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Hello, TNT! First of all, I'd like to say congrats to all the semi-finalists for the Style Showdown! Second, I'd like to ask you about your process for choosing the Neopets. Do each of the staff members vote on their favorite? Do a few staff members sort through all the entries and pick the best ones? Thanks for answering and please remove my username. =) ~username removed
This round, we believe that one staff member sorted out what they felt were the best entries (of both NC Mall and standard clothing options), and then we had another staff member choose the top 9 from those.

Is it okay to use actual Neopets artwork drawn by The Neopets Team in a comic for The Neopian Times (I gave you guys the credit for the art)? I haven't submitted yet, but I don't want to be frozen if it's not okay, so please tell me. Please remove my username. ~username removed
It's okay to use Neopets artwork in your comic as long as it's a minor part and not the only art present. If you don't want to draw any part of a comic, you can always ask another user to draw it for collaboration credit. And don't worry, we won't freeze you. ;)

Hey, TNT! I was skimming through the Petpet Puddle the other day when I noticed that the Cuttlebot doesn't show up under the list of black Petpets, despite black being its base color. That got me to looking further, and it turns out that (despite being around for many years) the poor Cuttlebot also cannot be painted any other color. Can you please let me know if you have any plans to remedy this sad situation? Thanks! ~wifenomore
Oh yes, we're more than happy to fix that. :) We enjoy getting feedback about new Petpet colours you would like to see, as it helps with our scheduling of new daily content. :) Look for some shiny new Cuttlebots next month.

Hey, TNT! *throws cupcakes* Recently, there has been an outbreak of people sending other users items like Turnip Tonic and telling them that it will heal their Neopet or something (when it really changes the color). There was an incident where somebody sent one user a Vengeful Scroll, hoping she would read it to her unconverted plushie Draik. When she did, the Draik was turned into a pink Lenny. This is against the rules, right? D: ~vemane
If you are lying to a person and telling them an item is for a different purpose than its original intent (in the hopes that they'll fall for a trick), then it is considered a scam. In the case you are referring to, the user contacted the victim and told her that he was sending books to help increase the intelligence of her Neopet. He then hid the colour-changing scroll among a stack of benign books. While we do encourage players to be cautious and generally hold themselves responsible for the loss of their items (or in this case, the colour of their Neopet), we also hold scammers accountable for their actions. In this case, the offender was frozen. There is a line between being malicious and scamming. This player happened to cross that line.

Hi, TNT! *hands around basket of invisible muffins* My Neopets were hungry and wanted a Purple Chia Muffin. When I searched for it on the Shop Wizard, however, it wasn't there! I then checked the Trading Post and the auctions, but there were none there either! Is this item extremely expensive or rare? My Neopets really want to have some of this muffin, so please help! ~maryannestarr
Oh dear, it seems that muffin was an exclusive prize for redeeming a Rare Item Code from a purple Chia plushie (quite a long time ago). We daresay it won't be easy to come by, if any still even exist. We suggest letting your Neopets know that their taste in food is just a little too expensive. Besides, muffins aren't very healthy. Maybe you should give them a carrot instead. :)

I really don't taste good. Honestly!

Hey, TNT! While on the boards today I created a "Ways to get kicked out of Wal-Mart" board. I subsequently received a warning for spamming. I'm not going to dispute the warning, but I wanted to know: if you have a warning, does that effect your chances of getting into site competitions? Then, if you're good for a while, does the warning kinda go *poof*? If this isn't selected, could you Neomail / email me the answer? Please remove my username. ~username removed
Generally speaking, the judge of a competition will only look into an account when they can't decide between two or three entries. Also, we often make our decision based on the player's User Lookup, and will only look through admin if we still can't decide. As further assurance, something as minor as spamming is unlikely to effect your chances getting into a spotlight. Lastly, yes, after a good chunk of time, the warning you received will drop off of your account.

