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Happy birthday, TNT! I have a question: if Neopets turns 13 today, then why are we in Year 14? Did the year count start when Neopets was first created as an idea? ~yautjan
Haha, we get asked this every year around this time! Here's a breakdown of how it works:

November 15th, 1999 - Neopets goes live. It is Y1 of Neopia.
January 1, 2000 - Neopia enters Y2.
November 15th, 2000 - Neopets' 1st birthday.
January 1, 2001 - Neopia enters Y3.
November 15th, 2001 - Neopets' 2nd birthday.

Make sense now? :)

Hi, TNT! I enjoyed the return of the Masks of Dread event just like everyone else, but I was expecting that, when the Apple Bobbing game left the Haunted Faire, you would make the new apple items Jellyneo announced available in the game. However, even though the items appear to be activated (searchable through the Shop Wizard), it doesn't seem that they are being given out yet. What's happened, TNT? Have you forgotten? My apple collector heart is bleeding! Could you please make them available? Meanwhile, maybe a shiny new apple smiley would be a great consolation prize and make me forget the unbearable wait I had to endure. :D Thanks! ~petitehirondelline
Eeeh. Hmm. He should have started handing them out already. We'll go have a talk with him and see what the holdup is.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D To commemorate this event, I got you *drumroll* 13 Meepits!!! *releases Meepits from box* They are so cute and fluffy! ^_^ *watches as they proceed to terrorize everything in sight* 0_0... I'm just gonna... slowly back away now. 0_o *flees, screaming in terror* Random Event: Oh, look! The Meepits have chewed the words "Happy Birthday" into Dragona's socks! ~fantasy_author
Thanks... we think. We got a lot of wonderful birthday messages this week, which we really appreciate! We've added a bunch of them to our happy thoughts section!

Hi, TNT. Firstly, YOU'RE MOUGHBBN. (That's amazing in the language of my people.) BUT, it seems I can't post Dress To Impress links on the boards. :o It would be awesome if you could fix that, because it would make a lot of things easier. DF HKBKHS JG! *thanks you kindly in the language of my people* ~dwpk20
Only Recommended Fan Sites can have links posted on the Neoboards. Certified sites (such as Dress To Impress) may be spoken about, but cannot be linked to directly. Some people have taken to posting the last digits of the URL to show off their customisation, such as, "Check out my DTI customisation! 148044." This is just fine! :)

Allow me to play you the song of my people!

Okay, so I know the Faerie Element Battledome Claw allows us to take Neocash items from our opponent in the one-player challenge battles, but is it possible now for opponents to steal items from us? If so, would it be best to remove customization from a Neopet that we intend to use for battle? Please remove my username, thank you. ~username removed
Faerie Element Battledome Claws do not work that way! No one can "steal" NC items from your Neopets in the Battledome. When you battle, you are rewarded with a specific Neocash wearable; it's not literally "stolen" from anyone, so no need to panic!

Hi, TNT! *hands you a Weewoo* In the support FAQ thing, it says that one-player challengers have their own rules with regard to items. What exactly does this mean? Can they use one-use items more than once or something? ~nucnad_eloop
Yes, like in the old Battledome they can use one-use items multiple times, equip multiple healers, etc. This isn't a glitch, so no need to report it.

Hi, TNT! *throws Drumstick Pies* In the Editorial for issue 570, you said something about taking in wings and all on the Weewoo for how much space a Weewoo takes. The problem I see is that I don't see any wings on the Weewoo. O___O Could you please explain? ~username removed
._. Uhhh... hold on one moment.

*holds hands over monitor and whispers* Psst! Guys, can we say "brainfart" in the Editorial? ... We can? Awesome.

Okay, back! Seems we had a bit of a brainfart, but even with the reduced mass, that amount of Weewooness would still cover every square inch of Neopian atmosphere and then some!

The new "Swift Darkfire Negg Bomb" is extremely overpowered (it is better than the 500,000 NP Honey Potion). Could you please fix this? ~feel_alive
Those Neggs are intended to be single-use, but it seems they're not working properly. We've asked our programmers to look into it.

