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Continued Series

Petpetpet Wars:Part Three

The Crokabek soared through the night sky, the black feathers camouflaging it against the endless dark above. Dozens of Mootix squadrons were nestled between the feathers.

by herdygerdy
The Princess and the Crook:Part Six

I woke up in a cosy bed, sunshine rays dancing on my closed eyelids. A cool breeze was caressing my skin and messing with my hair. « Such a peaceful atmosphere… »

by chlo26
Hello Fellow Traveler:Part Four

Later that night, all the Neopians of the growing community came together to put up the festival decorations. Small stalls that sold food, items, and had games appeared all around the area. Dark red ribbons hung from trees and torches were placed down the paths to light the way. Dozens of flowers were placed along the ribbons, letting petals float through the air. Some Neopians carved instruments out of spare wood, and started playing music.

by trishabeakens
The Rusty Ghoul Catchers:Part Four

Rusty slowly snuck out of the store, being careful to not been seen by the terrible ghouls. If they saw him, they'd capture him as well.

by thederelkarak
The Becoming of the Royal Thief:Part Two

What happens when one side of your life meets the other?

by k3l26
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"Have an Ice Halloween!" by cruthmac
It was Halloween on Terror Mountain. Well, it was Halloween everywhere, of course, but the point is, our story begins on Terror Mountain. Snow-covered jack-o-lanterns were displayed outside each house, and all the trick-or-treaters were trying to figure out how to make their costumes look good over warm coats and hats. Even in a place like this, the magic of Halloween was in the air. Patches the Christmas Bori may have been more inclined towards magic of an icy nature, but she could still feel it swirl up the mountain from the Haunted Woods, and it made her restless. Her much less magically inclined family was rather surprised when she stomped down the stairs and called out “Who wants to come to the Haunted Woods with me?” “I’m not going anywhere when there’s a Ghoul Catchers marathon on,” her brother Max said, eyes glued to the TV. Patches didn’t think he had even registered the mention of Haunted Woods. “No way,” their owner, Christy, added. “Besides, I just sat down with this popcorn.” She shoved a handful in her face to prove her point. Patches’ older brother Six looked at her curiously. “You’re referring to the legend that spending Halloween in the Haunted Woods will enhance a witch’s magic for a year, correct?” “It's not a legend,” Patches said impatiently. “I can feel it calling me. It’s true.”

Other Stories


Nothing is Scarier than a Halloween Brat
It was Halloween night, and Walda the Baby Kacheek was sitting at home with a glum expression on her face. While her friends were out trick-or-treating, she was being punished for misbehavior which may or may not have included a chocolate-induced sugar rush. “Grounded on Halloween!” she exclaimed to herself. “This stinks!”

by _brainchild_


Fright Show (For the Halloween issue)
It's a cold October evening. The leaves are falling in front of you. You're walking the same path you've traveled before except something is different.

by wickedsadgirl


The Top 10 Neopets Halloween Paint Brush Costumes
Halloween is upon us!! My favorite holiday!! With that comes one of the most popular paint brush colours of all time: Halloween!

by smoothie_king_xiii


8 Spooky Foods to Pack to Your Halloween Picnic
It’s the time of the year again - when the skies set a few hues darker and the air feels heavier as ghosts and ghouls come out to roam the streets of Neopia. Yes, it’s time for Halloween!

Also written by tsiegred & lookidontcare3

by breakeven


Candies for Dr. Sloth (Halloween Edition)
Listen here

also by sthephanie

by neschulz


The new petpet vender
Not the best petpet to sell in that spot

Also by aephigaming

by annnoel

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