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One user in your last Editorial asked about the lack of different Flishy colors, and later on that day I snagged a Sproing. After checking the Rainbow Pool, I discovered that they don't have any colors, either! Is there any way that your Content Department could help these little fellas out? They deserve rad colors, too! ~catherinedupree
*singsongs* Oooh, Coooontent Depaaartment!

If one were to theoretically purchase a Love is a Battlefield Mystery Capsule from the NC Mall on Valentine's Day, would one have a better chance at receiving one of the bonus items? If not, where is the love, I ask you! :P ~msparadox
We have plenty of love, but the odds of receiving a bonus item remain the same, regardless of the date.

Why is Cold Apple Cider considered a Spooky Food? It seems rather harmless to me. ~kissy_08
That's because you're not a sentient apple from the Haunted Woods.

All right, TNT. You're all such secretive ninja folk, it's really hard to get past your stealth mode and get a solid answer. Y'all know the rumors around about how you "hate" unconverted Neopets being traded and sought after, and how you want to get rid of UCs for good. I'd just like to quell this rumor and put it to rest. Thanks so much, guys! ~tropicle_slushey
What we want to do and what we will do can be entirely different things sometimes. UCs are very troublesome for us. They're like our IE 8 or Windows '98. Yes, they were great in their time, but they're a relic to us now, and we no longer support them, even if they remain popular.

Heya, TNT! I was going back through the old Editorials and rediscovered the creation of mr.coconut. It made me lol all over again! So... I think you should go through and choose some captions from the Caption Contest at random again. You know you want to. ;) ~windish1234
You asked for it, here are five randomly selected captions from #1342. Please read at your own risk:

RUNNNN!!!!! ... and don't slip.

That bird is as cold as an uncooked Thanksgiving turkey.

Don't blink.
Blink and you're dead.
Don't turn your back.
Don't look away.
And don't blink.
Good Luck.

HISSSS, never give out your password!


Now multiply that by thousands.

Hey TNT, I was wondering if you could help some of us Battle Magic regulars and r99 collectors out by telling us if the following items were ever released. They're all searchable on the Shop Wizard, but none seem to have appeared, thanks! The items in question are: Wand of Asparagus, Superior Battle Plunger, Sword Of Meridell, Squirt Flower, Spatula Wand, Rolling Pin of Slime, Bent Sword, Bowling Ball of Pain, and Grabber. All of these items are supposedly r99, so if they are unreleased or stuck somewhere, please let us know! Many thanks. ~mattiekins1992
Those items are all r101, so r99 collectors have no need to fret. We looked into them, and the Sword of Meridell is apparently an incredibly rare Grumpy King prize. (We'll look into it to see if it's just super rare or broken.) Most of the other items look like abandoned items from both Chia and Lupe Day judging by their filenames. We may release some of the items in the future.

Could you please fix the Lurking Swamp Ghoul? My unconverted Wocky has been waiting to wear it for months; he's allowed to wear every other item categorized as a "background item," so why not the ghoul? Baby, Maraquan, mutant, etc. Neopets also miss out on this awesome item! ~slymasks
We've asked our Art Department to look into this. Let us know if there are other trinket items that should work with UCs / mutants / babies but don't. We've already looked into the Dug Up Dirt Foreground that was also reported, but it is working correctly. If you look closely, you'll see the dirt varies for each species to conform around the body. :)

Hi there, TNT! So, as a way to help me keep them better organized, I was putting some items I have for trade up on a Pet Page when I realized a code wasn't working. The border-radius code doesn't work on Pet Pages, but it does on User Lookups? Is there a specific reason for this? Also, if this question does make the Editorial, if you could remove my username then that would be fantastic! Thank you! ~username removed
We've put in a request with our Programming Department to look into this. :)

As an avid knitter / crocheter, I like to make small plushie figures (amigurumi). They are fun and adorable! So, as a Neopian, I was wondering if any patterns existed to create my own Neopet amigurumi. Sadly, I found none! My question is this: are there none of said patterns because they are against some copyright law, or could I create patterns for others' use (like a drawing tutorial), provided I did not sell them? Thanks for the clarification! ~mediterranean_breeze
At least a few of us here also enjoy amigurumi. :) Well, perhaps "attempted and horribly failed" would be a more accurate description. Comastar tried to make a Neopet. (Don't ask, it wasn't pretty.) Dragona semi-successfully made a dragon, though (gee, what a surprise). Anyway, as long as either the final product or the pattern is for your own personal enjoyment and not sold to anyone, then it's just fine. :)

Can you please end this Editorial with the most awesome Shoyru picture you can find? Pretty please, with Shoyru meatballs on top? Also, my cat says hi! Thank you! ~neofan2561
Here you go! Also, hi neofan2561's cat! We hope you're having a lovely day. What's that? Neofan2561 reads to his Neopets more often than he does to you? FOR SHAME, neofan2561!

So much awesome we should charge for it.


Just a Happy Thought for you guys. I've been playing for about 14 years now, and I have many of the collectibles that you've released. However, one had always eluded me until now. I am the proud owner of the Lord Kass action figure! I found the Werelupe King at the same time! Bonus! I could not be happier! Thank you for all of the good times and for all of the good times to come. ~data_lives

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