpStart has their own general counsel, so Lawyerbot isn't making the transition with us. He does still come by and try to get us to retire all the items in his SDB so he can become a Neomillionaire, though.

Hello! Firstly, a big thank you for the recent event in Moltara and the new daily. Secondly, could you please reactivate the Random Event where you can find scrap metal and stone in Moltara City? Thanks again and kind regards. ~star__searcher
Yup, we're looking into this. These were special and can't be used in the new system. We'll likely turn them back on as they were (so they'll look old), but we'll let you know if that changes!

Hiya, TNT. So, I bought a cute little Nuk Petpet for my little pea and there's a real lack of colors available for them. My Nuk tells me that having them available in faerie and island colors would make her very happy, indeed! ~nycflowergirl
Oh, we agree that those would be excellent Nuk colours. We'll put in a request to the Content Department.

*throws multiple Rancid Old Meats* TNT! Ever since the Random Events were changed, I have won multiple times playing Treasure of the Black Pawkeet and I STILL don't have my favourite avatar in existence (Aisha Scallywag). Additionally, I've been scouring the boards and have noticed that no one has reported getting the avatar in the last month or so (at least, to my knowledge!) Please reassure me that the Random Event awarding the avatar is still working, because I'd really like to sleep at night. If not, I'll have my doctor forward my bill for sleeping medication to your head office. Thanks! ~thighguy678
Most avatars are given out using a completely separate system that just-so-happens to look like Random Events. (Shhhhh...) Aisha Scallywag would not have been affected by the update to Random Events, but we did look into it just in case and it's working normally. It's just really rare. We'll rub a Schnelly belly for good luck on your behalf!

Would you guys consider adding an easy and risk-free way to do a three-way 'pet transfer? I know that I and many other 'pet traders would be eternally grateful. Also, while we're talking about transfers, how about a Random Event that gives you an extra transfer for one month? xD ~chedeli
Three-way Neopet trading is not something that we support, nor intend to in the future. Three-way Neopet trades are done at your own risk. While we will, of course, punish anyone who scams, we cannot guarantee the return of your Neopet if something goes wrong. As for the Random Event idea, we think it's a good idea and we'll see if we can get that pushed through in the future.

Please help, TNT. I want to know if Boochi can now babify any of your 'pets, rather than just your active. I received a Random Event from Boochi this week and he fired at my lab rat rather than my active. He missed; I would have been upset if it had been any of my other 'pets. You see, I don't like Boochi since I almost quit playing Neopets because of him. I'd had my account for only three days when he babified my beautiful red Eyrie, zoezana. I didn't know what had just happened and I tried to get her back but couldn't. I grew to love zoezana and Neopets, but have never forgiven Boochi. *blushes and throws red roses and chocolates at all of the TNT staff* ~zanazoe
Boochi has changed a bit from his original form. We don't want to give anything away since part of the fun of Neopets is discovering new things, but please rest assured that you don't have to fear for any of your Neopets, even non-actives.

Are you guys aware that, based on the way its bindings are drawn, the book item "Grooming Your Faellie" would never open? Think of the poor Neopets fighting to open that book and please fix the art! ~magic_dark_phoenix
That's on purpose. Faellies groom themselves.

That's our story and we're stickin' to it.

Thanks to you, TNT, and specifically those who thought to use a fancy word such as "clandestine" in the Sway's video, I now have one less vocab word to worry about learning for my next test. :) ~birdlover48
This fact, plus our players being capable of spelling 'indubitably' correctly, is a source of great (if somewhat odd) pride for us!

I read on a board that there are no more color changing Random Events. Is this true? Will Boochi still be around changing 'pets into babies? I ask because I don't want to put my plushie as my active and have her Boochied or turning blue, etc. Please remove my username. ~username removed
The invisible / red / blue events are gone completely. Boochi is still around with some tweaks, as mentioned above. :)

Hi, TNT. As you may know, I love to write (I even had a story posted here before). Am I allowed to use Neopets that belong to other users (not just sides) as subjects if I have their permission? ~rabbit_girl_2013
As long as you request and receive their permission prior to writing, then that's just fine. :)

Dear TNT,
I was looking through a user's shop and saw that they had a Gold Mauket. I considered buying it for my 'pet but then decided to see what other Petpets could be painted gold. I went to the Rainbow Pool, only to find that Petpets can't be painted gold. I also looked up the Mauket's colors and there wasn't one in gold, either. How is this possible?!? ~thehotaru21

The Gold Mauket was a special prize from a previous Games Master Challenge. Some Petpet colours exist but are unable to be painted into that colour. Examples include lab ray-only colours, Petpets given out as special prizes or through the Advent Calendar, and Yooyus.

The new Sloth's Invasion Tax / Tax Beast Random Events aren't counting as scores for the High Score Tables. I hate to see trophies retired, so can you guys look into this, please? ~felix_gaeta
This was fixed! Both Tax Beasts, as well as Dr. Sloth, should now be logging correctly for trophy purposes.

TNT, can you please make the Moltara Citizen Gelert Hat non no-trade? You can't put it in shops! Thanks! *gives gelato* ~blessed_faerie
Whoops! That wasn't intended. You may now freely buy and sell these fine hats to Gelert enthusiasts everywhere.

Hi, TNT! ^_____^ Why does the pronunciation guide lady have a British accent? ~melody5697
Neopets was originally founded by two people from Britain, one of whom is the lady you hear in the pronunciation guide. (This is also why we traditionally use British spelling and terms on the site.) If we ever update it, we'll probably fake a British accent just to keep with tradition. *nod*

Hi, TNT. I've had a Cyodrake attached to my 'pet for nearly seven years and, in all that time, no new colours have been released! In fact, the last time a colour was released for them was November of 2005! Please, can we have some love for the Cyodrake? Pirate, faerie, stealthy, royal -- all would be amazing! Thank you. ~rivellangel
For serious? D: That won't do! We'll ask our resident dragon enthusiast to schedule some.

Can we have some feedback about our feedback from the JumpStart / Neopets survey? :'D ~mistyqee
Only if we can get some feedback of our feedback to your feedback.

In all seriousness, there were tons of responses and we're still combing through everything. Many people wrote novels in the open-ended question -- you guys are awesome, by the way -- so we have to read all of those and break everything down manually. (Which we don't mind! It's just that it takes time.) Also, keep in mind that we plan content in advance and we're going through a transition at the moment, so things may not happen right away. The good news is that some of the things mentioned the most were things that we were already working on (like the rules revamp, as one specific example), so we do have a bit of a head start! Woot!

Do you ever have sympathy for those who were not in their right mind when making their account? I mean, really, my username. It's sad. :( ~firegurl_866
We flash back to all of our past usernames and cry along with you. *group hug*

I've gotten the Random Event that gives you 20% off at the Hidden Tower. However, when I went to peruse the selection, I noted that the discount it showed was only 10% off. I'm confused as to if it is, indeed, supposed to be 20% off or the 10% that is coded. ~silver_digital_wings
The Random Event had the wrong text. 10% is the correct number.

Hello! I just got a Random Event that gave me a discount coupon for the Hidden Tower (I'm super excited!), but I was wondering if the coupon will last after today? There wasn't any time limit stated in the Random Event, but I don't want to lose it if it's a one-day-only thing. Thank you. :) ~hollister22_09
The coupon is good for one purchase and it doesn't expire. It's there until you use it!

And she thought the 3% discount days were crazy...

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