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Hi, I'm sure a lot of people have asked questions regarding the current battling against the stones… but could you clarify whether it's battling for the plot or a war? In fact why don't you give us a definition of a war within Neopets so that all this arguing and false info can stop? Thank you if you do answer this question. ~nosenseuk
This is a plot, and plots can include puzzles and battling (and whatever else we think of). There is no such thing as "only a puzzle" or "only a war" just because that's what they may have been in the past, so there is no clear definition of a war. ;) We'll put it this way... just about every site event/plot has been different. The first Meridell war introduced sides, and the second had limited opponents. Curse of Maraqua had both battlers and supporters, as well as ranks, and the Lost Desert Plot was mostly puzzle, but a win in the Battledome was needed to complete it. Altador had no battling at all. Every plot is new and different, so try to leave expectations behind and enjoy the event instead of dwelling on what you believe the rewards will be. Plots are not meant to be a horrible chore you must do in order to be rewarded. If you're not having fun, it's probably not worth it. ;)

To clarify things for this plot, though, we will tell you that battling DOES count, but for how much, we won't say. *cackle*

If not for fun, at least just do it for the cool trophy!

Do the employees of Neopets get extra "good" random events, or do they get zapped by Boochi more often? Does the Fountain Faerie visit them more? Or are they treated like normal players? ~uber_transfer
The accounts of Neopets employees are no different from any other account, and *sniffle* no, we don't get extra random events. ;_; Some accounts are used for testing only... so we have to paint Neopets or give items to make sure everything is working correctly, but those accounts are not played by anyone and nothing in the accounts can be moved to a player account. Just like you all, if a staff member wants to play Neopets, they have to do it fair and square.

What happens to your computer when you download the Tarla Toolbar? I read on another website that it tracks your internet history so advertisers will know what type of ads appeal to you so you're more compelled to click, & someone else said its got spyware attached, & that's the reason you're promoting it so much with free items. I'd like to download the program & get expensive things, but I just want to know what really happens before I do so :P If you do publish this, please leave out my name. Thanks!
We asked the head honcho of the toolbar himself, and he explained there is absolutely no spyware in the toolbar, as clearly stated when you sign up. :) Nothing is tracked by the toolbar, and no individual data is stored. The toolbar does not have any hidden programs or the like that would harm your computer or track personal information.

I think that Neo should come out with a 'potion' or something that gives you the ability to rename your Neopets to an available name. I know that if that was available, I for one would adopt badly named pets from the pound and rename them as opposed to creating new pets when I want to lab zap them. Is there some reason why Neo doesn't already have this feature? I mean, even in real life when you take an animal to the pound and someone adopts it, they don't always leave it named the same thing. ~kalis_coraven
The animal in the real life pound doesn't have a slew of databases to worry about. ;) We cannot allow players to rename Neopets because of the functionality and foundation of the site. We would have to take the entire site offline for quite a lengthy period of time (we're not talking hours here...) and do all kinds of funky stuff with the database to do so, which could lead to more problems down the road. So, alas, changing fluffy4343243's name to Sir_Fluffsalot can't take priority over the site running smoothly for everyone else. Besides, the animal at the pound can't tell you its given name. A Neopet would probably mind if you just randomly changed its name all willy-nilly like. ;)

A Cybunny by any other name is just as sweet!

Dear TNT- on Wednesday night, November 1st, I went to play Meepit vs. Feepit because it was game reset night. I got in the top 100, but not the top 30. I thought that the top 100 got the trophy, but I still have not received one. Do you only give trophies out to the top 30 people? ~fini52
Actually, only the top 17 game scores are rewarded with a trophy (exceptions may apply, but this is the rule for the majority of the games).

Are you allowed to transfer your Neopoints onto another new username as long as you stop playing on your old one? ~nurihahn
Yup. If for whatever reason you would like to make a different account (that YOU created) your main account, you are free to transfer everything over. Of course, please do not abuse this by changing main accounts say, after you finished the Altador Plot with one account, making another account your "main", finishing the plot there, then "changing your mind" and making the original account your main again. Yeah, we don't like that. Please use this allowance in the spirit it was intended. *nod*

Hello TNT! If I were to lab ray a Petpet, then put the Neopet it's attached to into the pound, when someone adopted the Neopet would the Petpet be the same? Or does it revert back to its old form? Just curious. The question has been plaguing me :P ~ssj1_gotunks
The Petpet will remain unchanged until it is unequipped, despite any change in Neopet ownership. There is one exception, however. If the Petpet was originally one of the starter cardboard Petpets that was then zapped into something else, the Neopet will not be able to be abandoned until the Petpet is removed. Cardboard Petpets can't be transferred.

*whispers* Please help me.
I think they are planning to eat me ._.

