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I have a Red Meerca Plushie and what used to be called a Non-Magical Meerca Plushie in my Gallery. They are both now called Red Meerca Plushie. This is the same for green, yellow, and blue Meerca plushies. ~yorkie_80
Ruh-roh. We've changed the name of the r110 ones that used to be known as the non-magical ones. They are now Red Meerca Chase Plushie and so on, according to their colour.

*puts down weapons* Phew! Hey, TNT! I've been out battling like crazy lately, but I'm particularly puzzled by something. I've noticed that these war challengers are using the new faerie abilities quite excessively. Don't the restrictions apply to them? For example, one opponent used the Lens Flare on me at least four times in battle, and sometimes back to back. Is this a glitch? Some of those abilities have "once per battle" restrictions. It seems odd that the members of other factions would have unfair advantages against us law-abiding Neopians. *picks up weapons* Thanks! Off to battle now! ~lu5
Singler-player Battledome challengers have always been able to bend the rules a bit and use weapons and abilities multiple times. They have multiple attacks to choose from, so sometimes you'll get unlucky and they'll spam something. Now, if they do something eight times in a row, either you should go play Kiss the Mortog with that luck, or it's a bug we ought to be looking into.

Rumour has it on the Pound Chat lately that we may soon be able to change the names of our existing Neopets, provided that the new name isn't already taken. Is this true? :o ~fhoto
The "soon" part isn't true, but we do hope to offer this as a paid service in the future if programming and resources allow.

Hi, TNT! I put a Simple Snowflake Cape on my Uni, and it seems that three green and yellow dotted lines have appeared around his abdomen. Why is this? ~shartiku
Whoops! Those lines are what allow different artists to follow the curve of a Neopet's body consistently between clothing items. They're like little guidelines for the artists. :) It looks like someone forgot to remove them before uploading the art. Thanks for letting us know; we'll have it fixed.

What comes first in production: the item name, the image, or its description? I've always wondered. :o ~weedle11
A member of the content team first imagines the item and names it. The item is then created in our database and a decision is made as to which shop it will be sold in. After that's done, the content team describes the item to our artists, who then draw it and upload the image. Once that's complete, the content team looks at the final image and writes a description for it before announcing it in the news and releasing it on the site.

Hello, TNT. I hope you are doing well. I have a quick question: I often submit haiku for the Poetry Contest on Pet Days. When entering them, should the category be Pets or Holidays? I normally post twice, once in each, just to be certain that it is seen. Thank you very much! I hope for an awesome type of haiku reply. :D ~silver_azalea
Pet category
for celebrating Pet Days
or an ode to pets.

For a holiday
like Gadgads or Gormball Day,
you use Holiday.

You know what's crazy? Seeing a lot of super old art on the site and then seeing the most recent. It's crazy to me to see stuff from years and years ago and being able to compare it to now. ~spirit_wind_11213105
Our collective drawing skills have improved somewhat over the years.

Or maybe she just learned how to better apply eye shadow?

Dear TNT,
Hypothetically speaking, does it hurt my Neopet when I paint him, or do Neopets like to be painted? I painted my Aisha the alien colour, you see. Sprouting those extra ears might have been unpleasant! ~millyandsugar

It's just food colouring. *gets elbowed by co-workers* Oww! It was a joke! Sheesh. No, being painted is powered by faerie magic and does not hurt Neopets... except maybe mutant. That might hurt a bit. Dr. Sloth isn't as nice as the faeries. In fact, he's not nice at all.

In writing stories, it says to look for items about Neopets for inspiration. I was wondering if writing a story based off one of the Neopian books was allowed. For example, writing the story of Mystery Of The Kougra Paw? ~thelittlestonealive
Yep, by all means! Let us know what happens within the pages of that book. We're all interested to hear the story. :)

Just curious: why wasn't the Grundo Thief from Freaky Factory included in the Thieves Guild? That guy is so obnoxious! ~whereisthelove85
Even the Thieves Guild hates that guy. That Grundo stole Kanrik's favourite plushie when they were younger, and he's never forgiven him for it.

Hi, all! As much as I REALLY like the plot trailers you made for the War for the Obelisk (they're awesome)... I'm slightly concerned. I prefer the amazing plot comics that have been used over the years. You guys aren't going to ditch the comics forever, are you? You went for the trailers because they matched the atmosphere for the story... right? Please leave out my username, thanks. ~username removed
Videos seemed to work great with what was going on, giving a sense of action to it all. Just because we did things differently this time doesn't mean we'll never do things the same again, and we also may experiment with new ways of presenting content in the future as well. We know you guys like to categorise things (like plot / site event / war), but what it is is new content presented to you in a way we think best fits the story.

Hi there, TNT! I was thinking of entering my site into the Site Spotlight when someone told me that hit counters are not allowed. Can you clear this up? Are there certain types of counters that are or aren't allowed on Pet Pages? Also, are we disqualified from the spotlight if we use one? ~antzie
We double-checked with the Site Spotlight judge, who used her power for good and said counters are totally fine.

Will there be a Festival of Neggs this year? Since Easter is early this year, it should be starting soon. ~ogo121087
Neopians are completely unaware of the existence of Easter, so they're unlikely to see the correlation. We assure you, though, that the Festival of Neggs will be celebrated this year. :)

Hey TNT, did you know that it was once my life's goal to be published in the Editorial? c: ~satsugin
We hope you can find something that can trump this glorious moment in your life.

Hi, TNT. I was wondering: if I traded my Forgotten Shore map pieces to my side account, would I be allowed to access that daily on my side account, or is that something that would get me banned? ~bladexg47
You may not participate in any dailies on your side account that give you Neopoints or items. The dailies you can do on your side accounts is zap your Neopets with the lab ray or play Deadly Dice, as these activities don't grant you NP or items. You may visit the Healing Springs to heal your Neopets, though.

Hey TNT, I've got a trick question for ya! So, when the time changes in the U.S. (or worldwide... I'm still not sure of that yet), does the NST change, too? Every time the time changes I keep wanting to ask that, since Neopets is my social life. xD If this is the end of the Editorial, could you include a hilarious picture of a Chomby doing something? ~error4004
Yes, Neopian Standard Time is the same as Pacific Standard Time, so when the time changes for us here, it changes on the site as well.

Sorry, singing Chomby wearing a Santa hat
is the closest we could come to hilarious.


As an old-time player who is growing annoyed at all the complaining I have recently seen on the war board, allow me to thank you for a long-awaited (at least on the part of many Battledomers) war plot. Yes, not everything is perfect, but we live in the real world and perfection isn't going to happen. TNT, you do a wonderful job. Thank you for reminding the BDers that we are not forgotten and that all of our hard effort, time, and the money we have spent in training and weapons is worth it. (please remove my username) ~username removed

Hey, TNT! I'm an old-timer who just got back from a six-year(!) hiatus, and I have to say that this site is just as awesome as when I left it! I missed the Neopets experience, and coming back to it kind of feels like coming home, so thanks so much for creating a world that I still enjoy coming back to. :) ~cosmicfire918
Welcome back. :)

I ran across this on the war board and wonder if you might print it, as it's clearly refreshing. :D It goes as follows: "Just wanted to say to all you BDers, you are awesome! This war is my first experience in the BD and I GET how much effort you all put in getting your Neopets fighting ready, knowing about good weapons, etc., etc. I am slogging away, losing to fill up the bar, and it is dull work. Next time I am going to be ready (training, weapons, abilities). One nice thing, this has shown me what I need to do." ~general_ofthe_north
Wait... was that a happy thought in regard to a happy thought in the Happy Thought section? You know what this means...


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