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Hey TNT! *givespetrock* Don'tcha love these little guys? Hehe *pets* They're always so quiet... *ahem* my mom might do a complete restore on our computer, erasing everything to start all over, due to some problems we've been having. My question is, will my Neopet accounts still be here? D: I'm really worried that something might happen to them. I don't want to lose all my friends and progress, especially friends and Neopets and... and... *flailsaround.* x_x;; ~yyh4me2
Don't worry. Unlike computer games, Internet games store all (or most) of your data on servers/databases. This means that wiping your computer (or using a different one entirely) will not make you lose any information or progress, so no worries. ^^

Dearest, spiffiest TNT, I was wondering... are there any pictures of Lawyerbot on the site? I tried looking around and didn't really find anything. I'm also pretty bummed to find there were very few (if any) Lawyerbot fan clubs. I think I'm totally gonna start one! xD Anyway... how 'bout them pictures? Thank you! P.S. Please send my love to Lawyerbot! Also, could you ask if I could get his autograph (or whatever it is that bots give fans)? Thanks again! ~nikki_in_wonderland
Actually, there is a drawing of him if you know where to look! Why you would want to devote a fan club to Lawyerbot is totally beyond us, though. All he does is dress funny, play with Usukis, and threaten to sue when we stuff his office full of beanbags. We'll send him your love, but he'll probably want it in writing.

PS: Here is Lawyerbot's autograph: /Lawyerbot/

Hi TNT! *leaves various inanimate objects lying* So I was wondering if it is allowed to 1.) make an RP guild that is only for Draiks and 2.) include "real life" animals (e.g. deer) in the setting? ~whistleofwhispers
1.) Yes, that's perfectly fine.
2.) Yes, guilds do not have to be about Neopets, though their subject matter must conform to site rules. This means no political, party, or romantic RP guilds (etc., etc.) are allowed.

Oh, deer.

TNT, I was recently suspended on my main account for using a popular acronym that is now against the rules. It was a long and (in my opinion) rather harsh suspension. Others were warned, and some even frozen. I know you guys realize that we are not meaning to use profanity, and that it is sheer habit. Please, for the sake of our accounts, update the filters to not let things pass that you don't want us to use. Thanks for your attention to this matter. ~big_blue_nation
Suspensions increase in length for each time you receive one, so therefore they are not relative to the offense. For example, you could be suspended 24 hours the first time for harassment, then 48 hours the next time for spamming (which is actually a lesser offense). Each time you get suspended, 24 more hours are tacked on. But back to the point. While we are on the internet quite a bit, and totally understand that certain acronyms are practically words rather than acronyms, some people still see lol as "laugh out loud" (by the way, lol is perfectly fine. We're using a g-rated acronym as an example) while most people who use the internet a lot just see it as another word to express laughter. So, as much as it kills us, we have to respect our own rules and protect those who see the acronym and not the meaning. We hope that made sense.

As for the filters. Laughing your, um... rear off was supposed to be filtered. We checked into the problem and it's been fixed. "Hell" can't be blocked because we'd take "hello" down with it. "Damn" was previously filtered but was causing a lot of issues by picking up "false positives" (words that were not actually "damn") and clogging up the whole system and generally making monitoring more difficult. :( We'll continue working to fix things up the best we can.

Hey TNT! (Yeah, sorry we hafta skip all the "Hey you rock! Whooo!" stuff ) :) I noticed the new game where you can win free Neocash. I have two questions. 1.) What are the chances/odds you'll win Neocash? 2.) Where did you get the idea for the NC Mall (hinting at a game called Nexon)? I'm asking because I noticed that Nexon has several games where you can buy Nexon Cash and use it to buy clothes and such. They are so alike (such as they both use Paypal and you hafta buy both of them, etc.). Thanks! (PS: Don't put my username in, please. If you could, call me Cassie. ;D) ~[username removed]
We're naught but humble content staff so we can't really say what the odds are. Not that we typically share such information, anyway. No one's ever asked the odds of winning a certain prize at Tombola, Coltzan's Shrine, or any other daily. We're sure there are already players starting up Petpages trying to figure it out as we speak, though. Maybe you players can come to an approximate conclusion once enough time has passed to gather enough data? :) Lawyerbot has already concluded that "many will enter, few will win." Nexon is the company that is helping us with the NC Mall, so that is why there are many similarities between the NC Mall and other comparable things by Nexon.