*splits cookie in half and gives 1/2 to you* So, TNT... *munches* *crosses legs, business-like* after visiting the Game Graveyard... *cries for a second* I was wondering: what was the first game EVER in Neopets history? ~kiki_keke_cici
The first tombstone in the Game Graveyard holds our very first Flash game, Techo Says. :)

*Screams at top of my lungs* WHHHHYYYYYYYY WHYYY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE US SUFFER LIKE YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? *cries* Why did you have to make a new avatar with no explanation on how to get it? D:@@@@@@@ Can't you just like give us one lil tiny hint? PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP?!@@@ IF YOU DONT I WILL BE FORCED TO CALL IN THE MEEPITS!!!!!!!!!! im serious.. me and the meepits go WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY back.. *meep* remove username please? and ps seriously hint or attack of the meepits O^O *pants heavily* ~username removed
O_O Uhh... wow. Well, since you feel that strongly about it... we guuuueeeesss we can give you guys a hint. The solution has absolutely nothing to do with items. :) There, enjoy!

Oh great and glorious TNT, as awesome and creative as the NC Mall is, some users (like myself) haven't utilized this feature very much, or at all. Therefore I was wondering: could you make unconverted Neopets available again? I know, I know... they're special and unique and rare, but I also enjoy the old art styles and wish that those pretty Neopets could be available again to those who would spend the time and Neopoints for them. Thanks! ~dietpink
All Neopets are unique and special. :) We still have no plans to make unconverting Neopets an option. Sorry, guys!

Hiya, TNT! I was just wandering around the site when I came across a faerie named Eithne. I was wondering: how do you pronounce her name? Do you pronounce it "Enya" like the Irish Gaelic name, or is it pronounced a completely different way? It's been bothering me for a while now, so thanks! ~elphaba211
We kinda stared at each other for a bit over this one, then agreed that when we had heard it spoken out loud, it was pronounced "eeth-nee."

Hey, TNT! I noticed that you mentioned in your last Editorial that anthro Neopet art would not be accepted [into the Art Gallery]. I was wondering, why? I am an anthro artist and many of my friends are, too (although I have never submitted any art). I don't see why you would block such a large group of people from submitting art. Thanks! Please remove my username. ~username removed
Anthro art that is primarily a Neopet with some human aspects (like, say, how we draw our plot characters) is perfectly fine. Anthro art that is predominantly a human with Neopet aspects is what we don't generally spotlight, as it is more human-themed than Neopet-themed, if that makes sense. :)

Hi, TNT! I would like to take you to task for somehow letting a rumor get out that you will be taking Petpages off the site. Please tell me this is nothing but a rumor, because I would cry if it happened. I promise you, I would cry if you took Petpages off the site. Neopets has helped me learn how to code and design graphics, and I would be forlorn for days if you took away that privilege. ;-; Please take out my username if this gets in, so that no one teases me about being a crybaby. ~username removed
No worries! We've just blocked Petpage editing temporarily while we update some coding. :)

While viewing the archives of the Advent Calendar, I saw something very strange under December 6th of Year Two. It was a Neopet I've never seen before! It looked kind of like a dragon with a mane-type thing. Please tell me what this mystery Neopet is. Thanks. :3 ~mystic9_6
That would be the Tatsu, predecessor of the Eyrie.

HAI, TNT! *tosses a herring* About a week ago, I saw in New Features that you made a Shrubbery customization item that was to be sold in the Toy Shop. Honestly, as soon as I saw the news I knew that I had to have it. After I checked the Toy Shop for the item, I typed "Shrubbery" into the search. The item didn't show up, though. D: HALP. I will dieeee (inside) without that Shrubbery. ~catlit262
Apparently, someone without enough coffee coursing through their veins accidentally switched the rarity and price of the item when they activated it. You'll be happy to know the Shrubbery is no longer rarity 1211 with a price of 80 Neopoints. Huzzah! Looks like mr.coconut is also pleased by this news. We think he wants to say something!


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