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Continued Series

A Hero's Ballad: The Knightmare

Jeran pushes on through the bizarre Dream world!

by parody_ham
The Power of Twelve

The mist always hung thick in the streets of Neovia, obscuring the townsfolk as they rushed about their business, only the glow from the oil lamps on the street managing to pierce the gloom...

by herdygerdy
For the Love of the Game

My excitement to play professionally had not left me but I knew I was gonna be tested here in more ways than one...

by 77thbigby
Rosalina and the Way-Weird Beast

Rosalina starts to worry when Margo doesn't show up at the store...

by downrightdude
The Adventures of Fanny in the Land of the Bizarre

The thrilling conclusion to The Adventures of Fanny in the Land of the Bizarre!

by rielcz
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"The Chocolate Ball" by kaitlinhoneybee
Alternai looked in the mirror and hardly recognized herself in the reflection. She had dressed up in a Dreamy Faerie Dress accompanied with Quiggle Tea Party Shoes. The heels threw off her gait and she stumbled as she made her way to the door of her Neohome. She took a second to steady herself. It had taken her the better part of a year to purchase all these items. She could not walk into there stumbling like some clumsy newly created Neopet. It had taken her the better part of a year to buy all these items in preparation for the biggest night of her life. The evening sun cast a pink shadow on the icy terrain of Terror Mountain. Alternai took a deep breath, straightened her Diamond Yooyuball Earrings. It was time to go. Months of ignoring her friends in favour of spending time with Neopians in the upper echelons of Neopia had left her feeling isolated and resentful. She made her way down to Neopia Central. Her old friends refused...

Other Stories


A Poogle Racer I'll Become
Haven't we always wondered how and when the Poogle Racers became, well, Poogle Racers?

by x_mystichorse_x


A Hero's Journey: The Next Step
Rohane wove through the corridors of Meridell Castle, occasionally glancing over his shoulder. He paid no attention to the wall hangings, the portraits, or the suits of armour that he passed in his flight, intent on moving as far and as fast as he could...

by precious_katuch14


Fantastic Neopets Images and Where to Find Them
Have you ever wondered where in Neopia to look for those images that you see other players using on their customized pages? Collab with feraico

by emilyhunter5034


The Latest in Mutant Fashion: 13 Lurid Looks
We gathered 13 mutant models to show off various looks and outfits that hopefully awes the Neopian public and inspires mutant owners when dressing their pet.

by paulinale


Time to Fight!
Hello, care for a fight?

by furude_1


Sproggie's Folly - Part 6
Sproggie's made the neggs very, very angry.

by christie500018

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