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Continued Series

Petpetpet Wars:Part Four

Captain Finnegan saw the smoke on the horizon long before the airbase came into view. The remains of the barracks and the air control tower smouldered in the early afternoon sun.

by herdygerdy
Tor & Roberta's Halloween Misadventure:Part Two

About an hour had passed and the sky was completely black. A few wispy clouds floated in the sky, and a full moon’s bright glow had lit the cobblestone paths winding through Neovia. Neopets of all ages dressed head-to-toe in costume bustled the streets in search of tricks and treats.

by coco_chanaynay
The Becoming of the Royal Thief:Part Three

Things are never quite what they seem.

by k3l26
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Cumulative Trophies – Conquering the Impossible

Two years ago, I submitted an article to The Neopian Times that sought to bring some of Neopia’s most over-looked game trophies to the public’s attention. These are the cumulative trophies, those which reflect millions of points sunk into the games of Pyramids, Sakhmet Solitaire, Scarab 21 and Neggsweeper. The TLDR version of my last article was that these trophies are not impossible to get, even if you’ve only just signed up to Neopets today. They simply require a huge investment of time and dedication, with a smidgen of luck thrown into the mix. As long as you submit a score in these games once every three months, you retain your high score and can keep adding onto it; come back four months later and you’re back to square one. Towards the end of the article, I revealed my own personal journey with these special and rare trophies: I was struggling to shimmy up the high score table of Neggsweeper, aiming for my first ever cumulative trophy. Since its publication, I have received Neomails from multiple users who wanted to check in with how I’d progressed.

Other Stories


Keen's Pirate Adventure
I’m gonna spoil the ending of this story right now: I die. But not really, or else I wouldn’t be writing this, right? And you don’t really die in Neopia, you’re brought back as someone else.

by hannahcreep


Twenty Winter Avatars
Winter is coming! Do you know what avatar you’ll rock on the Neoboards when it comes? Here are some of the best avatars for celebrating the holidays and the cold.

by berzerkturtlez


Interviews with the Dark Faerie Sisters: Malice
I’m glad you have opened up to the second part of this special installment of interviews. Last time, Spite’s interview was published for the Neopian world to see, which was met with some controversy and fear. I got some letters asking me what the three Dark Faerie Sisters are up to, but I cannot say, nor do I know. Perhaps it is best just to stay cautious, my dear readers.

by xiaolin10413


There are two types of pets
my mind is focused on other things right now...

by aquarelar


RE: Something has happened!
I'm scared

by orlovo

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