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Hey, TNT! *hands a biscuit, NOT cookie* Are we allowed to use actual clay models and figures (instead of drawings) for making a comic? Please, please say yes. I've already started! ~anhong_12
Absolutely! We can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

Last week you mentioned collaboration credit. Could you explain some more about that? I (and a couple of friends) have been wondering about it. One main question is: if it's a collaboration, then who gets a trophy? Both? The person who posts it? Don't leave me in the dark any longer! D: ~golden_power3
Both players that participated will receive a trophy for their joint effort. :)

Let's say I have a green Kougra up for trade. I am looking to get amazing offers, however, because he is holding an unzapped Meowclops. Am I in the wrong for advertising a basic Neopet with a multi-million Neopoint Petpet that also gives an avatar? ~[username removed]
Yes. You are plainly attempting to trade an item for a Neopet, which is not allowed. If what you want is an expensive Neopet, then we suggest you sell the Meowclops for Neopoints and purchase the appropriate morphing potion and paint brush for the Neopet you desire, or use the funds to create a Neopet that can be traded for the Neopet you want.

Hello, O great TNT! I was just curious: do you guys sit up there in your Meepit-proof offices and wonder what in the world Neopians are talking about sometimes? The latest term I have heard is DUCKS (Draiks, UnConverted, Krawks), on the Pound Chat when trading a higher level Neopet. I just wonder what you guys do when Neopians randomly invent a new word? :) ~bama_girl12
We generally rub our temples and make a mental note of it. Our only choice is to try and keep up; we know you guys love your acronyms. ;) (Also, we WISH our offices were Meepit-proof. ;_;)

So, we all know that there are staff accounts. I saw one staffer's account and noticed she had the Sutek avatar active. When I went to go see her score, though, I noticed that she didn't have any games played! Do you guys just decide to give your account an avatar if you want it instead of actually obtaining it the way we have to? ~sacados
Nope. There is no magic button to give ourselves avatars or make up fake game scores. Staff accounts are often used to test site features before they go live, so sometimes you'll see wacky things going on with them. Staff accounts are meant to help us test the site; they are not set up to play the site. We use our own personal accounts to play, and need to earn things as any player does. :)

Hey, TNT. *gives you a flashlight for no apparent reason* I'm sorry that I can't recall which one it was, but in a past Editorial I noticed that you removed the username of someone who didn't ask for their username to be removed, and in their question I couldn't find any good reason for it to have been removed. Why do you do that sometimes? (If this makes it in, I bet you'll remove my username, lol.) :) ~jhudoras_puppet
Ha, looks like you lost that bet! What did we win? :D Anyway, there's multiple reasons. Sometimes people even ask that we remove their request to remove their username. Yes, it's strange, but some people do it. Other times we remove the username because we're concerned that the player might be harassed over the question. Finally, as in the case a few questions up, we removed the username so that players don't Neomail the person wanting to trade a Neopet for the hypothetical green Kougra and its Petpet.

Thanks for the flashlight? o.O

I've figured out when the guard falls asleep on my account. I don't have a new Neopet to paint every week, though. I've been wondering whether it is okay to transfer other people's Neopets to my account and paint them magma for them. I've already asked on the Neoboards and some people think it's okay. Please remove my username. ~username removed
We suppose it's alright, but you may not ask for any compensation for your assistance. You can only do it for free as a good deed, and must politely refuse any gifts they may offer in gratitude. As always, players should be very selective and cautious of who they lend their Neopets to.

Hey TNT! I see a lot of people censor swear words with smilies on the Neoboards. I was wondering: while I'm sure you don't approve of this, do you punish people for it? Although the intention is there, TECHNICALLY they're not saying anything inappropriate. My friends were confused about this too, so I just wanted to clarify the legality of it. Also, could you remove my username? Thanks! ~username removed
We go by the spirit of the rule, not technicalities. "Technically" you could make a very profane sentence but change the first letter of each word. "Technically" you're not really posting a bad word, just something that sounds really similar... well, that's not gonna fly. If you're clearly trying to circumvent the rules to say something you shouldn't be saying on our boards, then don't be surprised when you receive a warning.

Dear TNT,
Hi! Please answer this question, as it's got me worried. I've just gotten a secondhand copy of the hand-held console game Neopets Puzzle Adventure. The game data has been wiped. Now, this game gives out Rare Item Codes as you progress through the game, so will I be able to use those codes, or will they show up in your system as having already been redeemed? I wouldn't want to get into trouble with Lawyerbot! Please answer this question; I can't be the only Neopian with this issue. ~moneyfairy304

Oh, good question! We talked to our merchandise expert, and she had this to say:

"Yes, the user will be able to get codes. Codes are generated per DS system, not per game cartridge. That means users can buy used copies for their own systems and get unique codes. However, if they have a sibling that tries to use the same DS system, the sibling will not be able to get a unique set of codes. This is also true for the Wii version."

Sounds like good news for you. :D Enjoy!

Hi, TNT! *throws tasty treats in your general direction* Since there is an ongoing account purge, does that mean there is a slim chance Super Attack Peas and other cove items may restock in the Smuggler's Cove once again if they were owned on a purged account? *awaits answer in anticipation of a dubloon shopping spree* ~akabob77
Apparently this is the rumour that would not die. If a Smuggler's Cove item is deleted, frozen, purged, or gets eaten by your cat, it will not cause a new one to restock in the cove. It will just go *poof* out of existence like any other item.

Hi, TNT. I just wanted to ask you something. I was on the guild boards and saw somebody had a guild that was only available to users who are 21 or older, and it had been made private. I'm guessing they don't talk about inappropriate stuff or religion or politics, because it would have been deleted by now, but is this allowed? ~usb_mouse
Private guilds are welcome to limit their invitations to whomever they choose. There are actually quite a few adult guilds in Neopia, but they are held to the same chat rules as any other users. As long as the guilds aren't religion / politics / race-themed or something along those lines, we don't have an issue with membership restrictions (provided they follow site rules).

Hello, TNT! For the new Spaced-themed stuff in the NC Mall (which looks awesome, by the way), I couldn't help but notice that the Spaced Jet Pack is propelled by... propellers. Now, if I remember correctly, a propeller works by using the "kickback" from the resistance of the air (or water, if underwater) to move whatever is being propelled forward. Since there is no air in space, there is nothing for the propellers to use as propulsion. Does this mean that whoever wears a Spaced Jet Pack will be forever adrift in space, unable to escape to safety without someone with rocket propulsion rescuing them? ~nimras23
Uhh... well, erm... *gets handed a note* yes, here we go. "It is a jet pack with decorative propellers." That would, uh... probably work in space, right? Maybe mr.coconut knows for sure. What do you say, mr.coconut?


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