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Continued Series

The Power of Twelve

Jerdana and Sasha would speak to the Darkest Faerie, of course, but first they needed to consult King Altador...

by herdygerdy
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Making Your Mutant Neopet Feel At Home

Congratulations! Whether from a Transmogrification Potion or a lucky zap from the Lab Ray, you’re now the proud owner of a Mutant Neopet! Excited about the possible adventures you and your Mutant Neopet will go on, when you get home you may notice that your Mutant Neopet isn’t quite as thrilled as you are and having a hard time moving around. Even if that passes, over the next few days you notice your Mutant Neopet having difficulty with activities they used to do as a normal Neopet in their new body. This is a common occurrence with Mutant Neopets, it’s a tough transition as they essentially must relearn how to do everything and what they are like now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help! Over the years many Mutant-based products have been made to help a Mutant Neopet get over this personal hurdle and enjoying themselves again.

Other Stories


Handling The Unexpected
Looking straight down at the rock in the gently flowing river, Vanduck tried a seventh time to peck at the ground. The energy stored in the currents of the water and the heat of its river stones was barely enough to activate the young mutant vandagyre's psychometry... Collab with joanna_lewis

by kebicorn


Slushie Slinging Mutant Slayer
Dr. Frank Sloth will forever be known for his marvellous invention of the mutants. He leaves behind a legacy of mutations, with the Mutant Grundos at the pinnacle of his creation...

by cazcazig


Mutant Morphology Vol. 3
The final installment, covering species O through Z!

by hamster_wolf


Mutant Complexity in Meridellian Weewoos
Read on for a summary of known research on mutant Weewoo physical traits, life history, diet, and song structure. Knowledge of this sub-species is limited and warrants further research.

by parody_ham


Better Call Mom #1
mom searches for the Count just to play a game.

by wiiwario112


Identity Issue
Some people might not tell, but... Collab with squin and babi400linda

by zabcod

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