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Okay TNT, I've been wondering - can we have b-days for our Neopets? My Gelert's turning 2 years, and I wanna celebrate this special occasion. Also, where do the Neopoints that we users spend in the main shops that you guys run go? I have never been entered in an Editorial and I am starting to lose hope. ~plusle293
You're more than welcome to celebrate your Neopets' birthdays. Just remember that parties are not allowed. ;) Donating to the Money Tree or erecting a special Petpage to celebrate seems like a great way to honour your Neopets' birthdays, and we're sure you'll come up with a better idea. As for your other question, the NP spent in the main shops go "poof" in an effort to remove NP from the economy and slow inflation.

Heya TNT! So I put up a thing that says to get graphics, go to my site at whatever site it was. A few hours later I got a warning from you guys telling me to take it down or something, so I took it down. Then I clicked on someone else's Petpage (we'll call her Bob) and they had the same thing! Only it was to her site, and she hasn't been taken down! Why should I have to take it down if they don't? Personally I don't think that is very fair. My site is a Neopets fan site, so like you have said before, we can put the link with spaces in and such. Although mine was a freewebs one. Are those not allowed, too? Thanks TNT and please remove my username. ~[removed]
First of all, NO outside links are allowed, period. We only stated that we sometimes let links on ULs/Petpages/Etc slide when they are to well-known and historically trouble-free fansites since that's the truth, but that doesn't mean it's not against the rules. Links on the chat boards are not allowed at all, regardless of the site. (Everyone, please read those previous sentences very carefully and consider what we mean. We're trying to be nice and give you guys a break with the strict rules, but if all it's causing is confusion we'll just have to remove all links.) Freewebs sites in particular are among those that are at the very top of our warning list. This is because freewebs has historically been used and abused by scammers and are not tolerated at all, regardless of the content of the site. We're just not going to risk it. Perhaps your site can be placed on Petpages? As far as the other site, you didn't leave the username, so we can't say why it is or isn't down. Often others' sites are known to be benign enough that a monitor prefers to focus on larger matters at hand, or perhaps it was just never reported. Also, (and this goes for just about all warnings and stuff) please consider this scenario:

Think of a monitor as a teacher of a class with thousands of students. Billy is picking his nose and gets reprimanded, while on the other side of the classroom Bobby is cheating off of Sally's homework and gets off scot-free. While Billy may feel it was silly of him to be warned while Bobby is doing something much worse, nose picking still isn't allowed, and Bobby's poor behavior simply wasn't spotted by the teacher at that time. Eventually we're sure Bobby will get sent to the principal for his bad deeds, but every bad action simply can't be spotted by the teacher at all times.

Stop picking your nose! *whap*

TNT, you know you guys rock *throws rock*, and we all know that you work extremely hard to keep this site up and running. And I know that you are a little behind with all the new changes, but I want to ask you if you could answer this question with even a simple yes or no. Are you ever going to continue making the old images of Neopets? I, and many other people who like making graphics, need the old images to make some graphics. And it gets sort of boring seeing no new colored Neopets on the graphics. Thanks for taking the time to read this! ~puffelsbones
Sorry, but we have no intention of making images of Neopets that were released before customisation. Perhaps you can screenshot the newer Neopets and give them a bit of an edit for your graphics?

Hey TNT! You rock! I have a question about the exciting new Neocards. Will you ever make a five dollar card, for people who get cheap allowances or for those who don't want to spend all of their money on them? (Please don't put my username on here.) Thanks! Again, you guys rock. =P ~[removed]
There are currently no plans to have a Neocash Card for $5. :( Since they are real cards that have to be manufactured and sold in stores, $5 is a bit too low. You can buy $5 worth of Neocash using the links in the NC Mall, though!

Hey. Well, I was just wondering... if you have a Petpet and zap it, and as a result get a Petpet that's good for an avatar, is the date when you first attached the Petpet what matters, or is it the date when the Petpet got zapped that counts? Please answer this. Thanks! ~_starryeyedlove_
It goes by the date when you originally attached the Petpet. And there was much rejoicing. Yay!

How can a Neopet not be born yet? ~muddymonster
Neopets that you look up and their description says, "Not born yet!" are Neopets that were created but not assigned stats by the owner. Basically, the owner chose a name and species, but didn't finish the rest of the Create-A-Pet process. That no longer happens, since we changed the process a while ago. However, the creation and stat pages used to be separate, and if a player deviated away before selecting their Neopet's stats, the Neopet was left in a sort of limbo.

Hello there! I was wondering… do the artists that draw the images for Neopets use a graphic tablet? If so, what kind do they use? I'm thinking about getting one for myself but they're so expensive and I don't have much money in the bank (but I'm saving up!). Thanks for the help! ~merchandisingactive
Yep, our artists use Wacom graphic tablets, though the size and type vary. Even several of us non-artist TNT members use graphic tablets to fend off aches and pains from using a mouse too much.

No, not this kind of tablet.

Hello. This is purusu. Who is this? ~purusu
This is your friendly anonymous staff member. Hello!

