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TNT, please stop releasing new colors. You have tons of Neopets who cannot yet be painted in your existing colors -- focus your artists on these before releasing yet another new color. Thank you. ~pheekz
While we understand your point of view, please understand that for the sake of variety, we don't want to completely finish off a colour before adding a new one. That way there's always a surprise around the corner, and not a solid year of swamp gas painted Neopets.

As for the Eventide Paint Brush, it was born more out of necessity. Some players may notice that, on Neopet days, we typically release one complex and one simple colour (you guys often call these "colourfills") for each species. For the Aisha, we had completely run out of simple colours, and therefore needed to create a new colourfill paint brush, which is what eventide is. Eventide falls into the simple (white / shadow / orange, etc.) pool of colours, and will not take the spot of the more complex colours (maractite / transparent / water, etc.)

Hey TNT, that new eventide colour is very nice. I noticed, however, that when you revealed the eventide Aisha in the news it didn't have the Aisha's signature collar on. Is this intentional, or did someone goof? ~pikakeet
Goof? We don't goof! Okay, yeah, we goofed... but we managed to fix it quickly! Eventide Aishas now come with collars, and those that had already been painted prior that have had the collar sent to their account.

Welcome back TNT, and I hope you all had an amazing holiday break. I just wanted to say thanks for the most beautiful paint brush (eventide). I can't wait to get one. Thank you for the amazing gifts over the Christmas period. Looking forward to a great 2012 on Neopets. ~deemid
Aww, shucks. Thank you! :) We missed you guys, too.

*obligatory inquiry over whether eventide is available from the Lab Ray or not* ~blueys45
*obligatory response that it is available through the Lab Ray and extraneous information that it is also available from the Rainbow Pool*

Okay, so the third was Aisha Day and I was uber excited because I have two Aishas on two different accounts. I was just wondering if you can obtain the free training on both the accounts for the Neopets? Also, can you obtain the free training for a Neopet on a side account when their Neopet day approaches? Thank you! ~groovyjenny
All Neopets, regardless of what account they're on, are more than welcome to celebrate their special day with free training. :)

My neighbor bet me five dollars this wouldn't make it into the Editorial! :D ~blue_cow
Don't say we never did anything for you. ;D

Don't spend it all in one place.
Unless that place is the NC Mall. Then you can spend it all there. We don't mind.

Hey, TNT. *throws cheese* I've only just noticed that, when you look on my island Bruce Cibe's lookup, the word "Island" is in a peachy colour... is that normal, or am I going crazy? ~bl222
When we released the Eventide Paint Brush we realised that the functionality that makes the paint brush colour word reflect its color stopped working at some point. We fixed it, and that's what you're now seeing. Older players may recall that's how it always used to be.

Where could I find the Faeries' Ruin plot? I'd like to re-read it because it's so SKY-FALLING EPIC! ~manny_beats
Unless Hanso somehow ran off with it, you should be able to find it right here.

I can't seem to find a Neopian equivalent for airplanes. I was wondering: if we're writing a story, can we involve planes in certain scenarios like this? Two Neopets that need to go to Faerieland and can't swim (as they are a Poogle and Xweetok) require some kind of transportation to take them. It's not an adventure story, so I didn't want an Eyrie or anything to get them there. So, could I have a plane in my story? ~lopsided_fool1
It's best to avoid fancier technology if you can, as Neopets is based in a pre-industrial period (minus the Virtupets Space Station of course). If there's no Uni taxi service in the area, we imagine a hot air balloon would do the trick! :) Feel free to be creative!

Say User A lends an item to User B, and User B supplies User A with an appropriate amount of collateral. While User B uses the lent item, a Random Event happens and destroys the lent item. This is not User B's fault, so does User A still have to return the collateral? Please leave out my username in case this question sounds stupid. I don't want to look stupid. That would be bad. ~username removed
Not a stupid question at all! Basically, however, that is just the reason why some people require collateral in the first place. If you've offered up collateral for something, and that thing goes missing as the result of a Random Event, then the person that has the collateral can keep it to help compensate them for their loss. Collateral is not sufficient compensation if you steal the item or decide to pretend it was a "trade," though. In that case, it would be considered scamming and your account would be frozen.

Could you please end this Editorial with a big, pretty fireworks image to bring the New Year in RIGHT! ~baconphilia
Feel free to add your own sound effects. We know we did!



Dear Neopets,
I am now in my mid-20's and male. I've been playing this game since December 12th, 1999. That's more than 12 years. It's been a long time and I have to say... I grew up on Neopets. I am not ashamed of this fact. Don't get me wrong, I had a good life outside of the website, but this place raised me. I learned coding, art, economics, social skills, and even developed a certain humor that my real-life friends quite enjoy. I have to say that almost everything about me was inspired by your website. It's hard to believe that I have spent nearly half of my life on here. I'd like to spend a whole lot more, too. It's really quite something to come back after a break and find a whole new set of people on here seeing the website with new eyes the same way I saw it so long ago. Anyway, thank you for having a huge part in who and what I am today. ~caravaggio

Hey, TNT! *tackles with a ginormous, squeezing-your-eyeballs-out-type-death hug* :D So, I was just reading the issue about the NC Mall and all of the users who were spamming you guys with outraged messages about how they detest and loathe the site and the changes you were making with regard to the NC Mall and I just want to say: YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. I can't tell you how many sites I've joined in the past that give users the option to buy the site's currency with real money. I can easily say I was one of the poorest people there. Here, though, I can easily get as much money as I want and rest assured that everyone else has to work just as hard as I do. I LOVE THAT about Neopets. I just felt like you guys don't get enough credit about the stuff you're doing. You guys are AMAZING when it comes to the happiness of your users. Even if you don't publish this, I just felt like you guys should be informed that YOU'RE AMAZING AND AWESOME AND DON'T EVER STOP BEING AWESOME! That is all. :) ~sheela709

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