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Hi TNT, just checking in with my weekly "Hey, why can't we customize our invisible Neopets?" question. So, why can't we? Thanks again for ignoring my question! Much love, ~concept_of_time
It's because of the way that our customisation system is set up; it doesn't allow for us to show the insides of the clothing. So, if we allowed you to dress up your invisible Neopets, they would have clothes with holes and such in them. As a result, they just wouldn't look very good. : /

Dear TNT, I know you must get this a lot, but are our opponents in the Altador Cup really computer players, or are they players from other teams that are actually playing at the same time? ~pickle131
The opponent you play is a computer AI representing the opposing team. While the notion of playing against someone else does sound fun, it would also bring about other problems, like having to wait for an opponent if you are playing a team with vastly different numbers of players, or people who quit, along with various other situations.

Okay, this is the last question I'm going to ask you guys this week, I promise. You've been ending a significant number of spotlights over the past few weeks. I understand that they've been getting few submissions, but this still worries me -- will this set a precedent for creative spotlights? I know that I would be devastated if, for example, The Neopian Times was taken away. The creative outlets that Neopets provides have always distinguished it from other sites for me, and I'd hate to see that taken away. Just sayin'. ~silent_snow
Don't worry, we don't have any plans to get rid of The Neopian Times or anything. We just needed to do a little cleaning and prioritising. The spotlights we're closing are the ones whose submissions take an extremely long time to sort through, seem to have little user interest, or a combination of both. With more time freed up in the particular departments that handle these competitions, we'll be able to make sure that we can bring you the best of the content we know for certain many people enjoy.

You've stated before that "you can only help your team" during the Altador Cup. Is this ENTIRELY true? If someone does absolutely nothing during the tournament, wouldn't they be hurting the team by bringing down the average score in whatever formula you guys use? Do you disregard scores of people who don't play? This is really bothering me and a million other people! (please leave my name out / enjoy your cookies) ~[username removed]
After asking around about this, we can assure you that even those who do nothing during the tournament don't hurt the team (except that they are not adding to the number of scores made).

If I morphed my Kau into a Krawk, would it still count as a tally for Kaus on the Neopet Popularity page, or would it be counted as a Krawk, even though she was created as a Kau? I'm curious! *throws TNT some Red Vines* ^_^ ~saphireblue3
It would still count as a Kau. Only Neopets that are created are counted on the popularity page. That being said, "created" also includes hatching Draiks from eggs or giving a Krawk Petpet moss to turn it into a Krawk Neopet. Using morphing potions or the Lab Ray and that type of stuff is what doesn't count.

I'm waiting... *sigh* is anyone out there?

Hey there, I was just wondering: can you be frozen for quoting something that somebody said that was against the rules when you're sending in a report to, well, report someone? (Remove my username please!) ~[username removed]
You should never quote anything inappropriate on the boards, but if you are reporting something directly to us through the site report function, then by all means you are allowed to send us what the person posted. We just don't want to see inappropriate stuff re-posted where other players would be subjected to it.

So TNT, I was talking to someone about an issue with a Neopet, and they said that they were talking to a TNT staff member about it through an offline instant messenger. I found this very hard to believe. Anyway, my question is this: would any member of TNT staff ever contact us through an instant messenger, or anywhere else other than through an official e-mail / Neomail? If this gets in, please remove my username. Thanks. ~[username removed]
No, TNT staff will NOT contact you using instant messengers or through non-official means. Unless we are responding to you after you have contacted our support staff, we're not going to email you or ask for information regarding your account. All our warnings and direct communications to you are through Neomail, which we will not ask you to reply to.

Thank you so much for all the great stuff you do for us. That being said, now to my question. This Altador Cup has been a hot topic on the boards recently. I know you have said many times there is nothing we can do to hurt our team, but now many people are saying, "If you cannot score X number of points in a game don't play it!" Now, personally, I play for the fun of playing, and find it rude that people would tell others to not even bother if they aren't high scorers. If we do score lower in games, will that make our team score worse? Is it better not to play if you cannot get a high score? ~kalhana
We would like to encourage all to play games even if they aren't high scorers. The more you play and score the better your team will do!

