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I have been dying for the Playstation 2 game of Neopets to come out. Has it yet, and if not, will it come anytime soon? - _Kat_angel_
The Playstation 2 game is going well, but we aren't allowed to tell you much more about it other than it is going to be on schedule. Very sorry :( Sony want us to keep everything all top secret until they make their official announcement, which should be very soon.

When will the 5-year shields change to 61-month, 62-month, etc? - Illusion
Very soon, we are just figuring out exactly what to put on the new shields so they are interesting for everyone.

Is there any other way of getting a map piece, other than paying for it in a user's shop? - bluestarpup
Yes, you can get a map piece as a very rare random event, but auctions and other player's shops are probably the fastest way for you to be sure of getting a map piece.

I was wondering if some things can be done to fix the guild boards. The tables on the guild boards have a set width of 400 pixels, and that makes them look terrible on larger resolutions. Could you set them in percentages? Also it'd be nice to be able to view a guild's board before joining, even if you can't post yet. It's important to see what the guild members chat like, especially in roleplay guilds. Thanks! - mjuik13
I will see if we can do this, or give options for different resolutions.

I've heard the rumours of a new Neopet called the Mok be circulated throughout Neopia. When will it be released? - Despise
There is a new Neopet planned, but it's name is not Mok. That is a temporary placeholder until we agree on the proper name. Mok is a silly name, why would we call a pet that heh :D

Ok, so this may be a stupid question, but here goes.. The Rainbow Fountain?! I have been playing for 8 months and I have never seen it open. What exactly is this fountain and will it ever be working? - neosass31
It is totally random when it works. There is no way to tell at what time of the day, or for how long it will be active. Rumour has it on the Faerie Festival it is more powerful than at any other time though!

I love the Lenny Conundrums. I love solving puzzles like that. The problem is that I'm not very good at it. Now that you've made them harder, I can't even begin to try and solve them. So, instead of making every one a really hard one, can you make every other one be really hard and the rest be easier. Or have different questions for different levels of difficulty. - Maidencrow
Heh. Recently we set the guy who creates them a challenge to make them super super hard. We will alternate between fiendishly hard and not-so-hard so you should have a better chance at some of them.

The Lost Desert says you can buy a scratchcard every 4 hours and the others say every 6 hours. Which is it? Also can you put the time remaining on the other scratchcard vendors like in the Lost Desert. Thanks - Kawaii_moikii
I believe it should be 6 although I am not sure. I will make sure it is explained clearer when people get back in the office.

Can you please tell us when you're ending the random contest? I was planning to send my avatar in today, but it's over! PLEASE? - monkeygirl0407
The random contest starts every Thursday. That means entries are closed when we sync the site on Wednesday. I can post something on the page so there is an exact date, but it should work just like the Neoadventure Spotlight, once a week.

I was a little disappointed by the war prizes that were given out... I earned 157 points for Hannah and was rewarded with 1,000 neopoints and a Clockwork Icy Skeleton, while my friend, who earned 27 points, recieved the same thing! Shouldn't there have been greater rewards for those who earned more points, like in the last war? :( - hollyday312
The way this war was organised didn't totally please us either. We are working on a new way to make it fairer for everyone so people with higher level pets can't get massive amounts of points but repeatedly beating the little guys. The next plot will most probably not have a war, but the one after will and this new system of working out points for the battle will be in place then. That way we can be more precise with giving out prizes and such.

Sorry this editorial is a little short, we are working on a lot of things that should be released very soon including a few new games and the new plot set in .... MARAQUA! Things to look forward to include :

  • A Koi main character in a plot!!!!
  • Maraqua re-opening with not one but two maps
  • A new bizarre floating island!?!?!
  • Two new species - YES TWO!!!

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