I'm just wondering, I recently found the password to an old account of mine that I had lost the password to (I changed e-mail adresses and forgot to change on the account, too). I haven't played it for a year or two, and I was wondering if it would be against the rules to transfer the items over from the other account to the one I use now. You guys rock! ~yirapettie
Since the account was created by you it would be okay. We'd consider it a bit of a delayed main account transfer.

Hey TNT! Is it against the rules to use a clickable site that has, like, avatars on it? Like, I guess it's where you click it and it adds the avatar to your list. Is that against the rules? P.S. My bunny says hi! ~bambam123706
Oh goodness, first rock throwing, now pets saying hi. Will it never end?!? /sob We're fairly sure what site you are talking about, and it's fine. It's just indexing your avatars. With sites in general even if it had links to get clickable avatars that's fine too. The line is crossed when someone decides "Hey, wouldn't it be great if we could just click ONE button and have all the clickable avatars added to an account?" NO. Don't go there. Just click the button and earn it; it's not hard, people.

Where do Neopoints come from? ~hutch113
Please see the detailed diagram below.

+ =

Okay, that's not really how they're created, but it's a lot more amusing than the truth, now isn't it?

OMG, I finally got the Lab Map and Petpet Lab Map! =D and OMG, it gave me NPs!! =O I didn't know it did that... it didn't tell me that it gave them to me, my NPs just suddenly went up after I used the pieces! If it is supposed to do that, wouldn't that make it against the rules to use the Lab Ray on a side account? I've seen you say in previous Editorials that it isn't against the rules to use the Lab Ray on a side account. So are the lab map pieces and Petpet Lab Ray pieces supposed to give out NPs... or is it a glitch? If it is a glitch, please don't freeze me for spending the NPs! *clings to Lab Ray and Cybunny* =( ~sk8erkat
Oh right, nearly forgot about that... heh. We're willing to overlook that, as the 10,000 NP or so that the maps give don't even begin to cover the expense of buying it. We'll just consider it an, erm... rebate rather than income. Don't go running around applying this to other things, though. ;D It's only because we've repeatedly said that lab maps on side accounts are all hunky-dory. Remember everyone, the NP "rebates" from the Lab Ray maps are only a one time each thing (when you turn the pieces in) and can never happen again for that account -- just to clear up any confusion.

So I had an idea to make a Petpage containing every single username of a scammer I've ever heard of, WARNING others of them. Somebody told me it would be considered harrasment - but out of the Editorials I know of, you once said warning others was okay - as long as I'm not saying "OMG REPORT THEM AND SPAM THEIR INBOXES." So TNT, should I take my Petpage down? (Can you remove my username? Thanks.) ~[username removed]
We'd honestly prefer that you just reported the players with specific information of what they did rather than trying to keep a list of people. If someone just ran off with your Faerie Queen doll, and you are certain you've been scammed, then by all means notify your fellow players that that player is not to be trusted, but try not to go overboard. The issue with a big list of them is that it will quickly become outdated as they are frozen, and that if they are checked by monitors and found that it was a misunderstanding and didn't actually scam, they will need to be removed from such a list promptly. Of course, there's no way for them to prove to you that the monitors found them innocent or just haven't gotten around to the report yet... and blah blah blah (you can see where this is all heading, right?). We appreciate your efforts, but please just report. :)

Hi TNT! I was wondering, is it against the rules to just give your password out to someone, not asking for anything in return? ~johnf
Absolutely. Under no circumstances are you to give your password out to anyone. If you no longer wish to play Neopets you are not doing anyone a favour by giving away your account. You can give away your items, NP, and abandon your Neopets, but do NOT give away your account. It will only get all accounts involved frozen.

Can some clothing be set to be gender biased? Because I've been seeing quite a bit of people talking about "cross-dressing" their Neopets, and in the customization contest have seen more than one "pimped" Krawk. O.o Somehow, I don't think that's what Neopets intended or wants people to do with their Neopets (or to have parents explaining to their youngsters as they block the site). :( ~jadenewt
While there may be some that object to it, we're not really keen on telling Neopets what they can and can't wear. :-/ Besides, players can change the gender of their Neopets as well. While that can cause varying responses in real life, Neopets doesn't represent real life in that way. That's just not the spirit of the site.

