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Continued Series

Petpetpet Wars:Part Five

Blades of grass scratched across Finnegan's face as the Beekadoodle crashed to the ground. He was thrown clear of the saddle and impacted hard against a nearby rock.

by herdygerdy
The Becoming of the Royal Thief:Part Four

Be careful what you wish for.

by k3l26
The Heart of Spring:Part Two

The magic of seasons is in more danger than anyone realises...

by ketchup547
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"Tsarki and the Art of Pest Management" by peirigill
Tsarki awakened with a jolt. Two enormous eyes and a giant, slobbering maw completely filled her field of vision. Giggling, she grabbed the monstrous form and lifted it into the shaft of morning light creeping through the thatched window. No longer an inch from her face, the “monster” appeared properly as a cute little Slorg. She bumped her dark snout affectionately against its mucousy forehead, then gently dropped it into a tray of wheatgrass on her nightstand. I was prepared for you, she thought with satisfaction. Slorgs were not uncommon here near the Berkshire Glen, on the outskirts of the Haunted Woods, where spooky trees gave way to shady meadows and spooky petpets of all sorts thrived. Tsarki knew she was in danger of becoming a “crazy Kadoatie lady” - or in her case, perhaps, a crazy Meowclops lady - but she just couldn’t help setting up feeders for the local critters. It made them so happy. Besides, it kept them out of the plants and mosses and mushrooms she used for potion-making, her literal cottage industry. Still, it was uncommon for a Slorg to get right in her face like that. Perhaps it was especially hungry, or just lost?

Other Stories


The most precious treasure
Once upon a time there was a town next to a mountain, a big mountain, which remained in an eternal winter. This town was known as "The Mountain of Terror" because of the great mountain that was very close.

by fy2027


The Heist
The two had lost track of time hours ago, but it must be nearing dawn by now — a dangerous time for thieves.

Also by jinxthebadluckgirl!!

by werelupecookies


Which Avatar Are You? Updated Edition
So many wonderful new avatars have been released since then, so I think it’s time for a new quiz to celebrate all of our new avatar choices.

by painted_dreams87


Wonderful Winter Getaways
With the year slowly drawing to a close and the days getting colder and darker, you may be wanting to grab a sneaky holiday before the Day of Giving. Here are our top picks for winter destinations, sure to suit everyone, and a guide of the best bits that you shouldn’t miss seeing and doing in each location.

by smilingpony


One Neopian's Treasure... another Neopian's trash.

by felidaefaerie


The Name
This is totally how it happened.

by trishabeakens

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