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Continued Series

The Princess of Flowers: Part Three


by downrightdude
The Year 2123: Part Two

Letting out a sigh Motlay turned towards the right. "Dear Fyora protect me like you always have."

by ikomoki
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"Geraptiku: The Lost Chapter" by mucka33
I saw it. I witnessed it all. From the most innocent of days to the deadliest of nights. The downfall of the most prosperous civilization of the islands. And the spirits…I saw them! It frightens me to this very moment. I need to record what I have witnessed. I need to write it down before the spirits come for me too, to silence my work. We should’ve known better than to erase the gods. A civilization full of pride and arrogance could only end in disaster. There were warnings, oh so many warnings, all ignored with laughs and scoffs. But one doesn’t anger the spirits without repercussions. It was sadly inevitable. I’m getting ahead of myself. I need to paint a picture of Geraptiku life prior to last night’s events, for it will surely fade over time. In the beginning, we were grateful guests. It’s no secret that the islands belong to the spirits, and that any so-called “inhabitants” are merely long-term visitors. It is with good grace and kindness that we can stay here, to live out our lives in such a gorgeous and bountiful landscape. But, at the end of the day, we are still guests to the home of the spirits. This is their land, and we must respect that. In the image of the gods we erected temples and monuments. The largest of these was a tomb, built to house the remains of the first king of Geraptiku, and to honour his memory. As well, it served as a gift to the spirits, a symbol of respect for allowing us use of their land. Atop it sat a large stone ring, shaped like an eye in reminder that the spirits are always watching and we must be cognizant of that. We must remain humble. Over time, Geraptiku grew. It turned from a small town into a veritable metropolis. It expanded further into the jungle, thrived with life, and became a place of joy. The inhabitants adored their city and the land. It was said to be the greatest paradise on the planet. Rare visitors would come and be taken aback by the beauty of such an empire. How had we created such a jewel, they wondered? The spirits had guided us, allowed us to prosper.

Other Stories


Lula and the Stars
Weary, Lula slumped to the ground with relief, I have finally reached Altador.

by _interrupted_


Of Mootixes and Quadrapuses...
Saialina stopped in her tracks. She was certain she’d heard, and, come to think of it, felt a small ping into her bag.

by xmafwlmbcx


Talking Shop With Pizzaroo
Pizzaroo is a friendly green Blumaroo who sports a fancy mustache and a puffy chef's hat. He runs the pizza shop that sells a huge variety of crazy flavors such as Yummy Muddy Pizza and Banana and Kiwi Pizza. He's here today to share some tips with us about how to run the most successful shop possible.

by indebtedness


Tips From The Battleground Leaders
I wanted to turn to the experts, those who know the heat of battle better than anyone else and I took their advice to curate a list that, if you hit the Neopian Lottery three hundred times in a row, that you too can own for the upcoming war!

by lefaii


The Fairest of them All - Part 1
Being the most fabulous of all is serious business.

by dtrg


Spot the Difference! Vol #5
Can your eyes spy the 10 differences in this new eyeball busting series?

by snwarren

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