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With the avatars, I really like the plain ones, but some are so outdated! Like the kougra one, I LOVE kougra's, but the avvie really needs a re-do. Can you please fix all of these? ~ catz_rule_6918
Our resident avatar-maker extraordinaire has agreed to take on the challenge! Look for an update soon! No I haven't! Yes you have! Now back to work!

Hello team :-) I came to the tutorial to write my question, but first had a quick read through as I always do. I saw something similar to my question, but I thought I'd make a point about it anyway, because it's quite annoying. The max points you can get form flash games is 1000... now, when Neopets was younger, this may have been a lot. But these days- especially playing for the avatar games- you spend a long long loooooong time on a measly 1000 np. Any way you could... er.. bump up the max a little? I understand that you need a limit, but maybe something more like 3000? Thanks very much :> ~ xxasktheangels
That would not be as beneficial as one might think. Flash games already add billions of Neopoints to the economy each day, which causes inflation. If we started giving out more NP for flash games, it is likely that prices would rise in response, and really not aid you all that much.

Hi there, I've been playing for at least five years and I still don't know what that little bug does in the sutek tomb. can you answer it for me, heck i might even be able to get more points somehow. Thanks bunches. *The Bat* ~ rainbowriot
The scarab is a nifty little piece that, if it reaches the bottom row, will destroy all the blocks along the same horizontal line.

Hi! I've noticed that if you click on the link "Dr. Sloth" on the korbats lab page, the link takes you to the ghost lupe page in the gallery of evil. Could you please fix this? ~ soccer_lover805
Yes. Yes we can.

I wonder why a little guy appears when I click on the gem on Fyora's head of Fyora's cave,on the green Meepit's eye of Meepit juice break,on the bottom of the right bone of destruct-o-match 2 and on the O of snowmuncher. ~ allyson180
That must be the Phantom Orange Shirt guy. He likes to plant himself in games, most likely for some nefarious plot.

One person said that if you take a trilo bite to the beast lair you get a rare petepet.Is this true because I tried it and it didn't work. ~ soucora162
Wow, there's a new one. Sorry, but that's just a silly rumour. Mostly likely started by someone who wants to sell/inflate the value of trilo bites.

have you ever thought of having an 'items' button on the sidebar? because it would be really uesful. ;) -cece5898
Actually, the Neopoints displayed at the top of your screen link to your inventory, so there is no need to upset people by altering the sidebar :)

Is there a way to retrieve the Laboratory Map pieces after I've tired of using it on my pets so that they can be sold or traded??? ~ clwnbtrfly
Sorry, once you turn in your map pieces, they can never be retrieved.

My awesome electric lupe was hit by Boochi today.. Now he's too cute and cuddly.. when he's supposed to be my AWESOME BATTLE PET OF DOOOOM!! *cough* sorry. But wouldn't it be cool if he STAYED electric colored, but took the shape of that little baby? He would be a heck of a lot more frightening then. =) I think you should make a way to combine paint brushes... It would give more variety to our pets.. Imagine: A BABY ISLAND CYBUNNY.. or something else that I didn't just think of. Also, a baby petpet paint brush would be cool too ;) ~ teatreequeen
Alas, I think our artists would get quite upset if we told them they had to redraw each and every Neopet with each and every possible multi-colour combination nine times (once for each pose). That's what fan art is for, eh? ;D

Recently I defeated the Cave Chia in the battledome, and when I went to the headquaters, I clicked the button saying collect my reward, however, I do not have any more neopoints or items. Please tell me what is supposed to happen! Thanks! ~ lu4me43
Unlike many other games, Defenders of Neopia does not reward you with Neopoints or items. It does, however, upgrade your DoN trophy to reflect the most recent battle won! Check your user lookup and see!

Hi. The other day, I was in the trading post and there was a random event that said Something Has Happened! Rush8355212855 is feeling a little blue. I thought it meant it was sad so I went to my inventory and played with it. Then I went to my prefs page and my Maraquan eyrie was BLUE! I created it because I had a maraquan paint brush and loved the look and just 5 hours later she was BLUE. I've seen this happen to other users and don't think it's fair. We work hard to get a paint brush and get a random event that turns it blue. I spent 1 mil and my baby fireball to get the pb. Can you please delete this feature? ~ icy42295
Oh dear, it seems like your Neopet must have been feeling down prior to you playing with it. Owning a Neopet is a big responsibility, and just like with any pet, you need to make sure they are healthy and happy as much as possible, or things like this can happen. If your Neopet is feeling down in the dumps, try feeding and playing with it, or taking it to the Merry Go Round on Roo Island. If it's feeling ill, be sure to stop by the Healing Springs in Faerieland. This is the best way to protect you and your Neopet from further unfortunate events such as that.

Why recently did you put a bunch of Scamanders in the Money Tree, and when someone got one, it slipped away? It seems like an awfully mean joke to play. ~ noddie452
It seems Neopia was recently plagued by a horrendous swarm of scamanders, with thousand scurrying all around the Money Tree. They were quite difficult to catch, however, so very few people managed to snag one for themselves.

I have tried to go to the faerie rainbow fountains numerous times, but it has always not been working. I have litterally tried 50 times!! Is it permanetly out of magic, or am I just the most unluckiest person alive??? Please tell me! I realy need to know! ~ giraffes126
Just like all the other faerie quests, you can't walk right up to a faerie and demand one. You'll need to wait patiently for the faerie to come to you. She'll alert you when she needs you, just like any other faerie quest :)

I think the Concert Hall is really cool, but they looke like they need to be updated.The music though, is really good! ~ whitelupe165
Funny you should say that... the Concert Hall is getting an update as we speak. It will take a bit to get all the bands done, but we'll make sure to mention it in the New Features when it happens.

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