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If we're not supposed to hoard items to drive their prices up, how come there are users with hundreds of codestones in their shops? Clearly they didn't get 500 Vo Codestones from Random Events / Tombola / trading. Are we allowed to report them? ~flawless_victory
Please don't report them. They are doing nothing wrong. You can hoard items all you want. What you may not do, however, is work with other players to inflate or falsify a price.

On a scale of askldfk to 912,009 (askldfk being the lowest), what are the odds of a plot with battling coming around in the next few months? ~soccerboy13542
Approximately around kdfjl294.

This question is for Comastar. With regard to the current Caption Contest, do Grundos taste more like gummy bears or gummy worms? Inquiring minds want to know. Oh, and also, if you do take this question, I just wanna give a shout out to my parents, especially my mom and dad (lol), without whom I wouldn't be able to ask this question. ~ahilele
According to Comastar: "They taste like victory. Sweet, sweet, victory. Buahahahahaha!"

The new helmet that came out simply looks sub-lime! It looks quite a-peel-ing on that Wocky, and I am so glad that Coltzan's Shrine looks a bit more zesty. Keep up the awesome work, TNT! :D ~penguins_are_cool28
Thanks! You're really punny! :D

Does the TNT staff have to earn their avatars, or do you guys just automatically receive them? If they have to be earned: do they have to go to the Avatar Chat and ask to be lent a Super Attack Pea? Also, if it is a wheel / random avatar, do they have to keep spinning and wasting Neopoints until they get it? This has always gone through my mind. If you don't answer, I'll send a pack of Meepits after you. To save myself from you sending some at me (though that would kind of be nice, because they give you quite the NP), could you remove my username, please? Thanks! ~username removed
If you mean on our personal playing accounts, yes, we have to earn things (including avatars) just like you do. Plenty of us are still spinning the Wheel of Knowledge daily. >.< As for our staff accounts, occasionally we need to test things (like avatars) to make sure they work before making them live on the site, so we know for sure they're functioning. That's part of our job. :)

May I have this dance? ~singing_turtles113
Only if we can do the polka.

All these hours training at the disco... wasted!

For the Neopet Spotlight each week, if your entry doesn't get picked, do you have to resubmit it, or is it kept in a large file through which the judges look for the next winner? Thanks. ~secant
No, please don't resubmit unless you've made changes and are sending us an updated version.

The babe with the power. ~101monica101
What power?

Hi TNT, with the new addition of Jellyneo and Sunnyneo being linked to by yourself, I have a question with regard to warnings / suspensions that have previously been incurred by users for talking about these sites. Are they going to be wiped from the users' records, or are they going to stay there? ~kim_dawg
If they were posted prior to us altering the rules to allow for linking to specific fan sites, then the warning is still legitimate, as one would have still been breaking the rules for posting those links at that time.

TNT, remember how you said that it had to be 100% your own coding when you entered the Site Spotlight? (It was in Editorial #554, to be exact.) Since then, I have seen quite a few sites win the Site Spotlight using premade pages, and am quite confused. Did you guys amend this rule? I ask because I have a wonderful guide on NC customizing that I want to submit, but I thought I could not because I used a premade as the base for my layout. :( ~hzoo_26
Now that we've had more time since the reintroduction of the Site Spotlight to see the entries and what's been submitted, we've been talking about this. We came to the conclusion that we would judge future Site Spotlights more heavily on content, rather than a more even mixture of both content and coding. There's a lot of great pages out there with terrific content that we didn't want to disqualify for being based off premade code. Basically, we've decided that we would allow premade code (though, of course, the Petpage itself should also look unique), but such pages will be judged more harshly versus players who coded their pages themselves. We feel that it's a fair compromise for all you creative types out there. :)

Have you ever entertained the thought that we, in fact, are the crazy ones, and that Dragona is the only truly sane person in the entire universe? ~xx_purple_cybunny_xx
Well, there's a terrifying notion...

Hi, TNT! Up until this point I thought that it was only possible to have one entry (whether it be comic, short story, article, or part of a series) per issue of The Neopian Times. Recently, though, there was a person (I won't name who) that actually had two entries accepted into a single issue. Was this simply caused by human error, or is it actually a possible (albeit rare) occurrence? Thanks! ~moocowalex
Woops! Apparently our Robot Weewoos that are responsible for catching such things had a bit of a malfunction. That doesn't usually happen, as we prefer that a player is only accepted once per week into The Neopian Times. *trundles off to recalibrate the Robot Weewoos*

End this Editorial with talking jelly! ~34pizza58

My name is Bob the Talking Jelly.
Pleased to meet you.

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