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Continued Series

The Treasure of Smuggler's Cove:Part Four

Clyf planted his feet on the soft, white sand of Smuggler’s Cove Island for the first time. The sand was free of footprints, and any other sign of visitors. Nobody had been here for a very, very long time.

by unfogging
Searching a place:Part Five

Chapter 5. Inopportune Problems, Maraqua and Tyrannia.

Also by acespades1, charliews & hits

by nacil30

A Queen's Ascension - War:Part Nine

Present Day

     “Your Royal Highness, the armies have left to mount their attack on Qasala.”

by dudeiloled

Shadow Play:Part Three

Neopia Central at two-thirty in the morning had a bit of a different vibe. It had stopped raining, and there was still plenty of vehicle traffic, but almost no pedestrians on the sidewalks. Most of the lights in the buildings were out, save for the odd Neopet working a night shift. It was rather eerie—or peaceful,

by cosmicfire918
The Scorned House:Part Two

At that very moment, they turned tail, dashing through the forest as fast as their feet could let them. A loud chorus of stomps and the rustling of grass sounded behind them. Armin made a motion to look back; but Gilly tightened her grasp and pulled on his arm, forcing his attention on the road.

“Don’t look back! Keep running!”

by shadowknight_72

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"A Day in the Life of the Tombola Man!" by werelupe_zap
Bzzzt!....Bzzzzt! The alarm clock blares BzzzzZZZZZT! The Tiki Tack (Tombola) man groggily reaches over, looks at the display which says 1:00 AM NST, and turns it off, he blinks his eyes a few times and stretches while he gets out of bed. He gets up, admiring the sun on this nice pleasant morning in the month of Swimming! He goes to brush his teeth, puts his wooden tiki mask on, and gets ready to let hundreds upon thousands of pets, from the native Coconut Jubjubs to the exotic Dimensional Yurbles, risk their luck at his Tombola Stand! The morning starts out a little slow, a sporadic smattering of pets playing Tombola, with the big winner, a timid rainbow acara, of the morning coming at 2:45 am NST when she won 328 NP, a Zei and Eo Codestone! She jumped for joy and, even though she couldn’t see it behind the mask, the Tombola man let out a great big smile at the joy his game had brought the sweet pet! The Tombola man looks up at the clock on the wall, “5:00 AM!” He exclaims! He rushes to close the door to the hut, where the Tombola game is located, before any other pets can make their way into play. He then hangs a sign on the door that reads ‘Closed. Back in an hour or so’! He thinks in his head, “Ah! Now that I have some peace and quiet, time to take inventory and prepare for my trip later on in this afternoon!” and he goes off to count the various items he has in stock to give as prizes or less than desirable, what most pets would call ‘junk’, prizes.

Other Stories


A Day in the Life of Jhudora
Jhudora perched at the rails of her castle’s balcony, her head propped up in her hands. She sighed in frustration as she watched the rays of light struggle to shine through the dense forest and vines surrounding her castle. It was another dawn, another day again. What kind of evil would she cook up today?

Also written by lookidontcare3 & masters_united

by breakeven


A Day in the Life of the Tombola Man!
Bzzzt!....Bzzzzt! The alarm clock blares BzzzzZZZZZT! The Tiki Tack (Tombola) man groggily reaches over, looks at the display which says 1:00 AM NST, and turns it off, he blinks his eyes a few times and stretches while he gets out of bed.

by werelupe_zap


10 Favorite Food Club Pirates
One of our favorite things to do in all of Neopia is to play Food Club. Not only is it one of the best money makers there is, but it's a ton of fun to make your own bets and win big. Throughout our many years of making bets, we have learned all about the various pirates, and we thought it would be a fun idea to share our top 10 favorites here today.

Also by sugarxcoma

by venom_creep


Collecting or How to Spend All Your Neopoints
It seems so many people are collecting, either for the Gallery Spotlight, personal pleasure or bragging rights. I’ve seen so many collections; r99, Neggs, Paint Brushes, Petpets, Faeries, Dolls, Weapons, Wings, Apples, etc.

by karlynne1964


Moehogs create Mayhem
What? Are you jealous they're so rockin'?

[Idea via spooklordkin]

by glittery4u


Blossoms~ Games Night Part 1
I feel like I'd keep warmer if I stayed outside.

by twillieblossom

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