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Continued Series

Chasing Treasure: Part Eight

Bannok felt numb. He joined the throng of jeering pirates and almost didn't care if he was seen. Everyone's attention was on the Arkmite, on Bannok's captured ship.

by aethelar
The Ardors and Agonies of Witchcraft: Part Seven

Not long after their talk in the library, Seneca had Alless and Maikya get together for a talk of their own. It was a difficult process; at first Maikya had fluttered near the door, smiling meekly and insisting there was nothing to talk about. “Nothing’s wrong, Alless,” she said. “Don’t be silly.”

by hybatsu
Janet and Jane: The Case of the Faked Test Scores: Part Two

I knew it was a big campus, but this was much bigger than I predicted. Surely with a campus this big, there were a lot of students that had many different stories. Not to mention the amount of area we had to cover in search of clues.

by chasing_stars44
The Neovian Misadventure of Will and Biggs: Part Five

“Where did you sit last time?” Will whispered. Biggs slunk through the many round tables to one in the corner. Empty bowls and strewn napkins littered its marred surface. A blue Wocky and a green Ogrin sat on one side quietly slurping their soups. “We can’t sit here!” Will hissed.

by general_grievious__
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"The Hunted" by ladygaladriel213
I swing my bow over my shoulder and let my breathing subside from nervous to normal. I fan my gloved hand out and stretch my arms. I never miss a shot. So what happened? My Papa, that’s what. I was unwilling to let the story rest, so I tortured it and tortured it instead of letting it rest. And when he told me the story, I begged him for answers. “You won’t like the ending of every story you encounter. And sometimes you won’t like the beginning. But we don’t all choose our stories,” he said to me. “But I don’t understand.” I shook my head in frustration. “Not all stories are meant to be understood.” “Then why tell them?” “For the sake of telling. Stories give life. Once you set them free you’ve given birth to something. And you also lose part of the life that was beating inside of you. That’s when you hide from the darkness and seek the stars.” “Is that what you’re doing Papa?” I hesitated. “Are you seeking the stars?” He nodded solemnly, a rough smile hardening around his mouth, and began to tell me the story in disjointed stops and starts. Hesitant at first, then blossoming in color and life. “It all began with Jhudora. You do know Jhudora don’t you?” “Yes of course Papa!” I shouted with abandon, warm violets and emeralds seemed to bathe me in their soft glow. “And so it begins,” he said softly.

Other Stories


Oh, Happy Day!
“You’d better hurry or we are going to be late! We don’t want all of the good items to be taken by the time we get there,” I reminded her with a slight roll of my eyes. We really needed to practice the whole being on time thing. Minutes later I heard her clambering down the stairs.

Also by signallives

by the_ezzy


The Plight of a Pirate Who Sought a Pawkeet
He gazed at the curious creatures, admiring their amazing appearances. He decided that he wanted to buy a Pawkeet, but he did not have the 55 Dubloons which were required as payment. "I'll have to save up," he told the Shopkeeper. "G'bye!"

by _brainchild_


Steps to Managing a Dream Goal
While it can be difficult to find the motivation to begin working towards a goal, the journey can be a great way to enjoy new Neopets experiences and provides an opportunity to meet new friends. Here’s a few tips to help you out along the way

by avielend


The Trilobite's Guide to Restocking and Sniping
Many people wonder: What is the best way to earn Neopoints? The truth is, the most stable and guaranteed way to earn Neopoints is probably the games room. However, the games room is never going to earn you amazing items out of the Hidden Tower. The Neopian Stock Market is another way to earn Neopoints, but it's not always reliable. The best way, in my opinion, to earn Neopoints is to Snipe and to Restock

by triarthrus_eatoni


Ink: Dark Contrast - Part 11
Cavus! I demand an explanation!

by june_scarlet


If You Say So
You didn't say "so"

Also by Patjade

by izzywizard

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