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Continued Series

Chasing Treasure: Part Eight

Bannok felt numb. He joined the throng of jeering pirates and almost didn't care if he was seen. Everyone's attention was on the Arkmite, on Bannok's captured ship.

by aethelar
The Ardors and Agonies of Witchcraft: Part Seven

Not long after their talk in the library, Seneca had Alless and Maikya get together for a talk of their own. It was a difficult process; at first Maikya had fluttered near the door, smiling meekly and insisting there was nothing to talk about. “Nothing’s wrong, Alless,” she said. “Don’t be silly.”

by hybatsu
Janet and Jane: The Case of the Faked Test Scores: Part Two

I knew it was a big campus, but this was much bigger than I predicted. Surely with a campus this big, there were a lot of students that had many different stories. Not to mention the amount of area we had to cover in search of clues.

by chasing_stars44
The Neovian Misadventure of Will and Biggs: Part Five

“Where did you sit last time?” Will whispered. Biggs slunk through the many round tables to one in the corner. Empty bowls and strewn napkins littered its marred surface. A blue Wocky and a green Ogrin sat on one side quietly slurping their soups. “We can’t sit here!” Will hissed.

by general_grievious__
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"A Pirate No Longer" by rocksysmom
Due smiled brightly as she pulled the fresh loaf of bread out of the oven. While she had always been an amazing cake decorator, the jelly usul felt that she needed to perfect her ability to cook bread to advance in the bakery. She spun away from the oven and so that she was facing the kitchen table. Just as she was about to call out for her sisters to come and try the fresh, warm bread, she let out a yelp of surprise. At the table, there was an unfamiliar xweetok. The xweetok’s forehead was flat against the table, so all Due could see was an adorable grey outfit and shining blonde hair underneath a grey hat. Just as Due was about to gently ask why a stranger was in her kitchen, the xweetok spoke. “Money’s going to be tight.” The voice was unusually raspy and gruff, but Due knew instantly that it was her sister. Due took a deep breath and sat down at the table. She gently placed the loaf of bread in the center of the table and looked down at her paws. There was an awkward silence. Due knew what she always said, but at the same time, she had a feeling that it was the last thing Sue wanted to hear. After Sue had promised their owner to always care for her sisters, she felt an intense need to always provide more than they could ever want. Though Sue rarely showed it in her typical worn down state, Due knew that her sister was verbose and loved nothing more than to be listened to.

Other Stories


The Hunted
I swing my bow over my shoulder and let my breathing subside from nervous to normal. I fan my gloved hand out and stretch my arms. I never miss a shot. So what happened? My Papa, that’s what.

by ladygaladriel213


The Plight of a Pirate Who Sought a Pawkeet
He gazed at the curious creatures, admiring their amazing appearances. He decided that he wanted to buy a Pawkeet, but he did not have the 55 Dubloons which were required as payment. "I'll have to save up," he told the Shopkeeper. "G'bye!"

by _brainchild_


The Trilobite's Guide to Restocking and Sniping
Many people wonder: What is the best way to earn Neopoints? The truth is, the most stable and guaranteed way to earn Neopoints is probably the games room. However, the games room is never going to earn you amazing items out of the Hidden Tower. The Neopian Stock Market is another way to earn Neopoints, but it's not always reliable. The best way, in my opinion, to earn Neopoints is to Snipe and to Restock

by triarthrus_eatoni


The Accomplishments You'll Never Get Credit For!
Inspired by the idea of having accomplishments that we will never get credit for, I decided to wander over to the Neoboards and ask my fellow players what THEIR projects are, and why they decided to blaze on with them even if they'll never get avatars or trophies for completing them. What are their goals that are purely personal?

by indulgences


Another Year To Wait
You can take off your costume now.

Also by superchik137yut

by o_babypet4me_o


Darkest Corner

by dark_elfa

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