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I DEMAND to know, why were BOTH of my pets changed to asparagus chia's on the 20th of december??? I'm not really complaining as asparagus is a fairly cool veggie but seriously BOTH of my pets without any warning or anything. C'mon what's going on here? - lucifixer
It IS Adam's birthday and we know he is obsessed with asparagus. It must be something to do with him :) Rest assured, the change is only temporary and your Neopets will be back to normal tomorrow.

When you told everyone on the 14th of December that Ixis can be painted christmas i tried and it said that i couldnt, so, i tried the next day and the next and it still didnt work. Even today it wont let me! Could you please fix the problem? =) -motoko_aoyma
I guess you shold never put off till tomorrow what you can do today :) It must have been forgotten, it has been added now.

Why does some of the furniture from the advent 6 items not work, and some does? The Chia Chair loads up in the neohomes, but the Techo Clock, Mop and Bucket, and Snowball Bean Bag Chair do not load up at all, taking them out of the neohomes and putting them back in doesnt work either (as stated in a previous Editorial). HELP!!! - lilacsilk
GRRRR... Ok I am really mad now! This is going to get fixed and someone is going to get a massive slap with an extra heavy bundle of asparagus. Sorry!

Were Snicklebeasts only available in the Advent Calendar? I really love them, and I hope they aren't that rare!! - memyselfandi1987
Yes they were only available on the Advent Calendar. They are exactly like the Snowbunny in that respect. There should be plenty on sale though as everybody had the chance to get one.

What do you want for Christmas? That is...if you celebrate Christmas... - cheetah_kougra
Hmm... Well I would like my Christmas Dinner to be edible and there not to be arguments over which film to watch when we are all stuffed full of food in the afternoon :)

Can you please redo the referral program. Seeing as how you can get a paint brush (approx 20k+ value depending on type) for 10 referrals, but for 20 you only get 2000 np. Doesn't really seem right... What do you think? - sevenofnine14
The referral program is something we have been thinking about re-visiting several times. The prizes were added a long time ago and some of them just dont make sense now. In the New Year we will take a closer look at it and adjust it.

I changed my whole "look" for when I'm posting on my guild. I moved to a winter look, but there were NO winter themed neotitles to choose from! So could you PLEASE add some ^_^ Thank you :D - yellowbluerainbow
Aiiiii! How can that be? Yes, of course, new neotitles are being added at once!

Would you guys possibly make new room materials to build with? - ashenalar
Hmmm. I don't see why not. It has been ages since we added new ones.

How come there are so few Uni themed things? They are the 5th most popular pet and they don't even have a game! Forget Hannah and her cave, what about 'green pasture'? Or 'Azure_spring day of the Uni' or 'The Uni meets Frankenstein' or even 'Son of Uni' would be ok with me. I know Unis are vain but pretty soon they will start having low self esteem problems. - pogo_pony
Ok, Ok :) I see your point. This has been passed on to the game develpoers and you should see Unis featured in at least one game shortly.

If there is room left why isn't my petpet shown in the PPL? - Neoncolorbabe
As long as your Petpet is exactly the same species and the same colour, it should be listed or at the very least awarded a prize if the list is full.

How did my Neopets get the hoochie coochies by fighting a flea ridden snowbeast. - 9865377
Maybe they got to close and got scratched by the nasty thing. You can get all kinds of nasty things off wild animals. Why only this year Adam was scratched by a kitten and his face all swelled up!

Why won't my Neopet take the Petpet I try to give it? I tried everything, I fed it, I played with it. Then I tried again and my Neopet still said, "AAARGG! Get that petpet away from me!!!!!" I tried all different Petpets, it still doesn't want one. - dobooga
I guess your Neopet is just not keen on Petpets at all. Why not give it a plushie instead until it comes round to the idea of having a pet for its own?

How would you get a Garlic Kiko or a Garlic JubJub? - thomaskluber021093
At the moment there are a couple of options. Firstly you can try feeding your JubJub or Kiko lots of garlic. You are what you eat after all :) Alternatively you can try the Lab Ray although results may vary.

The white techos do look better, they have more definition on and dont just blend into the white background anymore. Thanks for redoing them :D - sirius_hp_fan333
No problems, we are almost finished with Techos, then we will be moving on to Quiggles.

You said, one day on the news if you ignore your pet, it would turn red. If your pet is painted and it turns red will it turn back to it's color once it's happy? - wonder_girl223
No I am afraid not, if you neglect your Neopet you could lose that super expensive paint job for good.

As a final note from Adam and myself, we hope you have a great Christmas, or just an excellent break from school/work if you do not celebrate Christmas. Thanks for playing and sending in all your feedback so we can keep making Neopets the best it can be :)

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