What do they mean by 1k, 200k, 700k, and 2000k? ~desena_8
Adding "k" to the end of a number indicates "thousand," so it's just a shortcut way of typing prices that is often used in the Trading Post and in Neomails. 1k would be 1,000, 200k would be 200,000, and 2000k would be 2,000,000. Basically, just mentally change the "k" into three zeros. If someone states "300k" in their trading wish list, they would like 300,000 Neopoints for the item(s).

Just wondering who decides which users get which random events? Or is it some big magical machine that does it? It's a bit annoying when people get better events than others :P ~schoolwars
It is completely random and run by a program that has absolutely no preference to anyone. Everyone has the same chance to get the same random events. The only way it could possibly be more fair is if it gave everyone a paint brush every time it handed one out to anybody. Of course, then paint brushes would deflate to nothing... you get the idea. It'd be like everyone winning the lottery every time! "Congratulations! You get your dollar back! Be sure to buy a lotto ticket next week, too, so you can win your dollar back again!" It's really serves no purpose at that point.

I must have gone to the status page at the Battledome about 50 times and it still says my Neopet's in a battle. Is this a glitch...? ~let_reader
If going to the status page is not removing your Neopet from battle, trying unequipping an item. You can then re-equip the item and head back into the fight. If that doesn't work, feed your Neopet and that should do the trick. (This isn't a glitch in that it's not something we can actually "fix." Because the database is being hit so hard, it sometimes doesn't remove you from the fight when it's supposed to. There's nothing we can do to directly prevent it from happening, so these methods have been coded in such a way that they will help!)

Often on the Help Boards, I see someone (not a Premium member) asking for Premium players to look up something on the Super Shop Wizard so that they can find the cheapest prices - and this isn't for a quest or anything. I even saw someone wanting a Premium member to use the SSW to price their whole shop. I tend to overlook these boards, but I was wondering where you stood on this issue. Should premium members help? Ignore? Is this behavior rude? What is the best course of action for us to take? ~tj_wagner
If a Premium member is willing to do it for them, it's fine by us, though, to us anyway, it does seem a bit rude. Not only are these users trying to reap the benefits of the service without paying, they want someone else to spend time and money for them. It is understandable, however, that some simply cannot afford it and that Premium members would want to help out other Neopets users, so as long as no one is making a profit off the service (like tips or charging a fee), we're totally fine with it.

SUPER Shop Wiz to the rescue! ZOOOOM!

Does the fact that Haunted Woods won the Altador cup have anything to do with why we're having a plot there? ~ed_n_yoshi
Nope. The Tale of Woe was conceived (in its basic form) WAAAY before we even thought of the Altador Cup. As many people are aware, there was a TCG set for the Haunted Woods, and many of the Neopets and places in the plot are in the cards. So even though the set came out in June (around the time of the Cup), the cards were drawn months before that, and it was many months before that when we planned what would be contained within that set of cards. Also, as we've said many times, the users controlled who won the Altador Cup and the Haunted Woods winning was simply a coincidence. We know there will always be conspiracy theorists that claim it was all set up beforehand, but honestly, the outcome was entirely up to you players. We're far too busy (and not clever enough) to pull off even a fraction of the conspiracies we get accused of. ;) And there is no connection between the Cup and the Tale of Woe story-wise, meaning we didn't need any set up or lead in to the plot in any way, so there was no reason to have purposefully set up the Haunted Woods to win the Cup. In fact, it would have been nice for another world to have gotten the attention for a while since the Haunted Woods is getting all of it now, but they won fair and square, so that's fine by us. :) They did quite well to earn their trophy.

Hey TNT! In the plot we now have to battle, but we can't! The Battledome is slow, and for some the pages aren't even loading! What can we do? D= Please help! ~x_laura_buddie_x
This happens whenever there is battling in a plot (not that that makes it any better, but there ya go). :P The number of players in the Battledome at any given time during these events is astounding, and it doubles and triples every time we start a new one. It's amazing it's even up at all! Okay, seriously though, there are several people who are constantly keeping watch on everything, even in the middle of the night, to make sure it doesn't explode completely. The fact is, no matter what we do, there are always TONS of people who hit the Battledome once fighting starts and lag is inevitable. That's the Intarwebs for you. And the whole "You should have seen this coming!" argument isn't valid. ;) We did see it coming! With every plot step, we're constantly battling (no pun intended) with ourselves to make sure we do something fun, but also that the site can handle the load. When it goes off without a hitch, you have no idea we were even concerned with such things in the first place. That's the way we prefer it, of course. ;) When it doesn't go off so well, though, understand that we did (and are doing) everything we can to keep things running as smoothly as possible. It's just that sometimes there are bottlenecks in certain places that we can't control. :(

Think about it this way - one of the few options we have to fix certain lag issues is to not do these plots at all. That would be lame, though, so we press on anyway and hope that everyone understands. With MILLIONS of people on this site, the Intarwebs can only take so much, even with the 400+ servers we have. *nod* 400+. That's a LOT of servers, and it still has trouble handling y'all.


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