Hi TNT, I have a curious question for you. How exactly did the Schnelly get its name? Does a staff member have a cat named Schnelly or something? I'm only asking because I think they're kinda cute and dorky looking. :) ~nefarity
The Schnelly is named and based off of the late, but still very beloved cat that belonged to DJ Skellington. He even has a tattoo of her on his arm!

mr. coconut, I must let you know... you have not been forgotten! You will remain in our hearts forever as a symbol of how Neopia used to be! Anyhow, reminiscing aside, could you end this Editorial with a picture of mr. coconut... pretty please, for old times' sake? ~chestnuttiger787
Well, since it IS such a special occasion...



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEOPETS!!! I just have to say, I've been on Neopets for almost 11 years now and it just keeps getting better and better! I'm so proud that Neopets is now 13 years old, and I hope I'll be around to celebrate another 13 years from now. I started playing when I was just 8 years old; now, as a university student, Neopets remains a great way to relax, and it always cheers me up after a stressful day. Thank you for the wonderful work you guys do. All us Neopians appreciate it immensely!! ~erikastefan

Hi, TNT! On 11/14 I celebrated my 7th neoversary, and it got me thinking about how time flies. Thank you for giving me a wonderful 7 years with lots of fun, games, and new friends! Whenever I am happy, there is someone to share the happiness with. Whenever I am sad, there is someone to cheer me up. Whenever I have something to celebrate, I can throw cakes and candy at people, and when I am bored... well, no need to explain there, I think. So, again, thank you! I will be sticking around for a while! ;) ~wabla666

Happy 13th Birthday, TNT!!! I was 13 when I started playing Neopets in 2000. I still remember that day, too. My mom was getting angry because I would not get off the computer to come eat dinner. I couldn't help it, I was getting acquainted with the best online game ever! I still am; thanks to you guys for all the years of hard work, fun, creativity, adventure, and general silliness. You're the best! Well, I'd better go eat dinner; I'm sure it's cold. Oh, and by the way, my mom plays now, too. ;) ~rgorey

Hi, TNT! Neopets and I share the same birthday: November 15. I'm turning 26 this year, and you're turning 13 (You're a teenager, now!). That is EXACTLY half of my life, and I've been here from the very beginning. You guys are awesome. I remember the days before Zafaras, that amazing time when Mystery Island was actually still a mystery to all, and I've been here through plots thick and thin. It's been so much fun watching you evolve into the site you are today. Congratulations, and happy birthday! ~username removed

Dearest, loveliest TNT -- I just wanted to thank you so much for revamping the Battledome. I've always wanted to get into it, but between good BD weapons being insanely expensive, the BD being out of date, and how insanely competitive it is among Neopian users, I never really gave myself the push to start it. Now the Battledome looks great, though! It's much more user-friendly, and I'm excited for more and more people to get into battling! I'm training my BD Neopet as we speak! Thank you so much for finally overhauling the BD! You guys are awesome! ~trixysenred

Dear TNT,
As this week marks both Neopets' 13th birthday and my three-year anniversary as a Neopian, I thought I should take a moment to thank you for the wonderful site you've created and all the hard work all of you put into making Neopets a fun and safe site for all of us. Thank you for the countless hours of fun, for all the things I've learned in my three years on this site, and for giving me a reason to try to improve my writing skills. *hands a Bottle of Love to each and every member of The Neopets Team* ~mystie06

Hey TNT, just want to thank you for being awesome. :) I've just recently graduated from university, earning a degree in IT; more specifically Software Development. I've been playing Neopets for just over half my life now, and you've permanently added the words "spiffy" and "nifty" to my day-to-day vocabulary; you've also taught me the first things I ever knew about HTML and CSS, which led me into the joys of programming. Thanks. :) P.S.: Please update the HTML guide, now that it's mostly redundant, so that future generations can have this same experience! *heart* ~neo_cool_dude12

Hey, TNT! I just wanted to say that the Trading Card Game Frame from the goodie bag is just EPIC on so many levels. It brings back many happy memories of the old TCG cards. :) Anyway, happy 13th birthday, Neopets! ~fyora123123

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