Hello there, TNT! I was just wondering... once you've used an email address to make five accounts, can you use that same email address to make another account if you deactivate one of the other ones? If you don't answer this in the Editorial, please answer in a Neomail. ~baila456
No, even if the account is deactivated, it still exists within our system. Therefore, you will need to use another email address if you make another account. Please note, also, that an email can actually only be used to sign up for a maximum of four accounts. Additionally, we're sorry, but generally we can't respond to Editorial questions via Neomail. The Editorial is for answering questions publicly, not privately.

Some spotlights are beginning to end. Does that mean the Neopets site is ending too? D: ~jackjack1234
Not at all! Like we said, we're just doing a little spring cleaning of some dated content. Neopets is doing just fine. No worries! :)

While working on a caption for the Caption Contest, I wanted to have one of the Petpets say something, but I didn't know what kind of Petpet it was. Is it okay to put something like "Red Petpet," or do I have to say the actual name of the Petpet? Thanks. ~skippy123__ss
It's much more preferred if you can use the actual name of the Petpet, so if you know how to look that information up, it may be worth the effort. However, if your caption is just super hysterically funny (to our odd sense of humour), then we can forgive a little forgetfulness and insert the name of the Petpet for you before it goes up on the voting page.

Hey, are they referring to me?
Great, now I'm going to be paranoid the rest of the day!

Oh no!!! Did the Neolodge run out of food? All of my Neopets are in there, and will be for the next 3 weeks. Usually they eat so much when they are away that they're bloated when they check out, but instead they are all hungry! Should we be sending care packages? Help! ~fabooliss
It seems that ChronJob, Inc. (the company that supplies the food to the Neolodge) had some delivery issues last week, and as a result there were some very upset Neopets. The Neolodge would like to offer a public apology and assure everyone that their Neopets are now well fed.

Why TNT, for the love of humanity, are you ending all the spotlights? We can still make different game levels and Neoadventure games, right? I've been working on mine for a while, and I didn't really want the spotlight (okay, I kinda did), but I just want to know why you're ending the spotlights for a lot of things? It's enough to cause panic. At least for me it is. ~dragonair623228
You guys are still more than welcome to make new Neoadventures, Mini Golf courses, and Faerie Caves, etc. We're not removing that content from the site -- just removing the competitions related to them, due to the various reasons discussed above.

I perused my Safety Deposit Box after years of neglect and found my old The Astronomy Club, Shiny Astrolabe, and Astronomy Club Membership Badge. Upon trying to find out their worth these days, I saw that neither the Shop Wizard nor the Trading Post has these items. Did they go out of existence? What are they worth if I attempt to sell them? Are mine the only ones to have survived the redraws / renames or something? Please answer me, I'm asploding with curiosity. :3 ~jupitereternalpower
Alas, you'll have to stop daydreaming about buying that fancy Neohome on the beach. Those items are no-trade items, which means they can't leave your account. That's why there are none for sale anywhere. Hopefully you'll find some other hidden gem in your Safety Deposit Box that you can sell to pay for that Neopian cruise.

Hey TNT, I was curious... you never seem to have anything mean said toward you in the Editorial, such as "WHY THE HECK HAVEN'T YOU MADE ME RICH YET?" I was wondering if you edit the questions to make them less rude, or just ignore them completely (as sometimes I know they address important topics, but as they are important they get sent in a number of other times)? ~green_polka_dots
We do very little editing (aside from spelling / grammar) of the questions sent to the Editorial. Surprisingly enough, the vast majority of questions sent to us are fairly polite! We do occasionally get an angry rant about a frozen account or some other matter, but the purpose of the Editorial is to answer questions, not to publish angry letters.

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