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Continued Series

The Board Game Master:Part Five

Previously in The Board Game Master...

Roobina battled her way to the top of the Kacheekers tournament, securing her first ever trophy and the first of three necessary to achieve her goal of the Triple Crown.

by smoothie_king_xiii

Covert - Archives:Part Two

We flipped through the pages for at least an hour, reading and rereading key elements of the translation.

Co-written with not

by rs_rbn

A World Of Grandiose Creature:Part Three

After the harrowing brush with death I experienced last week on Mystery Island I decided it would be better to venture to a place a lot safer for Neopets like me.

by luuuvmebabe
A Queen's Ascension - War:Part Four

     General Hadon stood in front of Queen Sankara, arms folded. The Grarrl didn’t like the Queen, and it was relatively obvious from his previous workings with her brother, King Frezon, whom Hadon had admired as a war hero.

by dudeiloled

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"The Woes and Wonders of the Lab Ray (Firsthand)" by klarevoyant
The first thing I noticed was the awful burning smell. It was unbearable. Something sizzled. I could hear crackling like lightning. My face was pressed against a cold, tiled floor. “…And she changes colour to Woodland!!!” My skin tensed up. It turned hard. The tension radiated from my chest out to my fingers and toes, as my skin seized up in wavy patterns like tree rings. I remember my tail used to softly flicker and blow in the breeze, but on that day at the Lab Ray, it solidified and began to sprout. My chest felt hollow. This is not how a normal Kacheek should feel, I thought. I don’t know why my owner Katie takes me to the Lab Ray. Usually I feel stronger or weaker afterwards, but occasionally my appearance changes altogether. Since my birth almost eight years ago as a Blue Xweetok, I’ve been: a Blue Kau, Ghost Kougra, Cloud Eyrie, Faerie Eyrie, Checkered Eyrie, Pastel Zafara, Island Zafara, Sketch Zafara, Biscuit Zafara, Red Shoyru, Red Kacheek, Snow Kacheek and on that fateful day, Woodland Kacheek.

Other Stories


The Woes and Wonders of the Lab Ray (Firsthand)
The first thing I noticed was the awful burning smell. It was unbearable. Something sizzled. I could hear crackling like lightning. My face was pressed against a cold, tiled floor.

by klarevoyant


Dracky's Tale!
The rules of the game were simple.

Dracky knew that all he had to do was scent to familiarize himself, and then go fly off around meridell in hiding while they came to find him. He knew this. Nanci had them all practice weeks before Meridell Day.

by lauren92_k


The Pteri Defence: A Weapon Guide
Pteri are fierce competitors when it comes to the Battledome. They are lightweight, nimble, quick, and able to take flight high over their opponents. They have a large range of weapons that they can use that play to their strengths and protect their fragile feathers. These guys are fierce and are sure to make quick work of anyone who dares to challenge you. If you stock up on a bunch of healing potions and make sure to get some good faerie abilities then you are sure to be unbeatable.

by parshew


Understanding Usul Mania
When people first meet me on this site, the first thing they tell me is that “I have a lot of nice looking Usuls”. That is then followed up usually with “can’t you own anything else but Usuls?” Well, the answer is simply no!

by princessdiva7737


Bottled Happiness Faerie
Where's my blaster!?

by hamster_z


So THIS is Adee.
The confusion is gone, but people still remember. And so does Adee.

by tangamandapiano

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