Hi there. I have a question. Is there a Random Event that can do something horrible to one of your Petpets? Like, for example, turn them into sludge? I've been wondering this for a while. Thanks in advance. ~julymarortiz5109
No, there are currently no Random Events that harm Petpets. Right now only the Turmaculus and Petpet Lab Ray can destroy or sludge Petpets.

So, I was playing NQ2 the other day and noticed that one of the NPCs named his very big sword Vera. This seems to me (and to a bunch of other players) to be a reference to Jayne's favorite gun from the TV series Firefly. But, according to our sources, NQ2 came out before Firefly. Please, please help clear this up for us. Are you sneaking your love of that show into the game (aside from the Amulet of Inevitable Betrayal and the Hoban avatar)? ~imdaqt
NQ2 came out in January of 2004, while Firefly aired in the fall of 2002, so your sources are quite a ways off. :) Vera is indeed a reference to Jayne's favourite gun in one of the greatest TV series ever created - Firefly! Although, our references are secret nods to fellow fans. We're not supposed to confirm them so don't tell anyone!

I've seen lots of furniture angled but cannot figure out how it's done. Does it have to do with the age of your account? ~angel61546
Nope. Simply hold down the shift key while rotating the furniture. ;)

Dear TNT, I have this burning question and I would love to hear from you. My question is this: could you please tell me why the Super Shop Wizard is time regulated? I honestly feel that it should be unlimited searches if you are a premium user. Do we not pay for that luxury as well? *crosses fingers in hopes this question makes it through* ~grabbyhaystacks
It's limited for exactly the same reason that the standard Shop Wizard is limited - to reduce abuse and bring balance to the force. Erm, game. No one can deny that the SSW is a pretty nifty tool, but just because you're premium doesn't mean you should be allowed to have a huge, unbalanced advantage over your fellow non-premium users. Also, there are cheaters on premium, too. Why? We have no idea. But trust us. Just because someone has a premium account doesn't mean they don't cheat. There are far fewer premium cheaters, yes, but they still exist and we need checks in place to stem them as well.

I was told by a very dear friend that Neopets isn't allowed to take suggestions. Like, if someone draws an amazing idea for an item (like supa cool!) and sends it in, you can't use it for legal reasons. Why is that? Is there any way you could (like, by sending it in with a waiver signed by the person and their lawyer, blah blah blah...)? Am I prying? Is this your personal business? Are you wondering how many random, pointless, and strange questions I'm gonna squeeze in before I hit the 1k character max? I ran out of questions. Isn't that odd? Oh! There's one! :) ~jeeper383
Legal reasons, just like your friend said. ;) There are just too many touchy things involved if we use item ideas by folks that are not employed at the company. *gives you a carrot and gently nudges you away from the sugary snacks*

Is it a coincidence that Symol Day occurred on the same day as Mole/mol (6.022 X 10^23) day in the chemistry world? ~_spoiled545_
Yup! You caught us. This is indeed on purpose. :)

I am *not* a mole!

Can you make more multi-species skirts, dresses, shoes, and pants available as wearable outside of the NC Mall? There are not many of those. For many of us at the moment getting NeoCash is impossible, as those guys at Target are hiding the NeoCash Cards. ~silverkougra123
We're trying! We've noticed that trousers/skirts are pretty popular in the mall, so we've got some freebies scheduled, too. PS: The NeoCash cards are usually by the iTunes cards in the music/electronics section. If you can't find them, check there. If you still can't find them, we found asking someone in the Music/Electronics department to check in the back works well. All you need are the following numbers and they can check for you. (You should have seen their faces when a gang of very... enthusiastic consumers walked in and insisted they were supposed to have the cards in stock.) ;)

$10 Card: 012150088
$25 Card: 012150091

Quite often in your Editorials and rules, you have said that it is against the rules for a group of people to get together and purposely inflate items to corner a market. You state that it is okay if only one person does this by themselves, but it seems that nowadays the name of the game is "get with the group and buy up all of an item." How are people being allowed to corner markets like this when it has been stated that group inflation is against the rules? ~kalis_coraven
If you strongly believe certain players are grouping to inflate items, please, by all means, send in a detailed report about their shenanigans. Such things are very subtle, and we rely on you honest players to give us a heads up when you think your misbehaving Neo-peers are up to no good.

Also, to reiterate a past Editorial, yes, one person can buy up all the items they want. However, if they make them unbuyable and suddenly the price jumps from 99k to, say, 600k and start getting offered on expensive items, then it's considered scamming.

So now, with the new layout, you have what is called a Notable Neopian. How does one become a Notable Neopian? Is there something special that you have to do? I'm sure that this question will never be answered, because mine never are or if they are they aren't my questions. Oh, and my very smart Kougra says, "Hi." ~neomaden17
Notable Neopets are rather nicely dressed Neopets that are currently entered in the Customisation Spotlight. :) If you enter your Neopet into the spotlight and it's wearing four or more items (including backgrounds and trinkets), it has a chance of being displayed as the Notable Neopet.

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