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Say me and my friend both buy 20 Neopets lottery tickets every day and when one of us finally wins we split the money. I know this friend well in real life and I am not concerned that he would keep all the money. Some people on the Neoboards said that you guys (TNT) wouldn't approve of it because of the chance that people would keep complaining that the friend didn't give them part of the Neopoints. I got a bunch of different answers and I really want to know if this is okay to do. (please remove my username) ~[username removed]
We'd prefer you just to buy the 20 max lottery tickets each yourselves and give the other only a hearty congratulations if they win. The Neopian Lottery is a single-person game.

'Ello there, TNT! I was just wondering, if someone is using the Emo Usuki avatar on the NeoBoards and they change their shopkeeper and lose it, would the avatar switch back to default or the one they used before the Emo Usuki? ~82jen28
It will revert to the default avatar.

Hi, I'm currently trying to write an article for the best newspaper on Neopets (and not just because it is the only one) and I was wondering if you would pick an article that has good grammar over an article that didn't, like one with a few misspellings or wrong usages of commas. Thanks! ~erinm7
If it's something minor like a couple misspellings and tiny grammar mistakes we'd go with the superior article. If it is plagued with many misspellings and poor grammar and formatting then we'd probably pass on it unless it just blows us away with awesomeness aside from those flaws.

It doesn't seem like certain Neopets get the proper recognition for the Customisation Spotlight... I don't think I've EVER seen a Buzz or a Jetsam win! So why don't you do with the Spotlight like what you do with the Beauty Contest - make a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner for each Neopet species? It seems like it would be much more fair. ~retribus
We'd think the Customisation Spotlight works well with how it is currently set up. Too many winners would take away some of the prestige that comes with winning the Custom Spot. The reason certain species seem under-represented is because basically they are, population-wise. Neopets that have fewer numbers but are coveted by a lot of players (like the Draik) make up for their lack of numbers with their "ooohhh... ahhhh" factor. If you want to see a Buzz and Jetsam get voted to the top, then grab a morphing potion, paint brush, and use your fashion skills to make a spotlight entry that will just blow everyone away. Good luck!

Hmm? What's all the BUZZ about here?

Okay, this has been bugging me FOREVER. Sophie the swamp witch is said to be good, but her TCG card says she's a villain!!! Which is correct? By the way, you all did a great job on the site:) Happy New Year to all of you!!! *cheers* ~cutie123642
Happy New Year! :D Hmm... you know, it really depends on Sophie's mood and your sense of humour to say whether she's a hero or villain. For example, if you think getting turned into a Meowclops or Mortog by an irate witch is funny, then Sophie is probably a hero to you. If not, well... maybe whoever made her card wasn't so thrilled with it.

Hello Neopets team, I am afraid you guys have made an error of sorts because my zombie Meerca has a yellow ear to go along with his hat. Thanks for acknowledging his troubles. ~venarev103
Oh dear. We'll ask the art department to look into that. In the meanwhile, we'll sit on your Meerca's lookup and listen to the music. *twirls*

Hey TNT! Okay, so some people have "moving pictures" on lookups, guilds, etc. They aren't really videos, they are just pictures that have movement, like dancing. Is that allowed? ~akatsukigirl89
We're assuming you mean animated gifs? o.O Yeah, these are just fine as long as the content is appropriate.

What would happen if I named my Feepit "Meepit"? ~annait890
Jelly World would implode into existence.

Hey TNT (: *gives you a piece of pie to get you started* There's been something that's been bothering me for a while. The color of the Lever of Doom is... GREEN. Not saying it's a bad color or anything but it's so... random. I mean, of all colors... green? Anyhow, my main point is that why was the color changed? Does it have to do with the whole "revamping the site" thing? Or is it a sign that the Lever of Doom is easier to get now? Green does mean money after all and maybe you're trying to get us to save some Neopoints... or it could be ENTIRELY opposite and you could be trying to get us to spend more! Thanks for hearing me out! :D ~123pika
*stares* O.O We think you've been over-thinking this a bit. The colour changed because the wall colour was changed when we redid the maps of the station. Why don't you just sit down and relax with a nice cup of eggnog? :)

Mmm... eggnog.

I know that it is very rare for a user to have more than one editorial question answered in the NT, but how does that work? If I sent in another editorial, would the NT editor simply look at my name and say 'Oh, I've already answered her question, I'll delete that' or would you answer the question if it was still relevant/important/useful? ~mistyqee
It's really rare that a single person asks two questions that we want to put into the Editorial, but we think it's happened before. The question is really the important part.

Hi The Neopets Team! I've always wondered if there's going to be any changes in the way we use Petpets? Currently only one Petpet is allowed per Neopet, and given that we can have up to 4 Neoets, wouldn't it be fair for our Neopets to be able to have more than just one Petpet? I don't say this just because I sell Petpets, but also because I would like to have several cool Petpets instead of just four. :) ~diplomatico_
Oh dear. We think your Neopets wouldn't be too happy having to clean up after... *pulls off socks* fourteen... fifteen... SIXTEEN Petpets running around the Neohome. That's just a little too much. We think it's good there's a limit of one per Neopet.

Hi! I was just wondering, is Coconut Shy's coconuts nailed to the pole? If they are, then why do they fall once in a while? I tried about 40 times, and just once I got a 10,000 NP award. ~dlarkdqls
Perhaps the nails wasn't secured enoug-- err, we mean, what kind of lies and slander are you trying to spread about Coconut Shy? We're sure all the carnival attendants at the Deserted Fairground are appalled by such allegations!

Our resident User Lookup of the Week judge kindly requests that you leave room for another trophy in your design when you submit a UL to the competition. We do hate it to spotlight a UL then accidentally flaw the design of it when we grant the trophy. Just an FYI!

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