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I was wondering if there were any plans in the future to release more petpetpet avatars. It doesn't seem fair that there's TONS of pet and petpet avatars but only one petpetpet avatar - iced_diveh
Yup, you should see some shortly.

Is there any way that people under the age of thirteen can use their avatars? I have 79 and I would like to show people my rarest ones when they search me up! Thanks! - toakyle
At the moment I don't believe there is. This doesn't seem very fair, so I will try to figure out some way for you to show off your hard earned avatars :)

Any chance of putting a link to the newest issue of The Neopian Times on the New Features page? Like up where the Neopets News/Merchandice News/Coming Soon links are? Also, why is there a link to Neopets News on the New Features page? It is a link to the page you are already on! - spudie
That's a good idea. I don't see why not.

Okay, you're making all the music where we can download it from the music page, but is there a plan to put up the music from the Neoquest screensaver? Some of the music on there is pretty good. - _soranebi_
Wow. I totally forgot Neoquest had sound hehe. I'll ask around and see if we can do this,

After the Curse of Maraqua war is over can you make a new plot and war like for example The Revenge of Dr.Sloth war and plot. - boxer693
After the current storyline, there will be another, but it will be set in the Lost Desert and will not feature Dr Sloth.

You guys made a random event a long time ago where 3 bullies (A Korbat, a Grarrl, and a Skeith) hang you upside down and they take all of the Neopoints that fall out... PLEASE... let them be new 1 Player battledome opponents so we can get revenge! Please!??! - kobi127
Oh yeah. They were from the Battle for Meridell plot. Once the war is finished we will add some more challengers to the Battledome and these could well be some of those challengers.

I've only seen Caylas 3 times on the maraqua plot will we see her more? - slime617
Yup. All the main characters will start to take on larger roles with the start of the battle.

Is the Darkest Faerie PS2 game when its released going to be for the PS2 only or is it going to be for more gamiming systems? If not, I'm going to get realy mad and possibly kill my computer!:o -ilovespirit123
Don't kill your computer! The Darkest Faerie will only be available on PS2. I doubt Sony will put it on any other format, but that really depends on how successful the game is I guess.

Why is it that the girls (in general) earn you more points ins Whack-a-staff member than the guys? :) - polishsky
Because girls are more intelligent and better :)

Why do people always sell Sporkle Syrup for insanely high prices? It's as though they want people to beg so that the customers can cure their pet's Ugga-Ugga disease. - luiop261360
Unfortunately people realise that nobody wants to have a sick Neopet. Especially with a big battle brewing, people want to have their Neopets in tip top condition.

According to the Neopets Terms & Conditions, players shouldn't use any programs that change the game experience (refreshers, etc.). While I know this has been in effect for a while, it's now said that "if you use such a program on the neopets.com website, you will pay NeoPets, Inc. liquidated damages in the sum of Five Hundred Dollars for each time you use a program." Does this mean that if I use ad-block, or have a computer that doesn't run Flash and can't see ads, that I'm going to be fined?!?!?! - spork_queen
Neopets strives to an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to flourish if they obey the rules of game. The Terms and Conditions set forth how the level playing field is maintained. People who use outside programs to cheat the game play, such as autobuyers programs, are not playing fairly. Programs that do not affect the game play, such as ad block, do not give a player an unfair advantage and therefore can be used. Likewise, people can always manually refresh a page. As long as you are not playing unfairly, you have nothing to worry about.

How many Chapters will there be in the Curse of Maraqua Plot? - holy_fighter78
In total, 21 parts. This is the longest story we have done on the site :)

When will mr. Chipper get realesed..? We have waited like one million years... And it's so cutie.. Will it be realesed in this plot or the next..? - _prutelighut_
Mr Chipper's species is not tied to any particular plot. Instead it is part of something special that will be released in the Summer.

I'd like to play cocoroller on my mobile, but I don't live in the USA! Can you please make a neopetgame that you can play outside the USA? - miss_emma_woods
At the moment no, but we are working on adding more things for mobile phone users in the UK and Australia. Check www.neopets.com/mobile for more info.

The latest news says "War Update - Just to clear things up, you MUST choose a side before the fighting starts, or you will not be able to participate in the battle (as a fighter or support class) at all. We will be closing the recruitment centre on Monday/Tuesday of next week." Almost two months ago, you told us we would get prize previews and information about how the new system would work BEFORE the war started. Well, where is it? - shogoyahagi
Patience, the war hasn't started yet... The info about the new system is on the recruitment page and we will give you a sneak preview of the prizes on Monday.

The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy. How come he seems to pop up in a lot of games (i.e.-Meerca Chase II, Attack of the Revenge, etc.)? - thirteenlucky13
Ahh... well the phantom orange shirt guy creates a lot of our flash games and sometimes likes to sneak little easter eggs into each game.

My sister just had a baby boy. I am now an aunt!!!!:) I wanted to send her a neogreeting but there wasn't one for congrats or something like that. Could you make one or help me find one? - impopulardealwithit
Congratulations for your sister. There are some greetings for new babies. Search for the word baby and you should get some. We will add some more shortly as well.

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