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Is it against the rules at all to view the image of the next Better Than You challenger before the BTY is actually out? People do that to guess which game will be up, play that game until they get a high score, and then send as soon as it's out. What is the "official" position/thought on this practice? ~sunry
It is okay to practice the game that people guess is the next challenge. Who knows? They might be wrong.

Hey there, TNT. Okay, so... I have a question about the Customisation Spotlight. Say you enter your Neopet into the competition one week and then the Lab Ray / Boochi / whatever changes the Neopet to another colour or species. Is your Neopet withdrawn from the competition, kept in the competition as it was entered, or left in the competition and changed to be whatever it was turned into? This thought occurred to me the other day and I'd really like to know! Thanks. ^_^ ~iamcanadian1428
Your Neopet will continue to appear in the competition as it was when you submitted it into the contest.

Why do you use smileys in almost every one of your Editorial answers? :( ~revamps
Do we? :O

TNT, you've GOT to get rid of those advertisements that drop down onto the page. They're driving me completely INSANE! I can't click on anything without clicking on one of the ads that drop down. Do something before I chew my foot off. :K ~autumn_x_star
Oh dear, please, no chewing off of feet! Goodness knows Dragona does that enough for everyone trying to get at socks. It's quite messy. Ads like that are NOT wanted on Neopets by us any more than you. If you see an ad that is inappropriate or is interfering with your site play by popping up or moving into the center of the window please report it. We'd appreciate it if you could provide all the information you can when reporting a bad ad, such as the source code.

That being said, people chewing off their feet WOULD explain all the
abandoned shoes at the Money Tree...

While wandering the Pound chat as of late, I've noticed several people putting a "10 million NP custom up for adoption." This apparently consists of someone making an application, stating what they would ask the custom maker to create. I'm wondering if this is bending the spirit of the rules a little, in that it's 1.) essentially applying for a Neopet that doesn't exist yet and 2.) pretty much applying for money, even if it is to be a Neopet. Not being an adopter or custom maker, but rather as an impartial observer, I'm curious: is this allowed? ~anjie
This is bending the spirit of the rules. No one should advertise a Neopet that doesn't even exist yet, nor should they advertise an application that even resembles a competition and/or sale.

What will happen to the customisation clothes on your Neopet when Boochi zaps one of your Neopets into a baby? Will the clothes disappear? Do they go back to your closet or inventory? Thanks! *hands TNT cupcakes* ~invaderchelsea
The clothing will return to your closet.

Do you realize that some people cheat a little by asking multiple questions in the Editorial? ~stars_of_fyre
We've noticed that. *shakes fist* Occasionally we'll answer a two for one, but sometimes we'll also cut the extra question off.

It is possible to delete all the books that your Neopet has read? My Neopet has only read about 7 or so books but I had planned to increase his intelligence without the use the books (that can actually happen -- Faerie Crossword and whatnot). ~petitebrise
Interesting idea, but there is no way to delete read books at this time, and we aren't planning to change that. Good luck, though... if you want to use a different Neopet, then we suggest starting with a Grundo because they naturally begin with a lower intelligence than most Neopets. Don't let that fool you, though. A lot of Neopia's greatest minds are Grundos!

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE TNT... confirm that "831 days since the avatar was released..." has nothing to do with the Bonju avatar! I mean, it obviously can't. o.0 Why must you keep mentioning things and getting people all worked up? It's driving me insane how people look for every little detail and think, "They mentioned it's been 831 days since the avatar was released! It MUST be a clue!" How can it be a clue? It hadn't been 831 days when you first introduced the avatar to us on the news page. I cannot stand this madness anymore. At least confirm that 831 days has nothing to do with the avatar. ~xmakemesmile

Have you ever considered letting us use two avatars at a time? :) Just think of all the possible combinations! ~dawnofthemorrow
Nope. And yeah, that would be a lot of combinations. Still... no.

Hey, TNT!!! *throws a ridiculous amount of cookies*. Thanks for making Neopets so great! Anyway, I noticed you can send your score five times now. Is this a glitch or have you decided to honor us with the choice to send our scores two more times a day? Thank you! ~pippa6200
During the week-long celebration of Neopets' birthday we allow players to send Flash games scores 5 times a day. This will end after the week is over though, so enjoy it while it lasts!


This sounds complicated, and hard to do, so be forewarned if you don't fully understand what I am saying. I adore the way you make safe Neopet trading among accounts easy with your new "transfer" options, whether you're a trader or just moving the Neopets on your account. Still, I've seen a few scams going around (though not nearly as many as there were). Could you request a Neopet from a certain account, but trade it to a different account? Of course, the person accepting the Neopet would have to agree to have the trade done on both accounts, so that you are giving Neopet "A" to user "1," but are receiving pet "B" from user "2." If this wouldn't work out, I would like an explanation (servers couldn't handle it, people still getting scammed). I just want to help people not get scammed out of their Neopets anymore. ~fridayed
No matter what, people are going to find the oddest ways of transferring and trading Neopets, and we don't think there's a good way to build a simple-to-use system that can handle all the strange possibilities you players come up with. Please either use the system in the way we have it worked out, or be very cautious and decide if it's worth the risk using other methods.

Dear TNT, are the Customization Spotlight winners judged solely by the 1 through 10 rating scale, or does the 5 star rating system on a Neopet's lookup influence their score? Also, are all the Neopets entered circulated evenly when rating? Just a few questions I've not found the answer to. THANK YOU! *gives cookie* ~humboldtz
The five star rating system on Neopet lookups has no influence in the contest or on any other part of the site. Additionally, yes, all Neopets are circulated evenly during the voting process. We set it up so it's quite fair. :)

Me and some other users were Neomailed with a message that, if we clicked on a link, you guys would give us 2,000 Neocash. I did it and nothing happened. Is this a scam? By the way, I guess her account is frozen. ~digipuffin1022
We think the fact that the account is frozen should be a good clue. If we're having a Neocash giveaway it's certainly not going to be $20's worth, and we're definitely not going to send a Neomail asking you to go to an offsite link to acquire it. Neopets will never, ever contact you asking you to go offsite. Do NOT fall for these types of scams. It's your duty to protect your account and your Neopets. Please don't let them down by making a foolish mistake based upon greed. There are no ways to get twenty paint brushes for giving someone your password. There are no "Neopoint generators." There are no links on obscure websites that will give you Neocash. These are all scams, and visiting such sites can also cause your computer to become infected with malicious programs.

Hi TNT! I have a Neopet on a side account wearing the Ficus Tree. Originally, the item worked as both a Neohome and customisation item, and it looked great in both. Will I get in trouble if I leave the Ficus Tree on my Neopet? =( If so I will remove it. ~magicpinball
Not at all! Actually, we'd like to make an addendum to last week's Editorial. It seems the Ficus Tree was meant to be both a Neohome and customisation item, and should now be working properly again as both. Huzzah!

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