As referred to in some issue of the NT, is it REALLY possible to win a Kadoatie by feeding Kadoaties? ~nnboogie
We're sure we amended this in another Editorial but guess that it bears repeating. While we originally intended that to be possible it was never programmed in, and we figure it's hard enough to feed Kadoaties without there being a prize gained from it. x_X So yeah, that's a no.

Yes, yes, that's very sad.
Now could someone please feed me a blurf?!?
I'm starvin' here!

*bows* You rule my Internet world! Okay, let's say you put up a trade worth, like, 50k. Then someone comes along and offers 75k. You then accept that offer. Is that considered scamming, or is it just that the other user's "bad?" Thanks a bunch! ~gypsiegoddis
While it'd be super nice of you to help them out and inform them of the proper worth, it's not required. Only if you misrepresented the item or had the intention to scam or trick them in any way would it be considered a scam. If you just had your item up and they offered more than what it's worth it's their fault.

Is it possible for an certain item to disappear completely from Neopets? For example, if an edible item would get retired and then all the existing quantities of that item would be eaten by hungry Neopets all over Neopia. Would that kind of item never ever be seen again? Hope you understand my point; I'm not very good at explaining things. ^^; ~_babydollic_angel
Don't worry, we understand what you mean just fine. The answer is yes. We don't have the time to go rummaging through databases at the moment, but we're suspicious of a few items this may have happened to. :( It's always sad to see an item disappear from the game forever.

Recently, you banned the "H" word and the "D" word. Yet, you can still say these words on the Neoboards, though they will be followed up with a warning/suspension, or whatnot. Why haven't you blocked them? Earlier today, my friend quoted someone's post, not realizing they used the D word in it (the person was yelling, and it was kinda nonsense) and now might get a warning/suspension from it, which I think is unfair (wouldn't you say it's unfair to get in trouble for quoting someone else's post?). ~mintacia
Actually those words were always banned it seems, we were just in error thinking they were okay, but anyway... we addressed the first part of your question up above, but we would like to respond to the second part. We decided quite some time ago that players ARE responsible for what they quote. Please do not quote things that are inappropriate or paste scams (no matter how laughable) onto the forums. You will be held accountable for what you post, even if they are not your own words.

TNT, I do think you rock normally, but I am sad to say, I think you are just a pebble currently. I was on a Harry Potter topic board and we wanted to do a game of Truth or Dare when the topic got frozen. Why? It was just going to be an innocent game. Nothing bad. Someone said you banned parties of all kinds. Please explain. ~cherryberry_41
Yes, parties of all types are banned. Yes we understand that, while you may have had every intention of keeping it completely appropriate for Neopets, not everyone is going to. We've learned over the years that party type boards are like fly tape for players who enjoy flirting on Neopets. Monitors simply don't have the time to read through multiple pages of multiple topics trying to determine if everyone is (or is going to be) behaving themselves so they have been made against the rules. It's just one of those things that was abused to the point that it had to be made against the rules for the sanity of us all.

When are you gonna make a Cyodrake's Gaze plushie set? All the other plots have them! *hugs invisible Hoban plushie* ~dummydumdogs
We can't guarantee that it will be any time soon, but we do agree that they should be made! Check with our content planning persons to see if it can be fit in during the upcoming months or so.

Aren't you an adorable invisible Hoban plushie?
Yes you are!

Okay. So, I got a warning recently for posting a link to a website. I've been wanting to ask, can't you (before giving the user a warning) check out the website, make sure there's no information that couldn't be on Neopets, and if there is things that aren't allowed on Neopets, warn them? Instead of automatically warning those who post a website? A lot of role-players have information set out on a website, and they figure it's easier to redirect other role-players. I'm one of those, and I've just been curious why you automatically warn people for posting a link. Even when they don't clearly state that they're redirecting them to another website. ~[username removed]
Posting offsite links isn't allowed, no matter what, and while we are not generally harsh against familiar URLs on User Lookups it IS strictly enforced on the boards, regardless of if the site is dangerous or benign. For role players to post character information, each Neopet you have is given a Petpage to fill with whatever Neopet-appropriate information you want. With five accounts allowed per person and up to four Neopets per account, that's twenty web pages. We can't imagine role players on Neopets would need more. If you can't put the information on Petpages because it's inappropriate, then you shouldn't be doing/soliciting that style of role play on Neopets anyways, now should you?

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