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Continued Series

Searching a place:Part Nine

Also by acespades1, charliews & hits

by nacil30

Shadow Play:Part Seven

Terra and her family ate breakfast in their suite the next morning. They’d stocked the kitchen with groceries, for days when they didn’t feel like mingling in the cafeteria, and today was one of those days.

by cosmicfire918
Isolde and the Faerie Statue:Part Four

She told them everything. About the dreams, the statue by the house; the feeling that she couldn’t move her body when she awoke from her nightmares; about the fire, the huge pillars of fire; and the strange pink fog all over Faerieland in her dreams.

also written by anachronisms

by tsiegred

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Customization: Festival of Neggs

The Festival Of Neggs is almost here! In this article, I have put together various Negg-themed customizations that will get your Neopets in the right mood for the festival, and that would make Kari the Negg Faerie herself proud. I have put particular emphasis on male Neopets in this article, as I feel they often get overlooked in customization guides and I want to show that your boys can rock a Negg-themed look. For a couple of the examples, I have provided a female version as well, so anyone can find inspiration in this article, whether your Neopets family is made of girls, boys or both.

Other Stories


A Happy Gnomes New Friend.
The sound of butterfly wings fluttering through the wind echoes through the tribe. Past the woodland and through the bright, green trees lies a tribe full of the tiniest Kacheeks, dressed up as gnomes. They wear red, blue, green, all kind of colour hats. With hearts dedicated to their tribe, they swore to protect each other and any invasion that occurs.

by yellowstefy


How a Clompkin found his patch
It’s difficult being a Clompkin in a field of pumpkins sometimes.

by super_star12001


How to Write for the Neopian Times
Live from the studio, it’s this week’s episode for The Neopian Times’ How To series! My name is Cae, and I’m excited to your host for the evening. Join me on a step-by-step adventure to learn how to write for the Neopian Times!

by aurorapearl


Neofriends 101
Jump over to the boards and you will find a host of topics ranging from “Whoa, just logged on after 12 years! Anyone around?”

by thebiscuitbunch


Blossoms~ Games Night Part 5
Don't tell me it's my tears next.

by twillieblossom


The Mocking Grarrl
For anyone who shop stocks with the Super Shop Wiz :)

by asparagushead

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