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I would really want to know how I can enter my "Quote" of the week. I've been looking for it, but I just can't seem to find out how to submit it. ~ curious_george69
The quote of the week is chosen by the editor from one of the publications in the current issue of the Neopian Times. So, if you want to have your quote selected, you'll have to get published first. :)

Is it true that you are not allowed to give out coco roll codes for people in other countries that cant get the cell game? If it is, please change it and allow us americans to be nice. ~ becki622
Not true in the least. :) You're welcome to give codes to people and help them out. However, just like anything else, you CANNOT charge for this service. Asking for items, NP, "tips," or anything else in return for these codes is not allowed and you will be frozen for it. But if you're doing it to be nice, you don't need anything in return but some thanks, right? ;)

Are you going to close the repository once the Lost Desert Plot is over? Because if you would do that, the Foreman/Chef would be unemployed again, and you can't do that to him! ~ tingle_tangle
We have plans for a few pieces of the puzzle once the Plot is over, but we can't tell you about them. ;)

But if we did end up closing the repository, he'd probably just retire. He has a great pension plan.

I've hidden some NP under a Volcanic Rock... then it's off to Mystery Island.

Is there any chance that the option #GENDER could be added to the list of data which is auto-updated on pet pages? It is hard to remember to keep updating this after using the lab! ~ syzygy26
Are you psychic? Because we just added this yesterday. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

I was looking at my Ixi's petpage (the one you guys make for Ixi's)and I got to the spot where it talks about marrows. I'm pretty sure it's suppose to say "Inside the center", but instead it says "Inside the centre". Is that just a typo, or does TNT have really bad grammar? ~ selzah
We have perfect grammar, you fiend! Okay, maybe not, but in that instance there is nothing that is incorrect. :) Centre is the British spelling of center, and since Adam and Donna are British, we've adopted British spelling for most things around the site. You'll notice a lot of "colour" and "favourite" and many other different spellings as well.

How do you guys decide which petpet species gets picked for the PPL? ~ avatardude
Well, when it's time, the PPL council yells something like "Hey, does anyone have a Petpet they want to win PPL?" Then five or six other people say "Oh oh! Do this one!" Then the council says, "Nah, we've already done that before." Then someone else says, "Hey! I've had this one for 1,434,234 days. Do that!" Then the council has a vote with secret ballets. Then everyone goes out for ice cream.

Or, we just take into consideration the random theme day or any other special days coming up, and pick a Petpet that's appropriate. ;)

Why does the Eliv Thade have one big red eye and one small black eye? ~ simsmac
This is due to a horrible incident as a child where Eliv didn't listen to his parents and ran about the house with scissors. A sad tale really. Let this be a lesson to you... stay in school.

Aet uyor gevgise!

I don't really know why, but I think that it would be kinda cool to have the Battledome icons (like earth, light, fire, etc.) as NeoBoard icons. Is it possible that you might be able to make them into some? ~ jetsam_jdk_eyrie48
We concur with your assessment that it would, in fact, be quite cool. We'll get on that and see if we can't provide those for everyone to use soon.

Does getting this question published in the NT get me an NT trophy? ~ murtagh_invincible
No. Nice try though! *cackle*

The Editorial has been the same for almost a MONTH when will you release a new one??? ~ american_idol089
There is a new Editorial with every new issue of the Neopian Times. Make sure you're looking at the most recent issue to see the newest Editorial. Of course if you don't know that, you can't see this... hmmm....

Have you ever thought of developing a chip that you put in your Neopets plushies (the real-world ones) that will take over our minds and make us play Neopets forever and ever and ever and ever *Id continue saying ever but I think it surpasses the character limit* so we become posessed and take over the world in the name of Neopets? ~ kittygirl2265
Not since before lunch.

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