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Hey, TNT! When you're submitting an entry for the User Lookup of the Week, does it have to be made with a certain web browser? I've been wondering this because some User Lookups only work in a certain browser, so the judges might not see it the way it's meant to be seen. Thanks if you answer this! ~apiaceae
They should work in as many browsers as possible, and at least in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Heya, TNT. I was kinda wondering about something. I'm pretty sure you guys said that we wouldn't be held accountable if we found a codestone on the ground while exploring the vast reaches of Neopia, but what exactly are we allowed to do with the Neopoints, map pieces, and books that come from Random Events? We can't sell them or anything, but can we use them, or send them to our main account for use, or do they just kinda have to rot for years in our Safety Deposit Boxes? ~praetor_tomalack
If you find an item via a Random Event on your side account, then you're welcome to send it to your main account and sell it. Or, if you would like to use it on your side account -- for example, if it's food you could feed it to your Neopet, or if it's a book you could read it to your Neopet, or if it's a codestone you could train your Neopet on that account -- then that would be okay. :)

Hi, TNT! I know this isn't a very timely question, but could you make it so that the Emo avatar doesn't go away if you change your shopkeeper? I always view my shop after pricing items to make sure they look right, and I don't want the Emo avatar to jump to the end of my avatar list. o__o I'm bored of looking at that emo Usuki thing on my User Lookup every day, though! ~username removed
You have to be truly dedicated to your emo-ness to keep the avatar. Also, think of the poor Usuki.

*pokes* So, I've been wondering (along with numerous others, I'm sure): where does a Moehog Skull actually come from? Can you really get them from a Pustravaganza or Rotting Riches Scratchcard, and if so are they still obtainable? Please remove my username. ~username removed
It is possible to get a Moehog Skull from any of the Haunted Woods scratchcards, however this happens VERY rarely.

Howdy! (: Well, I was wondering, because I've been off Neopets for a while (sorry)... what is the story behind mr.coconut? Or, at least, where can I find it? I'm getting no results when I search. D: Also, why does he always say "GOOD NIGHT!"? Oh, and I've also been wanting to know what silencing actually is when one is on the Neoboards. Like, is it permanent and whatnot? *hands a bucket full of love* I hope my obsequious behavior will get my questions answered... (: ~xmslice
mr.coconut's origin began in Editorial #442. As far as silencing, it's just that: having your account silenced due to chat-related rule breaking. It can be temporary or permanent, depending on the severity of the infraction, and works just like the warning and suspension system does.

*throws the new Maractite Paint Brush at you* So, a bunch of Neopians had a nice little chat and were wondering: how you actually say the word "Maractite"? Personally, I thought it was "Maracite" this whole time. xD ~blue_dude5000
You pronounce it mar-ahk-tite.

By the Power of Maractite!

TNT, please help me! I have a Habitarium and it shows on my User Lookup. How do I make it go away from there? Is there an option? If not, can you make one? ~silkiesthotdog
This box works the same way that the Neohomes box works. If you want it hidden you can use code to hide it on your own.

Hey there, TNT! I have a really super special awesome important question for you. My friends and I have been playing the new Habitarium (super cute!), but... something has come up: what is the plural of Mootix? Is it similar to matrix / matrices (i.e. Mootices?), or is it more like sheep, and simply Mootix? Or, is it something entirely random that doesn't even have a "moo" in it? Thanks! ~wanderinthoughtz
The plural of Mootix is Mootix. Nice and simple. :)

Hi, TNT! *throws giant jelly filled doughnuts and asparagus* :) I was traveling around Neopia and reading the various descriptions for the lands. While doing so, I saw the one for the Haunted Woods, which said "beware the beast that lurks behind the tree...." What does that mean? I clicked on every tree and even looked it up, yet I found nothing. Wassup with dat? P.S.: How do Lupes wear black? ~hungrywolfy
We wrote a Neopedia about what lurks behind the tree. We suggest you read it in a brightly lit room if you're skittish.

P.S.: By purchasing black clothing at the store, we imagine.

*throws an Invisible Negg* Quick question! Are we allowed to do (non-faerie) quests -- such as those for the Kitchen Quest and Edna -- on a side account, assuming that all Neopoints to finish said quests come from our main accounts? ~tiffymew
No, as those quests reward items / Neopoints. Please only do those quests on your main account.

Hello, TNT! *throws a holographic cake* I have a question about the Habitarium. I was arguing with another user as to whether the Habitarium is for those aged thirteen years or older. I disagree. Can you settle this argument by answering if the Habitarium is available for all, or just those 13+? ~fantasmicdragon
Neopets players of any age can enjoy the Habitarium, and they do... don't you think so, mr.coconut?


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